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Das Forum wurde durchsucht nach coverEinträge 1 - 50 von 322
F2019-12-08to tuck cover hereSwamij
A2019-04-02yes, "in any manner / way" should cover itRedRufus (DE)
A2018-11-27Annoyingly the hair version seems to cover a wide variety of possibil...Windfall (GB)
A2018-10-24That sounds like a preference for "works agreements" to cover both te...Windfall (GB)
A2018-06-27„Sitz“ broad enough to cover the place of incorporationZuchi1
F2018-03-21Cover letter in GermanySafina (UN)
A2017-07-03Perhaps highfaluting jargon for +Schriftführer > secretary+ as you su...Proteus-
F2017-05-03My cover letter - thank u in advance for ur correction!-)Lukas901
F2017-01-07cover deviceDeseret (SI)
A2016-12-26+unheard of in [AE]+ How can a single contributor cover the length, b...Proteus-
A2016-12-18? mountainous coverProteus-
A2016-05-21Insomniac, would you cover your ears for a sec?SaLirael
A2016-04-10Yes. It means cover or encompass.callixte (US)
A2016-01-26furtively, under the cover of nightanon.
F2015-09-30a base case and a cover casemaricom (RU)
A2015-09-28Grasdecke > grass cover; Grasteppich / Rasenteppich > green swardProteus-
A2015-09-08correction: hence guaranteeing a minimum cover of 30.000,00 EUR anonymous
A2015-09-08insurance benefits must not be capped hence to guaranteeing a minimum...anonymous
A2015-09-08minimum cover/coverage is guaranteed .... maximum benefits - I'd sa...sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2015-09-07Manhole coverLookDontSee (DE)
A2015-05-02In Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913 + 1828): +1. To cove...Proteus-
F2014-12-25Depending on your cover schoolSalit (UN)
A2014-11-17I read it to mean that the cover design +verleiht Gesicht,+Lllama (GB/AT)
F2014-09-12Cover letter FragenMartyP88 (UN)
A2014-08-03Grammar experts please cover your eyes.Lisa4dict loggedout
A2014-05-07Sperrplatte > blank-off cover.anonymous1
A2014-05-01@ Catesse: ich dachte bei "back cover" an die bedruckte Rückseit...Red Rufus
A2014-05-01wenn du das "mal" explizit wiedergeben willst: Well, for starters I'l...Red Rufus
A2014-05-01for starters, I'll show you the back coverRed Rufus
A2014-01-06some possibilities: entrance-, gateway-, head-, master-, cover(ing)-w...Red Rufus
F2014-01-03Cover Letterschaumamol (DE)
A2013-12-12Don't judge a book by its cover.Ivy (DE)
A2013-10-10probably: the management (re-)arranged business insurance cover Red Rufus
A2013-09-13Yes - " funds paid in to cover an outgoing payment ... " it's quite...sunfunlili (DE/GB)
F2013-08-30E-mail with cover letter and CVanonymous
A2013-08-07deploy or trap legend/cover ?anonymous
A2013-08-07Hidden cover story, hidden legend??Lllama (GB/AT)
A2013-07-28cover identity, fake identity, undercover identity ; cover behind th...RedRufus (DE)
A2013-05-05Overview Cover SheetBernie (AU)
A2013-05-05Principal Cover Sheetromy (CZ/GB)
A2013-05-02In AE we often use "cover"Lisa4dict loggedout
A2013-04-28Grau abdecken > to cover grey hair; Grauabdeckung > covering grey hai...Proteus-
A2013-04-01if Subjects don't cover the situation ---> Erklärung in square bracke...parker11 (DE)
A2013-03-16I've never seen the same person selling tickets and popcorn / drinks....MichaelK (US)
A2013-03-02 (DE/GB)
A2013-01-18You can tell a melon / book by its cover , a tree by its fruitanonymous
A2012-11-19coverPuchenau (GB/AT)
F2012-11-19Finde keine Übersetzung für "cover state" und "federal cond court". B...Jenni1985 (DE)
A2012-10-22your cover letteraristo (DE)
F2012-10-22Someone have a look at my Cover letter PLEASE?niiki (DE)
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