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A2019-02-07approach ?hausamsee (DE)
A2018-10-04The problem is not with the rule but with its application. | German-u...tomaquinaten (US/DE)
A2018-04-01What about +the peculiar approach+ here?Proteus-
A2018-01-27PS: In translation, the idiomatic issue is a bilingual issue. A monog...Proteus-
F2017-11-03Fair approach to the issue of Brexit among UK undergraduates?Proteus-
A2016-10-12missing equals failed approachdictlove
F2016-10-09missing equals failed approachdictlove
F2016-08-03Business approachpetra_muc
A2016-03-29Not quite. A +humanistic approach+ is not the same thing as a +humani...Proteus-
A2016-03-28humanistic approachsunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2015-12-29Different approachCatesse (AU)
A2015-08-01Should Judge Owen react by pointing his finger at P, relations might ...Proteus-
A2015-06-06(we approach) (a reckoning) (over Hillsborough)Lllama (GB/AT)
A2015-02-21Thanks, interesting approach!MichaelK (US)
A2015-02-17it means: an indiscriminate lawnmower-approachanonymous
A2015-02-06maybe: a simplistic approach (just) on moral terms / driven by (jus...anonymous
A2015-02-06Perhaps: simplistic and strait-laced approachProteus-
A2015-02-04empowerment approachLisa4dict loggedout
F2015-02-03“noble savage” approachSalit (UN)
A2014-11-12Good approachProteus-
F2014-10-26"Approach circle" => Annäherungskreis ?Atalanttore (DE)
A2014-08-03equal value / strength but different in approach / handling .....sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2014-07-12My approach to self-studying is (whatever); +self-study+ may also mea...Proteus-
A2014-07-10Agree and thank you, Iriemon and Windfall - this is the approach I me...anonymous
A2014-07-01customer-oriented approach / advertising (?)Ivy (DE)
A2014-05-27After each pass / run, the user must make another choice between the ...Proteus-
A2014-01-12bottom-less is probably the wrong approachSchneckschne2402 (UN)
A2013-12-28What's your approach to women etc.Proofreader
F2013-10-03As we approach 2014Nordic (DE)
A2013-08-12to overcome by a fresh approach off the beaten tracksRedRufus (DE)
F2013-07-19helicopter approachSchandor (AT)
F2013-07-04A practical, no-nonsense approach to ... Dracs (DE)
A2013-04-29What about +artistic approach and technical creation?+Proteus-
A2013-02-19rapport established on final (approach)? dann: (Funk-) Verbindung he...anonymous
F2012-12-03Was ist in diesem Satz approach?Bettinaa (UN)
A2012-11-12or ... approach / attitude ..... unumgänglich beim aktiven zuhöre...sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2012-10-15have the same approach as ours -und- zwarUncleBob (AT)
A2012-10-13One way to approach this might beBadger (US)
F2012-10-11shopping list approachCatwoman (DE)
A2012-10-04Different approachCatesse (AU)
A2012-04-05I see "take" in the "approach" or "interpretation" definition here.MichaelK (US)
A2012-03-31and - as a sort of ostinato - reminds us of the leitmotiv of that par...anonymous
A2012-03-16from under the water he saw the enemies approach / approachingProteus
A2012-03-09approach to life?Lucie (DE)
A2012-02-05an approach (note: it's guesswork, the German words actually don't ex...anonymous
A2012-01-09Based on a number of recent articles, the value of this rather new ap...sbh (DE)
F2011-12-20Inspired approachmirzepapa (DE)
A2011-12-18Hands-on approach vs. academic approachPaul (AT)
A2011-12-16We agree with a new approachArtists (US)
A2011-12-09Another approach.MichaelK (US)
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