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CNC » antworten
von Navas, today, 05:36  Spam?  41.232.35....
Iam a mechanical engineer and I love my job so much
von Ivy (DE), today, 08:04  Spam?  
And what is your question?
Schottring » antworten
von polarjud (US), today, 04:31  Spam?  
Used in Das Boot.  Page 343.  I want to say bulkhead hatch, but the evidence is thin.
von alex-k (DE), today, 07:14  Spam?  
Just a guess: the ring/round frame around the bulkhead.
Washer?  #854881
von Catesse (AU), Last modified: today, 09:48  Spam?  
Copied from a forum on motor cycles:
Also ja, ich meine in der Explo. die Nr. 21 (Schottring). Der ist hier blöd gezeichnet ist in der Tat nur eine Messingscheibe die unter die Hauptdüse kommt. Das dichtet zum Düsenstock hin ab.
Quatsch. Die HD ist zum Düsenstock zur Nadeldüse (Teil 20) auch ohne unterliegende Messingscheibe dicht.
Nachtrag: Ich halte die Explosionszeichtnug von der Topham-Seite für "veraltet". Der Schottring (Teil 21) ist in das Plastikteil vom Schwimmernadelventil integriert.
Page 24 in
I do not see how this meaning fits in with the quote from "Das Boot".

So a "Schottring" is not confined to submarines. I don't have a technically-inclined cell in my brain, but I envisage some kind of washer.
wochengenaue Terminpläne » antworten
von Bernie (AU), today, 02:49  Spam?  
Any advances on "week-by-week schedules"?
precice a week ..... ?  #854872
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), today, 07:09  Spam?  
von alex-k (DE), today, 07:18  Spam?  
Week by week implies it's consecutive weeks, which could be the intended meaning but it doesn't have to be. I'd go for detailed weekly schedules.
Need help to translate a difficult verse of a song » antworten
von PlayboyJoe, yesterday, 22:32  Spam?  87.178.232....
Songtext Let me be the one by Nicolette Larson. Complete lyrics can be found here:
I need a translation of the first two bridges:

Why should it be so hard for a man
who only wants to do the best he can
it's so easy to see, but why can't they hear
freedoms just out of hand

So little faith, no rainbows end
but he keeps looking just around the bend
hold on to me, I can already see
in your eyes paradise

Most importantly:
What does it mean that freedoms get ouf of hand?
Does 'he keeps looking around the bend' refer to the rainbows?

Apostrophes?  #854882
von Catesse (AU), today, 09:52  Spam?  
Should it be "freedom's out of hand"? (freedom is) There is no "get" in the sentence.
rainbow's end (where the mythical pot of gold is said to be)
out of hand as in 'instantly'  #854884
von PlayboyJoe, today, 10:37  Spam?  87.178.232....
After thinking about it I've come to the conclusion that it's probably meant like that:
'it's so easy to see, but why can't they hear freedoms just out of hand'
Meaning: It's easy to see but why can't they accept their desires/wishes/freedoms of choice right from the start?

As for the rainbow part. I listened to the song again and apparently the is no 'but' before 'he keeps'.
So I'm assuming that 'he keeps looking just around the bend' is a stand alone part meaning:
'he keeps looking anxiously into the future' or something like that. It's pretty much only interpretation because I can't really think of another meaning of 'looking around the bend' as in looking around the corner.
mitspielen? » antworten
von Deseret (SI), yesterday, 19:00  Spam?  
Sie (Novellen) spielen zwar mit in der realen Welt der Tang-Zeit und nehmen häufig Bezug auf bekannte Örtlichkeiten insbesondere in der Hauptstadt Chang’an, bringen den Protagonisten aber häufig in Kontakt mit übersinnlichen oder phantastischen Welten.

They take part (or take place?) in the real world of Tang period ?
they play a (certain) role  #854854
von anon., yesterday, 19:14  Spam?  77.10.4....
disregard 19:14  #854856
von anon., yesterday, 20:05  Spam?  77.10.4....
though the scenes of the novellas are set in the real world of the Tang period
to mull up (Australian?) » antworten
von Skulduggery (DE), yesterday, 17:50  Spam?  
A line from the Australian song "Home among the gum trees":

"And later on we'll settle down and mull up on the porch, and watch the possums play."

I just can't figure out what "mull up" is supposed to mean. The only meaning I've found on the Internet so far has something to do with smoking weed; is that really what's meant here?

Thank you for your help!
Catesse might be able to give you more information.  #854860
von Lllama (GB/AT), yesterday, 20:44  Spam?  
But from the hits on the first page here - Google: - only one has mull up and in the video on that page he sings go out on the porch.

There are a few other minor differences between the sites, but go out on the porch is in all but one other, which has something like settle down beside the hitching post.
LINX  What about milling up on the porch  #854861
von Proteus-, yesterday, 21:08  Spam?  194.118.53...
Cf. mill verb / 3  #854862
von Proteus-, yesterday, 21:11  Spam?  194.118.53...
von MichaelK (US), Last modified: today, 01:21  Spam?  
Agree with Lllama. The singer sings "...and go out on the porch." Printed pop lyrics often contain mistakes, nothing unusual. Sometimes singers do change their lyrics slightly, usually in response to a live audience. So if, for example, someone lit up a joint, "mull up" could have been sung.
"Mull up"  #854868
von Catesse (AU), today, 03:49  Spam?  
I have never heard this expression and I would not have known what it meant. But then, I am not into the drug scene. This is the correct, original version sung by the co-writer, Bob Brown.
If other performers have sung it and changed the words without written authorisation, it is a breach of copyright (and / or some other law) and an indictable offence.
Are both sentences correct? » antworten
von ksoktogon (HU), yesterday, 16:56  Spam?  
1. Passports and visas are granted by the embassy of the country you are planning to visit.
2. Passport and visa is granted by the embassy of the country you are planning to visit.
von MichaelK (US), Last modified: yesterday, 17:59  Spam?  
Number 1 sounds more idiomatic to these US ears.

You may want to check the accuracy of the statement. As far as I know, a passport is not granted by the embassy of the country one plans to visit.
Things joined by and always need a plural verb, even if they are individually single.  #854858
von Lllama (GB/AT), yesterday, 20:27  Spam?  
So - passports and visas are or passport and visa are.

But I have the same reservations as Michael - passports aren't issued by the country you want to visit.
Grammar  #854869
von Catesse (AU), today, 04:04  Spam?  
Grammar: Whether "passports and visas" or "passport and visa". a plural verb is needed.
A passport is a physical document issued by a governmental department of the nation of which the holder has citizenship. A visa is stamped into the passport by a consulate or consulate-general of the country the person wishes to visit.
I doubt whether an embassy generally bothers with trivia such as visas, but I could be wrong.
Danke Euch allen!  #854879
von ksoktogon (HU), today, 09:05  Spam?  
Are both words correct in this sentence? » antworten
von ksoktogon (HU), yesterday, 16:45  Spam?  
Why is it important to go on a holiday?

Because you need a longer relaxation at least once a year when you can forget your work, your everyday problems and you can spend some time in totally different surroundings / environment.
in a totally diffferent environment  #854844
von mnu, yesterday, 16:50  Spam?  89.144.216....
Thanks!  #854846
von ksoktogon (HU), yesterday, 16:57  Spam?  
Relaxation isn't a count noun.  #854859
von Lllama (GB/AT), yesterday, 20:29  Spam?  
Because you need a longer period of relaxation...
von uffiee, yesterday, 23:59  Spam?  87.144.155...
different surroundings - is fine
and as Lllama
Thanks!  #854876
von ksoktogon (HU), today, 08:55  Spam?  
Is this sentence correct? » antworten
von ksoktogon (HU), yesterday, 16:03  Spam?  
This is the first time that I have been travelling by plane.
This is the first time I have travelled by plane. (Traveled for AE)  #854840
von Lllama (GB/AT), yesterday, 16:22  Spam?  
...I have flown / I have been on a plane.
Thanks!  #854843
von ksoktogon (HU), yesterday, 16:46  Spam?  
This is the first time + PP., but in this case I was not sure.
Kids these days... » antworten
von atemp (US), Last modified: yesterday, 16:06  Spam?  
I'd like to say in the context of an old-fashioned elder tut-tutting poetically over the deplorable state of today's youth.

Proto: Children these days; they have no (capacity for) imagination.

My first pass is Heutzutage haben die Kinder keine Phantasie.

Is this close or is some rearrangement or rephrasing needed?

von Squirrel-quattro (UN), yesterday, 16:11  Spam?  
If the children are a bit older (in the age of teenagers), Google: "Die heutige Jugend" is more common.

Else you could say "Die heutigen Kinder [...]", but your version is also fine.
Die Kinder oder Die Jugend von heute  #854880
von adelmann-grafen (UN), today, 09:10  Spam?  
Silbenzahlvorgaben? » antworten
von Deseret (SI), Last modified: 2016-09-24, 20:55  Spam?  
Obwohl diese (Gedichte) sehr exakten Silbenzahlvorgaben und Betonungsschemata folgen, wirken sie ungekünstelt und sind durchdrungen von Li Bais Freiheitsdrang, manchmal erahnt man auch einen gewissen Hochmut in seinen Zeilen.

Is "Vorgabe" synonymous with "Regel, Vorschritft"?
Jein... It's not exactly a rule, more like a guideline or a how-to...  #854808
von Baccalaureus (DE), 2016-09-24, 20:58  Spam?  
exactly prescribed number of syllables  #854813
von Proteus-, 2016-09-24, 22:49  Spam?  193.83.224....

Also, it is sometimes possible to read the lines with less or more than the exact prescribed number of syllables, for regional variations in dialect
What type of stanza does Robert Burns use in "To a Mouse"; standard ... › Homework Help › Robert Burns
Danke  #854820
von Deseret (SI), yesterday, 08:10  Spam?  
required syllable count  #854822
von anon., yesterday, 10:17  Spam?  77.10.4....
also:  standard / defined / prescribed / given syllable count
Thank you  #854826
von Deseret (SI), yesterday, 12:19  Spam?  
Operation Manual for Disaster Recovery German >English » antworten
von mdh, 2016-09-24, 18:25  Spam?  88.68.232....
Dear all,
How would you deal with the word Nachbargefahren here?

Nichtzugang zu einem RZ durch Nachbargefahren wie z.B. Unfall mit Gefahrguttransporten, Großbrand, Gebäudeabrisssprengung, Bombenfund, Streik, Flugzeugabsturz.

correlate(d) / similar risks  #854801
von anon., 2016-09-24, 19:38  Spam?  93.130.217....
vielleicht auch: equivalent  #854802
von anon., 2016-09-24, 19:44  Spam?  93.130.217....
Operation Manual for Disaster Recovery German >English  #854804
von mdh, 2016-09-24, 20:11  Spam?  88.68.232....
Many thanks.
von uffiee, yesterday, 13:43  Spam?  87.144.155...
related risks
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