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Das Forum wurde durchsucht nach cancelEinträge 1 - 46 von 46
A2016-04-18aufwiegen - to cancel out ....sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2016-03-31Please cancel part "X" from the claim demandDavidP (DE)
A2014-05-09Cancel is correctJim46 (US)
A2013-06-18Yes, cancel 'poet.' and replace it by 'literary'.BHM (DE)
A2013-04-04Not just lack of respect towards the client - she could also cancel i...Lllama (GB/AT)
F2012-06-11A client asked me to cancel a back order.Safina (UN)
A2011-08-14ask you to cancel the invoice for this saleProteus
A2011-08-14ask you to cancelBirgid (DE)
F2011-07-17To pull the plug (Cancel)estwing (GB)
A2011-04-28In that sentence it is optional, yes. Lllama (GB/AT)
A2011-03-09The customer is threatening to cancel the orderLllama (GB/AT)
A2011-02-11We are sorry that you have had to cancel because of illness and hope ...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2011-01-10Yup. "Please cancel any order of stock that can't be delivered."Baccalaureus (DE)
A2011-01-08cancel ...sunfunlili (DE/GB)
F2010-09-22Grant and Conditions of License,Right to Cancel for Delaysanonymous
A2010-02-18da muss der Konjunktiv stehen: What if I stopped, what if I cancel(l)...Kornelius (DE)
A2009-12-29Also: 'may lead users to cancel their purchase/transaction'Wilfred (DE)
A2009-11-12His works in public spaces cancel out the confrontation between a wor...Proteus
A2009-10-14Yes, just press "Cancel"!Paul (AT)
A2009-10-14@Catesse: Press "Cancel" or "skip" in the review form and you'll ...Paul (AT)
A2009-05-06@Allan: agree, we don't know. Usually, 100% of your fees are lost...mwk
A2008-08-25U.S. legalese: right to cancel.mwk
A2008-05-28Yes, they probably mean 'cancel out.' Sth. like 'zunichte machen.'mwk (US)
A2008-04-04to cancel a contractRalf (DE)
A2008-02-08brilliant..thanks...(I know these guys, had cause to cancel on them)kalinka
A2008-01-30that makes good sense...if you can cancel reserves? is derognition th...kalinka
A2007-12-20The 'sounded needful' and 'not the littlest bit desperate' cancel the...Virginia Creeper (...
F2007-11-14Save & CancelCC99 (DE/IE)
F2007-11-05CancelCC99 (DE/IE)
A2007-11-02If they really need to cancel the show, so be it. There's worse.Kornelius (DE)
A2007-10-18Instead of starting with 'I': Regrettably I must cancel this and that...Proteus
A2007-05-27You have the opportunity to reconsider the purchase and cancel your o...Dwight (US)
A2007-05-27I guess you could leve it: "to cancel the order". It's clear enough.Wuffke (DE)
A2007-02-12cancelBirgid (DE)
A2007-01-28fallen hier: cancel, avoid, /abolished/abrogated/removedWuffke (DE)
A2006-12-22Cancel the contractAda
A2006-09-23withdraw from? cancel?Allan
A2006-04-07"Soon THEY will cancel again" = Bald werden sie wieder kündigen/storn...esmeralda
A2006-03-14General cancel - zumindest etwasTemmo
F2006-03-12desperately looking for "cancel piston"Skorpius (DE)
A2006-01-28If you also leave out / cancel any sunshineProteus
A2005-12-08cancel a mandateanonymous
A2005-12-08cancel a mandateMother Teresa
F2005-07-29cancel a direct debitanonymous
A2005-07-15cancel partial deliveriesBee
A2005-07-12be able to cancel without chargeProteus
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