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English-German Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in German or English and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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From the poem Fireflies in the garden by Robert Frost » answer
by KhmerRouge, yesterday, 22:21  Spam?  89.142.37....
Here come real stars to fill the upper skies,
And here on earth come emulating flies,
That though they never equal stars in size,
(And they were never really stars at heart)
Achieve at times a very star-like start.
Only, of course, they can't sustain the part.

What does it mean "to sustain the part"?
They cannot continue being star-like.  #763981
by timfefe (UN), yesterday, 22:35  Spam?  ...
Whilst, at times, those flies achieve a star-like start, they cannot sustain a star-like form for the rest of their existence, they are unable to continue being like those stars in the sky.
by MichaelK (US), today, 00:01  Spam?  ...
Just a comment on the idiom: "The part" is a role you play, like an actor or impostor would. You "sustain the part" if you never fall out of character ("the role").
Novalis (probably) » answer
by Phil II, yesterday, 20:36  Spam?  174.118.133....
Hi all,
Can somebody tell me if there is an official translation for the following Novalis (????) quote or let me know what it means?
"Den Inbegriff dessen, was uns rührt, nennt man die Natur, und also steht die Natur in einer unmittelbaren Beziehung auf die Gliedmaβen unsers Körpers, die wir Sinne nennen.  Unbekannte und geheimniβvolle Beziehungen unsers Körpers lassen unbekannte und geheimniβvolle Verhältnisse der Natur vermuthen, und so ist die Natur jene wunderbare Gemeinschaft, in die unser Körper uns einführt, und die wir nach dem Maaβe seiner Einrichtungen und Fähigkeiten kennen lernen. [. . .]  Man sieht wohl, daβ diese innern Verhältnisse und Einrichtungen unsers Körpers vor allen Dingen erforscht werden müssen, ehe wir [. . .] in die Natur der Dinge zu dringen hoffen können."

Thanks in advance,
by MichaelK (US), Last modified: yesterday, 23:21  Spam?  ...
While not official ("state approved"), Ralph Manheim's translation of Novalis' Die Lehrlinge zu Sais is pretty much considered the authoritative translation. Manheim's English for the text section you posted starts off with "The epitome of what stirs our feeling is called nature....". Setting that phrase into quotes and googling it produces three google books results which might be helpful to you.
Google: "The epitome of what stirs our feeling is called nature"
Thanks!!!!  #763983
by Phil II, yesterday, 23:30  Spam?  174.118.133....
Thanks!!!!  #763984
by Phil II, yesterday, 23:30  Spam?  174.118.133....
Can Aufbau mean intermediate? » answer
by Windfall (GB), Last modified: yesterday, 19:51  Spam?  ...
My text lists the following course categories in a table:
Grundlagen Informatik
Aufbau Informatik
I wondered if these might be:
Basic information technology
Intermediate information technology
If not, does anyone have any suggestions? this is for a degree level course, presumably the concepts of basic and intermediate also apply at degree level.
? configuration  #763971
by Wenz (DE), Last modified: yesterday, 20:22  Spam?  ...

Kommt darauf an, was unter AUFBAU zu verstehen ist.

Oder in der Richtung von Gesamtgefüge / -struktur overall structure
by wonderworld (UN), yesterday, 20:30  Spam?  ...
by timfefe (UN), yesterday, 21:28  Spam?  ...
Aufbau Informatik contains the more advanced modules that are usually taught in the 3rd and 4th year of an IT degree program. The word "Aufbau" comes from the fact that these modules are a further buildup on, and based on knowledge acquired in, the Grundlage modules.
agree with   advanced  .....  #763988
by sunfunlili (DE/GB), today, 00:07  Spam?  ...
we are just simple people,trying to earn an honest living » answer
by makalei (US), Last modified: yesterday, 19:30  Spam?  ...
wir sind nur einfache Leute,versuchen ehrlich ihren lebensunterhalt zu verdienen

I think the first part is correct

                               Danke für eure helfe, Mikaele
by Iriemon (UN), yesterday, 21:40  Spam?  ...
Wir sind nur einfache Leute, die versuchen, einen ehrlichen Lebensunterhalt zu verdienen.
Übergang (here) (US English) » answer
by Windfall (GB), yesterday, 18:59  Spam?  ...
I'm translating a Swiss "Detaillierter Leistungsnachweis" which is basically a list of grades someone got four modules of their university degree plus the date when they were taken. The column headed Semester is mainly filled with "WS 2010", "FS 2010", "SS 2010" ( presumably winter term 2010, spring term 2010 and summer term 2010), but occasionally pat: has the word Übergang in it instead. How should I understand that? Transition?
by MichaelK (US), yesterday, 20:39  Spam?  ...
My guess is Übergang vom Bachelor-Studium in das Master-Studium. This normally occurs between semesters, but can also occur in the middle of one semester. The date when the bachelor degree was conferred might indicate if my guess is correct or not.
diplomierter Ingenieur FH in Informatik (Swiss German to US English) » answer
by Windfall (GB), Last modified: yesterday, 18:23  Spam?  ...
Herr X geboren am XX  Januar 19XX, von XYZ-Stadt, hat das Vollzeitstudium Informatik als
diplomierter Ingenieur FH in Informatik
entsprechend dem Diplomprüfungsreglement erfolgreich abgeschlossen .
Mr X, born on January XX, 19XX, of XZZ-Town, has successfully completed the full-time degree course as a
diplomierter Ingenieur FH in Informatik (the holder of an engineer's degree from a university of applied science in information technology)
in accordance with the diploma* examination rules.
*Translator's note, a Swiss diploma is equivalent to a master'. S degree.
Does this work in US English and have I misunderstood any of the German? In UK English a "diploma" doesn't sounds terribly impressive (it's not necessarily a university level qualification), I'm not sure how it sounds in the US. Based on this: Wikipedia(EN): Engineer's_degree, it might be sensible to write " equivalent to a Masters degree", or is that unnecessary in US English? (This is a translation of what appears to be a degree certificate)
Rückantwortcouvert (presumably Rückantwortkuvert in German German) » answer
by Windfall (GB), Last modified: yesterday, 17:40  Spam?  ...
Is this a reply-paid envelope (i.e. it already has a stamp or frank) or simply a (presumably adressed) envelope for your reply, in which case, can I say "reply envelope" in US English?
by Proofreader, yesterday, 17:54  Spam?  84.113.16...
A Rückantwortkuvert as such is not stamped. If franking is required this would be explicitly mentioned:
SAE ( = stamped addressed envelope)  #763958
anonymous, yesterday, 18:05  Spam?  77.10.71...
the "stamp" is printed on the envelope (“POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE”)
by Windfall (GB), yesterday, 18:12  Spam?  ...
Sorry, I'm confused. If someone says they're including a Rückantwortcouvert, does that mean that you have to pay postage to use it, that postage will already have been paid (by whatever means) or it could be either, you have to look at the envelope to check for yourself?
by Proofreader, yesterday, 18:16  Spam?  84.113.16...
A reply-paid envelope may be used as a "frankiertes Rückantwortkuvert", but only if a company sends out bulk mail.
by Proofreader, yesterday, 18:19  Spam?  84.113.16...
If someone says they're including a Rückantwortcouvert without any specifying remark you don't know if they expect you to pay the postage or not unless you find the envelope to contain a (printed) stamp.
by Windfall (GB), yesterday, 18:22  Spam?  ...
Thanks, Proofreader, that's what I was wondering. In that case I might go with "envelope for your response". It's in a list of things enclosed with an employment contract.
If it's a RÜCKantwortkuvert it's usually stamped (by an imprint) because ...  #763963
anonymous, yesterday, 18:28  Spam?  77.10.71...
... the Post Office insists the envelope says "Rückantwort". Otherwise they wouldn't  handle the letter if it just says "Sorry, no stamp at hand at the moment but I'm sure consignee wouldn't mind paying the postage".

It might be different with "Antwortkuvert"; not stamped, but address already written or printed on it
by Iriemon (UN), yesterday, 18:52  Spam?  ...
There is the comment (in Germany): Falls Marke zur Hand bitte freimachen.

Agree with Proofreader. An addressed envelope (Rückumschlag in German German), not stamped.
by Windfall (GB), yesterday, 21:30  Spam?  ...
reglementarisch festgelegten Ferien  (US English) » answer
by Windfall (GB), Last modified: yesterday, 17:55  Spam?  ...
Sie haben Anspruch auf die reglementarisch festgelegten Ferien von 4 Wochen, bis zum vollendeten 20. und ab 50. Altersjahr 5 Wochen.
Is "reglematarisch festgelegt" correspond to stautory?
You are entitled to the ?statutory? 4 weeks of vacation ?specified in the regulations?, and up until the age of 20 and from the age of 50 you are entitled to 5 weeks.
( This is Swiss German)
"Statutory 4 weeks of vacation" is fine.  #763973
by MichaelK (US), Last modified: yesterday, 23:26  Spam?  ...
There's no such thing as statutory vacation in the U.S. (about 25% of U.S. workers get no paid leave at all). But the person reading your translation will almost certainly know that "statutory" means "mandated by a legislature."
by Wenz (DE), Last modified: yesterday, 20:38  Spam?  ...
Hier ist eine Übersicht unter "The Labour Act and its regulations ..."
Sie haben Anspruch auf den 13. Monatslohn. - US English » answer
by Windfall (GB), Last modified: yesterday, 18:10  Spam?  ...
I want to write something for this that's as meaningful as possible for speakers of US English. Does this work?
You are entitled to receive an extra month of salary each year (13th month's salary).
 additional month's salary   #763952
anonymous, yesterday, 17:47  Spam?  71.190.9...
Double pay, or the 13th month's salary, refers to the contractual payment of an additional month's salary to employees at the end of the year
by Windfall (GB), Last modified: yesterday, 17:54  Spam?  ...
I like "additional month's salary" better than "extra month of salary"., that seems clearer to me, especially as my translation clearly didn't suggest to you that I knew what it is (I do, but I have difficulty expressing it succinctly to people who aren't already familiar with the concept).
The American Dream » answer
anonymous, yesterday, 16:35  Spam?  91.39.141....
The American Dream is a dream from freedom and richness but not everyone can succeed his or her dreams because many factors affect this target. One of the problem is that everyone try to unique snowflake and thing he has the plan and ideas that nobody has befor. This thinking associate a kamikatze mission where this person try all what they have to invest in the one Idee that they have. With this risk action is a chanze to loss all or to win the fulfillment American Dream. Nobody know that this thinking make a deep gluft between rich and poor and that when they idee fail wins the rich people.
by timfefe (UN), yesterday, 19:06  Spam?  ...
I presume that you're using "snowflake" metaphorically, as no two snowflakes are identical, but I could be wrong. Anyway, here goes:

The American Dream is about freedom and riches (or wealth), but not everyone can realise/realize such dream because many factors bear on the endeavour/endeavor. One of the problems is that many people attempt to come up with plans and ideas that they believe are unique and never tried before (my personal comment: there's a tautology between "unique" and "never tried before"). An attempt to invest one's entire resources in one idea is akin to a kamikaze mission. (My personal comment: the analogy is logically not quite accurate). On one hand, one has a chance of fulfilling their American Dream, but on the other, one can lose everything. Nobody knows whether this kind of risky approach contributes to the gap between rich and poor in America, and whether rich people actually benefit from the failure of such approach.
English adjective » answer
by nigilmaadhust (UN), yesterday, 13:41  Spam?  ...
Hello all

Could English speakers (native / non-native) please confirm whether these words really exist?

1. The chemicalized solution does not react with sulphur
2. During the Sandmeyer reaction, the chemified dissolvent is handled at 100 degree.

I am not sure that chemicalize and chemified words exist. Do they? My friend (learning chemical science)  uses this word very often.

Thanks in advance
by Iriemon (UN), yesterday, 14:53  Spam?  ...
1. chemicalized not standard English - search hits show dictionary entries and proper names;_ylt=A9mSs2KGR9ZT9kYAeRlLBQx.?p=...

2. and none for chemified...;_ylt=A9mSs2nDR9ZTTTwAj6hLBQx.?p=...
by josephsh (US/DE), yesterday, 15:26  Spam?  ...
I've never heard either term and I don't know what the intended meanings are. They sound like fluff to make the sentences sound "more scientific" while not actually meaning anything. I don't know what the difference between "chemicalized solution" and "solution" or between "chemified dissolvent" and "dissolvent" should be.

(also I think simply "solvent" should be used instead of "dissolvent":
by romy (CZ/AU), yesterday, 15:37  Spam?  ...
I guess your friend is trying to coin some new words here. I can imagine what he probably means, and similar words could bed coined in German, too ("durch Hinzufügung von Cola wird der gute Whisky nur chemikalisiert, das ist doch wirklich Unfug" / i.e. der Whisky wird durch Chemikalien verunreinigt oder verdorben) ... but it can take a long time until such new terms become generally accepted and common usage, and only when that happens they will start showing up in dictionaries, newspaper articles and publicly visible online sources.
Chat only.  #763944
by MichaelK (US), yesterday, 16:40  Spam?  ...
Americans are quick to tack on -fy or -ize to a word, but they do so for different reasons. Sometimes it's to avoid having to look for a better alternative. At other times, it's to put some humor into your speech or writing. Because of that, you need to be careful when creating a new word by adding -fy or -ize. The danger is that you could come across as semi-literate ("Dangnabbit, Mary Lou went off to New York and got herself citified") or that someone misunderstands your word as not quite serious when in fact, you want it to be.

Just for laughs, I took "educate," -ized the word and googled the result.
Google: educatized
by Iriemon (UN), yesterday, 16:53  Spam?  ...
the beauty of blogs...
Bevor es gelöscht wird ... » answer
by siw (DE), yesterday, 13:25  Spam?  ...
schaut es euch bitte einmal an:

Gibt es irgendeinen Grund diesen Eintrag nicht zu verifizieren?
Ich sehe keinen Grund, es zu löschen.  #763934
by romy (CZ/AU), yesterday, 15:03  Spam?  ...
Wenn sich die Leute nur die Mühe geben würden, deinen Wiki-Links zu folgen bzw. eigene Recherchen zu unternehmen, würden sie feststellen, dass der Eintrag richtig ist.
Bin kein Fachmann in diesen Dingen, aber dieser Eintrag ist ein weiteres Argument GEGEN  #763936
by rabend (DE/FR), Last modified: yesterday, 15:35  Spam?  ...
das automatische Löschen bzw  Verpapierkorben von "Uralt-Einträgen".
. » answer
by Iriemon (UN), yesterday, 10:04  Spam?  ...
a grammar quiz for English learners...
by Ursinus (GB), yesterday, 10:52  Spam?  ...
For learners? It would tax a good many native speakers in the UK nowadays. (It looks American, so maybe things are just as bad over there?)
by Iriemon (UN), yesterday, 14:50  Spam?  ...
well, perhaps advanced learners ;-)
Ursinus  #763938
by rabend (DE/FR), Last modified: yesterday, 15:34  Spam?  ...
Ein weitweites Phänomen, ganz unabhängig von der jeweiligen Muttersprache. Hier in Frankreich finden sich die entsprechenden Fehler selbst in medizin. Dokumenten -- also von (jungeren) G'schtudierten verfasst. Die Erkärung: "Keine Zeit gehabt". Offenbar muss mittlerwrile erst lange überlegt werden, wie Worte korrekt zu schreiben und Sätze grammatikal. richtig zu formulieren sind.
Bei closed-minded / close-minded  #763940
by rabend (DE/FR), Last modified: yesterday, 15:55  Spam?  ...
täuscht sich der Test u. U. Testantwort: “Closed-minded” seems logical, but the correct historical spelling of this phrase is “close-minded.” The same goes for “close-lipped” and “close-mouthed.”

Closed-minded is traditionally correct, and still recommended by the more respected publications, but close-minded has been commonly used for some time. [...] Clearly closed-minded is preferred, but there are enough instances of close-minded to suggest it’s okay too. Most dictionaries list them as accepted alternatives.
Is it "close-minded" or "closed-minded"?
The former is the common mistake. The latter is correct. / the former is the correct option closed-minded close-minded
by Iriemon (UN), Last modified: yesterday, 16:26  Spam?  ...
well, the OED just goes for the commonly used close-minded.

These days closed-minded seems to be confined to dictionaries and blogs.;_ylt=A9mSs2tcXdZTi0kAMTxLBQx.?p=...
Jedenfalls eine Frage, bei der es kein RICHTIG/FALSCH gibt.   #763989
by rabend (DE/FR), today, 00:18  Spam?  ...
Solche Testchen sind eben auch nicht mehr, was sie einmal waren...
Der Druckkopf kan mit einem größeren Abstand eingesetzt werden » answer
by migmag (DE), yesterday, 08:58  Spam?  ...
The print head can be used at higher (larger ?) distances

Which adjective is suitable for "distance"?

at larger distances (at a larger distance)?
a wider distance  #763907
anonymous, yesterday, 09:08  Spam?  77.10.71...
Thanks anonymous  #763908
by migmag (DE), yesterday, 09:30  Spam?  ...
is that the only possibility?
by Iriemon (UN), yesterday, 09:47  Spam?  ...
depends on the context. The print head can be positioned further away from..... may be a possibility.
at a greater distance  #763913
by Jim46 (US), yesterday, 10:31  Spam?  ...
The print head can be installed with a greater clearance (?)  #763915
by jb (GB), yesterday, 10:34  Spam?  ...
The context would determine the accuracy of this.
oder: with a wider spacing (between), can be spaced further apart  #763918
anonymous, yesterday, 11:03  Spam?  77.10.71...
Thanks a lot!  #763919
by migmag (DE), yesterday, 11:09  Spam?  ...
There is not much context. It's just about the comparison of distances between different kinds of print heads and the print medium.
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