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A2020-01-07"Kommune" does not refer specifically to a city council or local admi...Gerhard- (DE)
A2019-04-30The bloke plays a substantial role in getting ready for the German EU...Proteus-
A2018-05-17Google: "student council president" deutschgoog1
F2018-05-17student council president WalterMeder (DE)
F2017-03-03Council (poet.)Lupinespinne
A2016-09-30CouncilCatesse (AU)
A2016-09-052nd attempt: ... imposed by +the UN+ Security CouncilProteus-
A2016-09-05Copy-and-paste error: ... imposed by +the+ Security CouncilProteus-
A2016-08-14WO (1) did not sound wrong to Orby Parish CouncilProteus-
A2016-08-12Wikipedia(EN): Akela_(The_Jungle_Book) mentions the council.Lllama (GB/AT)
A2016-08-12He's never going to make the council - Lllama (GB/AT)
A2016-08-12council - race you to the topCatwoman (DE)
A2016-06-15Council valuationCatesse (AU)
F2016-06-15CHESS statements; Council Valuation; folio numberphilistine (DE/ZA)
A2016-05-09I think either parents' council or parents' association should be ok...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2015-05-19+Hoftag+ > great council of the realm Simply calling it +assembly,+ i...Proteus-
A2015-05-05ammended regulations passed by the German Bundesrat Federal CouncilLisa4dict loggedout
A2015-03-20Council-flat old geezers and frumps just kick the bucket, while confi...Proteus-
A2015-02-13Agree. +Schulbehörde+ seems to be a good translation. Council = Local...MichaelK (US)
F2015-02-09in 'sex-ed' classes/Council-run schoolsSalit (UN)
F2015-01-15Forest Stewardship Councildragonfly1986
A2014-11-18Different levels of government/council?Lllama (GB/AT)
F2014-09-25a council was heldromy (CZ/GB)
F2014-06-30the council’s very establishmentnikagda (DE)
A2013-03-13The Law of Repeal and Rehabilitation passed on 21 October 2009 with t...faramoosh
A2012-11-23A +decree+ of the Council of Nantes ... dated 658 - the respective Ne...Proteus-
A2012-08-25 (DE/GB)
A2012-07-05Council Directive 85/374/EEC of 25 July 1985 on the approximation of ...Dracs (DE)
A2011-10-28council ground/garden maintenance .... ?? sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2011-09-27Or else: engage the Council in dealing with a county officially and p...Proteus
A2011-09-27to engage the Council in official and public dealings with a country romy (CZ/GB)
A2011-09-13Employees are not entitled or eligible to vote for the works council ...Proteus
A2011-08-07Scotland - (e.g. Highland) Region - (e.g. Skye & Lochalsh) council ar...Kornelius (DE)
F2011-07-08decision ... to join ... was not a decision ... by the council, so ho...database (DE)
A2011-04-27Kammerkollegium / Hofkammer > treasury council +(bitte in ein...Proteus
A2011-04-12Party X lost fewer votes during the county council election than expe...esmeralda (AT)
F2011-04-12the council's legal and democratic services departmentMs-IWonder
F2010-08-31examination councilromy (CZ/GB)
F2010-04-30local council development area Lisa
F2010-04-08in a legal action, a works council demandedJames (GB)
A2010-02-22As far as groups of members of the works council who would like to as...ManoloB (US)
A2010-02-15General Teaching Councilanonymous
A2010-01-20works-council-in'f'estedKornelius (DE)
A2010-01-18Vielleicht wendest du dich am besten an das British Council http://w...Proteus
A2009-09-02EU: council directive 96/61/EC of 24 September 1996; India: The Air (...anonymous
A2009-08-18legal councilanonymous
F2009-07-04hold a councilromy (CZ/GB)
F2009-06-24Works council??sunqueen (DK/BO)
A2009-03-31German Cultural Council retd.sushi
A2009-02-17meeting of the parents' council (?)Ivy (DE)
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