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This is the place to post your translation requests in German or English and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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the dark side » answer
by romy (CZ/AU), Last modified: today, 06:48  Spam?  ...
Was meint der Autor damit? Aus einer Biografie: "He holds a degree in Theoretical Physics but switched to the dark side of business consulting right after university."

"Er besitzt ein Diplom in Theoretischer Physik, wandte sich aber gleich nach dem Studium der Beratungstätigkeit zu." Keine Ahnung, wie ich hier eine "dunkle Seite" einbauen soll!
Anspielung auf Krieg der Sterne  #771836
by alex-k (DE), today, 07:01  Spam?  ...
Diejenigen, die sich der dunklen Seite der Macht anschließen, haben metaphorisch ihre Prinzipien verkauft. In Deinem Fall hat der Mann Physik studiert und ist danach Berater geworden, was der Verfasser als ähnlich episch verwerflich findet wie Anakin Skywalker, der in dieser Saga aus eher egoistischen Gründen die Seite wechselt und zu Darth Vader wird. #popkultur ;)
Och herrje  #771837
by romy (CZ/AU), today, 07:29  Spam?  ...
Wer soll denn so etwas wissen? Danke, Alex.
Any runners here? 11 must-follow safety tips for runners » answer
by Proteus-, today, 00:53  Spam?  194.96.44...
by sunfunlili (DE/GB), today, 07:32  Spam?  ...
Ever seen the ones on Scottish roads? Suicidal !!
[SPAM]» answer
by antonioban (UN), yesterday, 21:18
The language of hexenbanners. » answer
by glhansen (UN), Last modified: yesterday, 20:21  Spam?  ...
I've been working through Johann Kruse's book, "Hexen unter uns?" It's an extraordinary little book about witch persecutions in early 20th century Germany. But there is some specialized vocabulary that the usual language resources aren't helping me with.

For starters, what is a hexenbanner? "Witch banner", I suppose, but is there an actual English label to give them?

What is Sympathie, in the sense of "der sympathetischen Heilmethoden" (faith healing?), "...durch Anwendung der Sympathie nachweislich von dem Übel in kurzer Zeit befreit" (seems like faith), and Sympathiebücher as in the 6th and 7th Books of Moses (that's more like a grimoire)?

What is the difference between a Besprechen and a Beschwörung, in the sense of a magic spell?

What is Inschütt? Is that beef tallow? Suet?

Is there an English word for a Huckauf Gespenst, who rides on your back to tire you or to make you lose your way?

How is "Himmelsbrief", "auf denen handgeschriebene, dem '6. und 7. Buch Moses' entnommene Beschwörungsformeln standen", translated into English?
Not sure of the German equivalence.  #771799
by Lisa4dict loggedout, yesterday, 20:51  Spam?  99.11.162....
Hexenbanner > if that's a person, might this be a witch hunter?
Wikipedia(EN): Witch-hunt

Besprechen  I only know with regards to warts, "Warzen besprechen" In that case it's "to hex off warts."
Beschwören  Depends on context, I think.  Spell, charm, curse, recite an incantation, utter an invocation,  summon sth. are some options.
Inschütt ??  I only know as "protection." Not sure what that would have to do with tallow or suet.
by glhansen (UN), yesterday, 21:05  Spam?  ...
Inschütt--protection? I had found a list of synonyms--Unschlitt, Unschlicht, Inschlitt, Inschlicht--in a scanned page in Google Books, with the word Inschlitt highlighted. I didn't read it carefully enough, and I suppose the character recognition software was a little off. The word in Kruse's book comes from page 51:

Als die Kuh eines Bauern nach dem Kalben nicht sofort Milch gab, bestrich er das Euter mit einer blauen Schürze und sprach dabei: "Inschütt, ich sage dir, blaue Schürze, jage das Tier."

That "Inschütt..." passage doesn't mean anything to me. The blue apron should chase the animal? It looks like just a string of words that rhyme.
Inschütt - steifer stoff ...   #771806
by Wenz (DE), Last modified: yesterday, 21:43  Spam?  ...
Könnte passen, wenn die blaue Schürze damit gemeint ist. Als Wiederholung, quasi "Verstärkung"

PS: "Tier"  Nach dem Kalben setzt die Laktation eigentlich sofort ein. In diesem Fall ist sie verzögert. D.h. es liegt event. eine "Krankheit" o. Ä. vor.  (Er spricht diese Beschwörungsformel. Wenn ich eine Beschwörungsformel auspreche, dann bewege ich ja sonst auch die Hände in irgendeiner Form. Und der Bauer nimmt halt die Schürze).
Durch Streichen der Euter kann man ja auch den Milchfluss anregen. Bzw. beim Abmelken / Nachmelken noch mal was "rausholen".
So reime ich mir das zusammen :-)
Platt  #771807
by Lisa4dict loggedout, yesterday, 21:42  Spam?  99.11.162....
Schutz / Schützen > schütt, regional: inschütt
The incantation is clearly designed to rhyme.  "Schürze" means shield, cover here, rather than apron.
My try:
Protection (or "protector" if it invokes a guardian spirit), I'm telling you / I'm signalling, a blue shield, hunt the devil / demon / evil spirit.
blau  #771809
by Lisa4dict (US), yesterday, 21:56  Spam?  ...
Blue used to be a color that was hard to achieve.  In witchcraft it is/was used to invoke protection.  There's a German idiom "hexen und blaufärben" used to describe witchcraft.
alternative to "hex off warts"  #771810
by Lisa4dict (US), yesterday, 21:59  Spam?  ...
"cast off warts"
by glhansen (UN), yesterday, 22:14  Spam?  ...
Wow. The things you learn just by learning vocabulary! Blue is more sensible now, and so is an apron as a metaphor. As little as I know about this, I know that magic is poetic.

Platt, as I understand it, the 6th and 7th Books of Moses makes all kinds of pretensions to pious Christianity. "Protector" could be calling on God or an angel, but I'm not familiar enough with it to know. If your try is right, then I totally missed who the Tier is. I assumed it must be the cow! I haven't had much exposure to the German of the occult, but I haven't known devils, demons, or evil spirits to be called Tier.
wenz  #771814
by Lisa4dict (US), yesterday, 22:34  Spam?  ...
Ich finde in deinem Link nur "Inlett" als definition für inschütt, Analog zu Hochdeutsch "Einschütte."
Passt zum Bauern und der Kuh, aber nicht so sehr zur hexerei.
by glhansen (UN), yesterday, 22:45  Spam?  ...

Könnte "einschütten" gemeint sein? Das passt mit einem nicht funktionierenden Euter.

"Flow, I tell you, blue shield, hunt the demon."
Not the most reliable source ...  #771817
by Lisa4dict (US), yesterday, 22:55  Spam?  ...
But just to prove the point that "Tier" is/was used to mean devil/demon
Dann ist es doch Talg (Fett zum Einreiben, "Massage" ... ich erinnere mich vage dran)  #771818
by Wenz (DE), Last modified: yesterday, 23:02  Spam?  ...
Schürze aus Lehm  #771819
by Lisa4dict (US), yesterday, 23:18  Spam?  ...
Hier ein Beispiel:
Hier zwar für was anderes verwendet, aber die Bedeutung ist gleich, ein Schutz, keine Küchenschürze.
Lehm / Farbpaste passt auch besser zu "bestreichen" IMHO.

(Wenz Beschreibung gibt aber einen guten Hinweis darauf wie die "Hexerei" funktioniert.)
by glhansen (UN), yesterday, 23:25  Spam?  ...
Ah, das große Tier! Or "The Beast". It's obvious now. I'm disappointed that I hadn't figured that out before.

Wenz, it looks like the same thing happened to you that happened to me. You've searched for Inschütt, and Google Books has highlighted Inschlitt. It's a scanned page, and their character recognition software seems to have confused "li" for "ü". (And, dang, I have trouble reading that font. You must get used to it if you read it enough.)
Inschütt ~ Inlett > ticking; here, though, it is likely to be the imperative: inschütt / einschütt / schütte hinein > pour in   #771821
by Proteus-, today, 00:05  Spam?  194.96.44...
PS: ticking  #771822
by Proteus-, today, 00:08  Spam?  194.96.44...
proteus  #771823
by Lisa4dict loggedout, today, 00:20  Spam?  99.11.162....
That's the same dictionary that Wenz linked.  There's no indication you can derive an imperative from the "Inlett" meaning.  Word formation would also suggest two words in that case (schütt in).  
Please remember that this is an incantation / spell.  Would you call on bedclothes or tallow for protection or healing?  
The derivation from Schutz / in Schutz (schüt, inschütt) makes more sense to me.
sympathetische Heilmethoden  #771825
by Lisa4dict loggedout, today, 00:28  Spam?  99.11.162....
Wikipedia(EN): Sympathetic_magic
healing by sympathetic magic
please don't shorten to sympathetic healing.  (Unless you're playing computer games)
inschütt auf Plattdeutsch ~ eingeschlossen > impounded   #771827
by Proteus-, today, 00:33  Spam?  194.96.44...
inschütten ~ hineinschütten > pour in - - -  sources  #771828
by Proteus-, today, 00:40  Spam?  194.96.44...
Also seyn die jenigen / die das Wort Gottes hören und nit behalten / einem löcherigen Säcklin / inn wellichs was man [e]inschütt / wider außlaufft / zuvergleichen

Eenmol dor harrn sick de beiden weddermol ornlich een inschütt un wulln nu Theoter speelen. Se wulln een Ehedrama opfeuern. Emmi weer woll verreist or ...
sympathetisch  #771829
by Proteus-, today, 00:49  Spam?  194.96.44...
Sympathetic magic , also known as imitative magic , is a type of magic based on imitation or correspondence.                                     Wikipedia(EN): Sympathetic_magic
Unter Analogiezauber oder Sympathiezauber , auch Sympathetische Magie wird die sehr vielen magischen, religiösen oder therapeutischen Praktiken und Vorstellungen zugrunde liegende Vorstellung bezeichnet, dass zwischen äußerlich ähnlichen Dingen eine Verbindung (Sympathie) besteht und sich diese daher beeinflussen. Diese Vorstellung ist weltweit in allen Kulturen verbreitet. Typische Beispiele sind etwa, dass Rot und Blut in Beziehung stehen, oder phallische Objekte und männliche Potenz. Sympathetische Vorstellungen sind besonders in medizinisch-therapeutischen Verfahren und bei dem Umgang mit Naturgefahren häufig.                                                   Wikipedia(DE): Analogiezauber
inschütt  #771834
by Lisa4dict loggedout, today, 03:46  Spam?  99.11.162....
Seems to exist with many meanings, depending on context.  The question is which meaning fits best for that spell.  Protective blue is used, sb. is pointed to that fact and asked to hunt the beast/demon.  
I can see neither "pour in" nor "einschotten/gate in" make any sense here.
to wipe so. out of your mind » answer
by sadbear89, yesterday, 20:11  Spam?  95.91.244...
"I will wipe you out of my mind"

Can I say that?
vergessen  #771800
by Lisa4dict loggedout, yesterday, 20:55  Spam?  99.11.162....
Ich werde dich vergessen als hätte ich dich nie gekannt.
or (closer but less idiomatic IMHO)
Ich werde dich aus meinem Gedächnis löschen.
by Iriemon (UN), yesterday, 20:58  Spam?  ...
oder: aus  meinem Gedächtnis streichen
by timfefe (UN), yesterday, 21:46  Spam?  ...
I'm not sure whether sadbear's post asked for a translation into German, or for cheking if the English was ok. If it's the former, I've got nothing to add. If the latter, I'd say that the sentence "I will wipe you out of my mind" is sub-optimal. I realise there will be some dissenting views here, but this is quite ok, this is a forum for debate.

You can wipe sbd out, you can wipe sbd (out) FROM your mind/memory, you can wipe sbd OFF your mind/memory, and you can also GET sbd out of your mind.
But, in proper English, you cannot "wipe sbd out of your mind".

As I've already mentioned, I'm sure some people would disagree.
by glhansen (UN), yesterday, 22:00  Spam?  ...
As a native English (American) speaker, it does not bother me at all to deviate from standard expressions, as long as I think the meaning is clear to the target audience. If I was angry at someone and wanted him to no longer be a part of my life (that hasn't really happened yet, but supposing it did) I might say "I will forget that you ever existed." But if the first thing that occurred to me was "I will wipe you out of my mind", I'm sure the message would be received, and I would not be embarrassed to say it. It could sound a little non-standard, but even that depends on the context. Suppose you're breaking away in freestyle rap:

"It's over, dawg, we have no tomorrow.
My years with you have only brought me sorrow.
I'm done, I'm gone, to a place you'll never find.
I'll never call again, I will wipe you from my mind."

Okay, maybe that's a little silly.
Love the rap. :-)   #771826
by Lisa4dict loggedout, today, 00:33  Spam?  99.11.162....
I'll frame it for future use, should the need arise.
by geo255 (US), today, 00:58  Spam?  ...

"Wipe out of my mind" is very commonly used although to my native English ears (American English), I find "wipe from my mind" preferable.
The country version.  #771832
by MichaelK (US), today, 01:00  Spam?  ...
Split-level place in Tucker,
Got mighty old on me,
And with you gone, ah what's the use,
Jumped in my truck to flee.
Raining hard while driving south on US 29,
Like windshield wipers slapping water,
I'll wipe you from my mind.
Speak Up Culture » answer
by Henry H., yesterday, 18:17  Spam?  70.243.252....
Speak Up Culture in a company. Employees shouldn't be afraid to speak up if they see corruption.

Speak Up Culture = Redekultur?

Oder gibt es etwas, dass besser passt?
by thhgr, yesterday, 19:05  Spam?  92.230.183...
Kultur der Offenheit?
Kultur der Transparenz?
I'd leave out the culture  #771794
by Lisa4dict loggedout, yesterday, 19:59  Spam?  99.11.162....
Misstände offen
I'd leave out the culture  #771795
by Lisa4dict loggedout, yesterday, 19:59  Spam?  99.11.162....
Misstände offen
... ansprechen  #771796
by Lisa4dict loggedout, yesterday, 20:04  Spam?  99.11.162....
if you do use culture I'd say "Firmenkultur die es erlaubt Mißstände offen aufzuzeigen/anzusprechen'"

(Darn tablet. Always a mind of its own. Sorry about the messed up posts.)
to reprove for somebody » answer
by Khmer Rouge, yesterday, 18:00  Spam?  89.142.255....
Isaiah 11:4 (KJV): 9 And with righteousness shall the Lord God judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth.

reprove for the meek? What did the translators of KJV had in mind here? Is it, that God will rebuke the wicked in favour of the meek? Modern translations have it as: he will decide or make fair decision for the meek/poor
by Henry H., yesterday, 18:41  Spam?  70.243.252....
I think that this is the meaning. Meek as in benevolent.
by Ursinus (GB), yesterday, 22:48  Spam?  ...
In my copy of the KJV there is a marginal note explaining "reprove" as "argue". God is seen as an advocate for the meek. Not the modern meaning of "reprove".
by geo255 (US), today, 01:01  Spam?  ...
'Reprove' comes from the ld French 'reprouver' meaning "to accuse" or "to blame", hence our modern "to disapprove, condemn, or reject"  

cloaking shroud - Tarnkappe??? » answer
by LinusP., yesterday, 16:39  Spam?  77.21.11...
Ich habe folgendes in einer SienceFiction-Story, die im Weltraum spielt, gefunden:
„Sensors didn't alert us! They must have a "cloaking shroud"!“
Als Übersetzung könnte ich mir vorstellen:
„Die Sensoren haben uns nicht gewarnt! Sie müssen einen Tarnungsschild besitzen!“
„Tarnkappe“ und „Tarnungsschild“ halte ich aber nicht für eine glückliche Übersetzung.
Hat irgendwer eine Idee?
vielleicht: Tarnkappenschild  #771783
anonymous, yesterday, 16:47  Spam?  77.181.204....
es gibt ja auch Tarnkappenbomber
by 4Helix (DE), yesterday, 16:47  Spam?  ...
Wie wärs einfach mit Tarnmodus?
Star Trek (or perhaps just Trekkies) seems to call it a Tarnvorrichtung -  #771785
by Lllama (GB/AT), yesterday, 16:51  Spam?  ...
die müssen mit einem Dunkelfeld / Dunkelschild arbeiten, oder: mit Feldunterdrückung  #771786
anonymous, yesterday, 16:57  Spam?  77.181.204....
was immer das sein mag ...
oder: ein Tarnfeld  #771787
anonymous, yesterday, 17:02  Spam?  77.181.204....
Vielen Dank  #771789
by LinusP., yesterday, 17:25  Spam?  77.21.11...
Vielen Dank für die Vorschläge! Ich halte Tarnmodus und Tarnvorrichtung bis jetzt für die besten Übersetzung. Vielleicht findet sich irgendwann noch etwas besseres. :-)
heart drawn out in prayer continually » answer
by Khmer Rouge, yesterday, 13:06  Spam?  109.182.17...
27 Yea, and when you do not cry unto the Lord, let your hearts be full, drawn out in prayer unto him continually for your welfare, and also for the welfare of those who are around you.

heart drawn out in prayer; can you provide a literal german translation or find suitable synonym in english
how can heart be prolonged, protracted in time?
No German, but an explanation.  #771769
by MichaelK (US), Last modified: yesterday, 15:06  Spam?  ...
The "drawn out" has nothing to do with time. The traditional image in the context of Christian prayer is the soul being drawn out of the body during prayer and extending, as if to form a bridge, towards God. One is in ecstasy or rapture, thus no longer aware of bodily impressions or concerns. The length of this ecstatic state (and the prayer) doesn't matter. The passage you quote simply replaced the soul with the heart, which is common enough.
Google: "soul drawn out in prayer"
by 4Helix (DE), yesterday, 13:37  Spam?  ...
Aus dem "Buch Mormon"

27  Ja, und wenn ihr den Herrn nicht anruft, so laßt euer Herz voll sein, ständig im Gebet zu ihm hingezogen für euer Wohlergehen und auch für das Wohlergehen derer, die um euch sind.
Thanks, that makes much more sense  #771771
by Khmer Rouge, yesterday, 13:44  Spam?  109.182.17...
Does "unto him" refer to "prayer" or to "drawn out", that is to say, is heart drawn out unto god or is it prayer, that is directed unto god?
by 4Helix (DE), yesterday, 13:52  Spam?  ...
I think it means the heart is drawn out (toward God) while praying.
Agree with 4Helix.   #771773
by MichaelK (US), Last modified: yesterday, 15:09  Spam?  ...
The heart or soul is drawn out [of the body] towards God to serve as a conduit for prayer, which most commonly is a direct petition to God. Continually / ständig = whenever possible for as long as you live.
see also #771255  #771781
by Iriemon (UN), yesterday, 16:35  Spam?  ...
Wegebeziehungen (here) » answer
by Windfall (GB), yesterday, 12:29  Spam?  ...
Im Rahmen der Entwicklung eines Mieter- und Branchenmixes analysieren wir Kundenstruktur, Kaufkraft und Wegebeziehungen.
As part of developing a talent and industry mix, we analyze custom structure, purchasing power and ?connecting footpaths/connecting routes?.
Is "Wegebeziehungen"  always "connecting footpaths" like the entry or can "Wege" be used more widely to refer to roads/routes? They are talking about retail parks and shopping centres here, and I wondered if they mean connecting footpaths within the retail park/shopping centre ( i.e. between various shops) or the routes to the shopping centre or retail park.
by 4Helix (DE), yesterday, 12:44  Spam?  ...
As a german native I would interpret it the way you described:
Connecting footpaths within the retail park/shopping centre ( i.e. between various shops)
But I am not an expert on the subject.
Thank you :)  #771762
by Windfall (GB), yesterday, 12:48  Spam?  ...
Wegebeziehungen  #771763
by Ivy (DE), yesterday, 12:49  Spam?  ...
by Windfall (GB), yesterday, 12:51  Spam?  ...
Thanks, Ivy, but I'd already done that search.
I think it may be a synonym for "Wegenamen"   #771774
by Texan, yesterday, 14:30  Spam?  213.61.158...
by Windfall (GB), yesterday, 14:43  Spam?  ...
Thanks, Texan, but if you mean "path names", that doesn't fit the context here.
You'r absolutely right - wer lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil (as the Germans say ... sorry, actually misread the word)  #771776
by Texan, yesterday, 14:45  Spam?  213.61.158...
people / customer flow analysis  #771777
anonymous, yesterday, 15:04  Spam?  77.181.164....
after "Kundenstruktur, Kaufkraft" they mean the way people / (potential) customers tend to move around: most visited shops / branches, main channels, dead ends nobody ever visits, etc.
by Windfall (GB), yesterday, 15:06  Spam?  ...
Thanks, anon, that sounds good.
Mieter typo Metier?  #771802
by Lisa4dict loggedout, yesterday, 21:04  Spam?  99.11.162....
I would translate that as (core) competency / specialty.  Talent would not be used for companies.
by Windfall (GB), yesterday, 21:18  Spam?  ...
Sorry, that was a speech recognition software error. That should have been "tenant", not "talent"!
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