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This is the place to post your translation requests in German or English and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Elsewhere than in Scotland.. » answer
by Jim46 (US), today, 19:58  Spam?  ...
Two friends were dispatched to work in the Manila area this week, unluckily
as it turned out.  As the result of two typhoons in a short time, some areas
there are flooding badly.

I had contact with one via cell phone Skype chat this morning, my time.  It's
nighttime there, water outside the house is fast-moving and rising.  People in
lower areas are already on their roofs, praying for rescue.  I think none will

Friend is with mom and a cousin and is terrified.  I told her to make flotation
bags from garbage bags for everybody, one under each arm.  If they are
washed away, it could save their lives.  Slim chance perhaps, but there is
nothing else.  The bags were readied.   Soon after, communication was lost.

If one always expects the worst, then he is never disappointed.
by Iriemon (UN), today, 20:20  Spam?  ...
terrible.... I keep my fingers crossed that they and the many others affected will be ok
by geo255 (US), today, 21:48  Spam?  ...
Hopefully, being in the Manila area, there would be more rescue personnel available.  Anyway, if the house holds and they get to the roof, I think they have a good chance of survival.
Website eines Personalberaters » answer
by mdhschmitz, today, 18:06  Spam?  88.69.61...
Hallo everyone,

Inthe following text EPL stands for  Einkauf, Produktion und Logistik (inkludiert SCM (Supply Chain Management, LEAN Management, …)
Can I write PPL in English or is this bbreviation generally accepted in this context?

Thanks in advance.

Business graduate (B.A. BW) in personnel management, organisational & change management, EPL,?? as well as certified Mediator and Business Coach. Longstanding expertise in project management for international aviation companies of a global corporation. Subsequent responsibility in the automotive branch in operative and strategic production areas as well as process and product coordination.
It doesn't appear to be a standard phrase in English, let alone an abbreviation.  #769316
by Lllama (GB/AT), today, 20:12  Spam?  ...
Website eines Personalberaters  #769317
by mdhschmitz, today, 20:17  Spam?  88.69.61...
Thanks a million. So I will have to explain it in brackets.

Have a good evening.

Maria Schmitz
hold someone's feet to the fire » answer
by becket (UN), today, 17:16  Spam?  ...
Es fehlt im Dictionary die Übersetzung für "hold someone's feet to the fire". Wie kriegt man das Teil ins Wörterbuch? Hier eine Erklärung:
by Iriemon (UN), today, 18:24  Spam?  ...
einfach Mitmachen - neue Übersetzung vorschlagen - eintragen.

Aber bitte mit muttersprachlichen Quellen für beide Seiten. Ein einziger Wörterbucheintrag ist ziemlich dünn.
Weiterhin gebannt oder entbannt? » answer
by JimKnopf123, today, 16:46  Spam?  78.49.166...
Having completed a thorough investigation into your account and the complaint that you have made, we must advise that your account was actioned correctly, in full compliance with our policies and procedures.

Following our review into the actions taken on your account we wish to confirm that we have removed your Origin ban and downgraded your sanction to a permanent block of access to the on-line gameplay portion of FIFA 14.

Könnte mir das einer übersetzen? Hab letztes Jahr nen perm Bann von Origin kassiert durch Fifa 14. Hab sie gefragt ob sie denn Bann für Fifa 15 wenigstens entfernen könnten. Blick da nicht so ganz durch wegen dem "We wish to confirm"
by Iriemon (UN), today, 17:13  Spam?  ...
betrifft bloß FIFA 14.
by JimKnopf123, today, 17:58  Spam?  78.49.166...
Ist das richtig geschrieben? Dank im Voraus » answer
by vbob1, today, 15:11  Spam?  212.29.37....
I wish you were mine. (said to a female)

Ich wünschte Du wärst meins
by Dracs (DE), Last modified: today, 15:25  Spam?  ...
Ich wünschte, du wärst die Meine.
oder: Ich wünschte, du wärst mein.
Persönliche Anrede 2. Person Singular: In Briefen groß, sonst klein geschrieben.
So the UK has not been diminished after all? » answer
by Proteus-, today, 14:20  Spam?  62.47.207...
Indeed.  #769286
by Lllama (GB/AT), today, 14:24  Spam?  ... - if anyone is interested in the statistics.
Distribution  #769296
by Catesse (AU), today, 16:11  Spam?  ...
Perhaps even more interesting than the total result is the distribution of the votes. Of the 32 councils, only four voted for separation. Glasgow and Dundee are, I believe, Labour strongholds. Don't know about Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire. Alex Salmond made a big feature of getting rid of the Tories, but I think that this strategy backfired.
by Iriemon (UN), today, 17:11  Spam?  ...
not without far reaching consequences though...
The majority is they? » answer
by romy (CZ/AU), today, 13:09  Spam?  ...
I know that the word "majority" can go with singular as well as plural, but can you actually mix both within one sentence? In other words, is the following sentence alright?

"There are incredibly many people who pay significant interest rates for overdrawing their accounts, for credit card debts and other small loans, and the majority of them does not even want to know how much they are effectively paying; they only care whether they will be able to afford the next monthly repayment."

Or must I write in such a case: ...the majority of them do not...?

Another question which I have wanted to ask here for ages: Does the English-speaking world have something like the Germans have with the "Duden" for grammar and spelling advice?
Do.  #769276
by Lllama (GB/AT), today, 13:36  Spam?  ...
Spelling advice - any reputable dictionary, which one depends on whether you want AE, BE or something else.

Practical English Usage by Swann is considered a good guide for BE, and Strunk and White, The Elements of Style and the Chicago Manual of Style for AE. But not everyone agrees with everything that's said in them - 'style' is a matter of opinion. I think Swann is more grammar and the others are more style, but there's definitely opinion in all of them.
Economist online style guide -  #769281
by Proteus-, today, 13:59  Spam?  62.47.207...
Thanks a lot to both of you!  #769284
by romy (CZ/AU), today, 14:12  Spam?  ...
I will check all these resources out!
Konstanz » answer
by Sam22 (UN), today, 12:51  Spam?  ...
Should one leave the city name 'Konstanz' in German only and not give the English name? For ex.
Industrie- und Handelskammer Konstanz
Chamber of Industry and Commerce Konstanz
Constance  #769271
by romy (CZ/AU), today, 13:10  Spam?  ...
You must either translate all parts of the name or none of them; a mix looks awkward.
These days the city is often called Konstanz in English,  #769274
by Lllama (GB/AT), today, 13:27  Spam?  ...
even though the lake is (still) called Lake Constance.

Wikipedia(EN): Konstanz has Konstanz, and use Constance.
by Sam22 (UN), today, 13:31  Spam?  ...
Vielen Dank!
befriedigend  » answer
by JamesNPt (UN), today, 12:51  Spam?  ...
Die gegenwärtige französische Regierung ist offenkundig darum bemüht, die Idee einer europäischen Mindestlohnpolitik in die Institutionen der EU zu tragen und hat befriedigend festgestellt, dass dort entsprechende Diskussionen „nicht länger ein Tabu seien“ (Repentin 2013).

What does "befriedigend" mean here? I have no idea whatsoever (complacently is possible, but I dont know what it would mean...).

The current French government is overtly seeking to introduce the notion of a European minimum wage into the EU institutions and has complacently declared that the relevant discussions “are no longer taboo there” (Repentin 2013).
...and are pleased to (be able to) say that...  #769268
by Lllama (GB/AT), today, 13:04  Spam?  ...
...and are pleased to have found out that... (more literally)
But what does it mean?  #769269
by JamesNPt (UN), today, 13:08  Spam?  ...
What is it referring to? I'm tempted to leave it out.
Before, no one wanted to talk about a minimum wage - it was a taboo subject.  #769273
by Lllama (GB/AT), today, 13:19  Spam?  ...
Now, the French, who are in favour of bringing in a minimum wage, are pleased because other countries are more willing to talk about it - it is no longer a taboo subject.

Befriedigend means that the French are happy (to have found out) that other countries are now willing to at least talk about it.
Thanks!  #769278
by JamesNPt (UN), today, 13:47  Spam?  ...
For some reason I interpreted "dort" as referring to France, not the EU as a whole.
:-)  #769287
by Lllama (GB/AT), today, 14:24  Spam?  ...
no, it means something like: has declared to the satisfaction (of other parties / governments / trade unions / whatever concerned)  #769309
anonymous, today, 17:28  Spam?  77.181.0....
also possible: with satisfying clarity / emphasis / vigo(u)r
in any case: befriedigend (satisfying) - NOT befriedigt (satisfied) -  does not refer to the French government, but to any third party
by Iriemon (UN), today, 18:27  Spam?  ...
they have noticed, to their satisfaction, that...
I obviously agree with Iriemon's suggestion.  #769314
by Lllama (GB/AT), Last modified: today, 20:49  Spam?  ...
Literally, it would be they satisfyingly noticed, which I rephrased in my translation to make it a more natural English.

(Typo edited)
by Iriemon (UN), today, 20:21  Spam?  ...
so I saw :-) sorry, just wanted to pick up on the "satisfaction" bit
Yes, I just wanted to explain why it appeared I had translated it as satisfied not satisfying.  #769322
by Lllama (GB/AT), Last modified: today, 21:07  Spam?  ...
Erweiterter Sekundarabschluss » answer
by Sam22 (UN), today, 12:22  Spam?  ...
What is 'Erweiterter Sekundarabschluss' in English?
...? Secondary School Leaving Diploma..
Wikipedia(DE): Erweiterter_Sekundarabschluss_I  #769261
by Lllama (GB/AT), today, 12:37  Spam?  ...
As an explanation, (secondary) school leaving certificate would probably work for BE, I don't know if diploma would be better in AE.
by Sam22 (UN), today, 12:46  Spam?  ...
But  Sekundarabschluss  is also 'Secondary School Leaving qualification'. What does 'erweiterter' mean here? Any ideas?
It seems to only be used in a couple of Bundesländer,  #769272
by Lllama (GB/AT), today, 13:13  Spam?  ...
to show that the Notendurchschnitt is high enough for the pupil to stay on at school.

Personally, I don't think it's necessary to translate it and school leaving certificate gives enough information. In a CV, I assume grades would also be given, or the fact that the person carried on at school and got another qualification, giving the reader all the relevant information.

There is rarely an exact equivalent for school qualifications and so you should give an explanation, not try and force it into a qualification that the person hasn't got.
by Sam22 (UN), today, 15:26  Spam?  ...
Danke vielmals!
criterion v. criteria (US and British English) » answer
by Windfall (GB), Last modified: today, 12:35  Spam?  ...
Obviously "criteria" is the correct plural. I very frequently see "criteria" as the singular as well. Although this is technically/theoretically wrong, it seems to be becoming pervasive ( and certainly if I'm talking to friends, I use "criteria" as a singular without thinking about it and would think "criterion" sounded overly pedantic and formal in informal spoken English).
What do other speakers of English think of "criterion"? Should it still be used in formal and relatively formal texts in US and British English? (I can imagine there might be different answers for the different countries.)
I'm asking this because language changes and this is somewhere I think it is currently changing, so I'm interested in what is currently perceived as appropriate in the two countries (or, out of interest, in any other English-speaking country).
I avoid using criterion in all but the most formal situations,  #769263
by Lllama (GB/AT), today, 12:47  Spam?  ...
but I also don't use criteria with a single verb - I would probably just choose another word or put the sentence into the plural.

As you say, I think usage is changing and it is going the same way as agenda. still considers it a 'mistake', whereas they just say that other things that are changing are 'generally accepted' in some circumstances but 'still criticized' in others -
Or - medias is not called 'a mistake'.
Ta  #769267
by Windfall (GB), Last modified: today, 12:53  Spam?  ...
That feels very wrong to me - that "criteria" singular is a mistake, but "medias" isn't. They must be judging it based on groups of people I don't talk to or hear on TV or radio (Radio 1 DJs perhaps?). Unfortunately "crterion/a" is the best word in my context. But it's US English, perhaps they're clearly in favour of one or the other.
For anybody who has had classical languages at school, criteria as a singular and medias as a plural sound atrocious.   #769279
by p, today, 13:48  Spam?  62.47.207...
Why is it that everybody emulates the tennis played by Djokovic / Federer / Murray or Kvitova / Shaparova / Williams - but when it comes to language the premium is more and more on uneducated, bungling usage?
Sorry, that was me  #769280
by Proteus-, today, 13:49  Spam?  62.47.207...
Ah, I can see that language the could do with a comma - so please read language, the (13:48)  #769282
by Proteus-, today, 14:05  Spam?  62.47.207...
Werkzeugbau-Techniker » answer
by Sam22 (UN), today, 12:04  Spam?  ...
What is the English term for  'Werkzeugbau-Techniker"
Official source:  #769283
by Proteus-, today, 14:09  Spam?  62.47.207...
by Sam22 (UN), today, 15:26  Spam?  ...
Danke vielmals!
erfassen (here) » answer
by Windfall (GB), today, 11:36  Spam?  ...
Wir kennen nicht nur die Büroimmobilien der Stadt und erfassen diese im Detail,...
Not only are we familiar with the city's office real estate and ?understand/record/cover? it in detail,...
to list up  #769249
by 3meto (DE), today, 11:46  Spam?  ...
by Windfall (GB), today, 11:50  Spam?  ...
Thanks. I think I'm going to say "list" not "list up" (but this is US English, so if a US native speaker says "list up" is better, I'll switch to that, but to me, "list" sounds better.)
Nicht nur  #769297
by Catesse (AU), today, 16:15  Spam?  ...
A "nicht nur" without a following "sondern auch" sounds strange to me.
by Windfall (GB), today, 16:27  Spam?  ...
Me too, but that's the way they did it.
by Iriemon (UN), today, 17:12  Spam?  ...
could come up in the next sentence with a simple "auch"....
I think that was what happened  #769306
by Windfall (GB), today, 17:15  Spam?  ...
it didn't sound so bad when read in conjunction with the next sentence
to quit somebody » answer
by Khmer Rouge, today, 11:26  Spam?  89.142.35...
From Toni Morrison's novel The Beloved:
"She needed time to convince her employers what they needed: night help because Janey's own family needed her. "I don't want to quit these people, but they can't have all my days and nights too."

to quit somebody?
by Iriemon (UN), today, 11:46  Spam?  ...
im Stich lassen
by Iriemon (UN), Last modified: today, 11:46  Spam?  ...
Ok, thank you  #769264
by Khmer Rouge, today, 12:47  Spam?  89.142.35...
Alvinczy 1787 after surprise attack failed » answer
by Windbuchse (UN), today, 10:52  Spam?  ...
The attack has failed and the Alvinczy has to deal with refugees.

The text reads:   Er hält es für notwendig, darauf hinzuweisen, daß sich auf "lange Geduld von Leuten, die der Verzweiflung nahe, ansonsten auch äußerst verwegen sind, nicht wohl hoffen lasse."

He considers it necessary, should be pointed out that in the "long patience of people, the close to despair, otherwise also are extremely bold, not let hope well."

Help would be greatly appreciated.
He considers it necessary to point out that ...  #769242
anonymous, today, 11:19  Spam?  77.181.0....
... you should not hope for the enduring patience of people who are both close to despair and extremely reckless
He considers it necessary to point out that...  #769245
by Lllama (GB/AT), Last modified: today, 11:27  Spam?  ...
He thinks/feels it should be pointed out that... cannot just hope for the (long-)lasting patience of people who are close to despair and also extremely bold/reckless.

Edit - I hadn't seen anonymous's suggestion before posting.
by Iriemon (UN), today, 11:50  Spam?  ...
basically, he thinks it's necessary to point out that people who are quite desperate by now and also very bold are not likely to be very patient
Ist dieser Satz richtig? » answer
by ksoktogon (HU), Last modified: today, 09:17  Spam?  ...
Er muss genehmigen, dass wir liefern können.
(He has to permit us to deliver.)

Context: On Friday our firm cannot deliver goods to a warehouse after 12:00 without the permission of the manager.
by HBW (UN), Last modified: today, 09:42  Spam?  ...
Er muß uns die Lieferung/die Auslieferung genehmigen.
Within the context it would probably be understood.  #769234
by Lisa4dict loggedout, today, 09:46  Spam?  99.11.162....
Some options:
Er muss die späte Anlieferung (separat) genehmigen.
Er muss seine Genehmigung erteilen, bevor wir Anliefern können.
Wir können nur Anliefern, wenn er es genehmigt hat.
Wir können erst Anliefern, nachdem er es genehmigt hat.
Wir können nicht Anlifern, bevor er seine Genehmigung erteilt hat.
Ohne seine Genehmigung können wir nicht Anliefern.

Lieferung is the entire delivery process.  Anlieferung is only the last part.
oder: Eine Anlieferung nach 12:00 Uhr bedarf der Genehmigung des Managers  #769240
anonymous, today, 10:49  Spam?  77.181.0....
Danke Euch allen!  #769243
by ksoktogon (HU), today, 11:21  Spam?  ...
by Iriemon (UN), today, 11:51  Spam?  ...
des Lagerleiters
Danke!  #769289
by ksoktogon (HU), today, 15:00  Spam?  ...
That's what I meant, thanks!
by Iriemon (UN), today, 20:23  Spam?  ...
you're welcome :-)
[SPAM]» answer
by dwqdqwd (UN), today, 05:48
Studentenunion und Asta(Allgemein Studierenden Ausschuss) Gibt es Unterschiede unter beiden? » answer
by Lincolnbonn (CN), today, 04:56  Spam?  ...
by Nordic (DE), today, 09:16  Spam?  ...
Die Studentenunionen sind politische Gruppen, die sich zur Wahl stellen und in das Studentenparlament gewählt werden.
Das Studierendenparlament oder Studentenparlament, abgekürzt StuPa oder SP, ist in der Regel das höchste beschlussfassende Wahlgremium (Organ) einer verfassten Studierendenschaft in Deutschland, vornehmlich in den nord- und westdeutschen Bundesländern. Es wählt und beauftragt den Allgemeinen Studierendenausschuss (AStA) und beschließt über die Satzung sowie den Haushalt der Studierendenschaft. (Wikipedia(DE): Studierendenparlament)
Warum Akkusativ  » answer
by mpmp100 (MA), yesterday, 17:26  Spam?  ...
Guten abend
Manchmal benutzt man akkusativ aber ich kenne die Gründe nicht .Bitte sagen sie mir warum der Relativpronomen imSatz akkusativ ist :
Der Film , den es jetzt als Video gibt
Danke sehr
Es gibt den Film als Video > der Film, den es als Video gibt  #769207
by Proteus-, yesterday, 18:38  Spam?  62.46.129....
by geo255 (US), yesterday, 21:44  Spam?  ...
The relative pronoun is accusative because it is the "direct object" of  the verb 'geben'.  Certainly 'geben' can also have an indirect object, but that object must reflect the indirect action whereby the (direct) object is transferred to someone or some other action taken on the direct object.
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