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Das Forum wurde durchsucht nach excuseEinträge 1 - 50 von 98
A2017-11-25Was ist denn der Unterschied zwischen "Excuse me" und "Pardon me"?MartinKr
A2017-11-25More specifically: May I pass? / Excuse me, may I pass?Proteus-
A2017-04-15Excuse me!!!!!Jim46 (US)
A2016-01-27P.S Please excuse my typos!Flyingfairy
F2014-11-04Life can do with one less watered-down excuse. stereo117
A2014-06-29siw, excuse meJim46 (US)
A2013-12-30proper English: "excuse me for BORROWING your blender without permiss...Red Rufus
F2013-12-30excuse me for lendingPauloPera (BR)
A2013-11-06Please excuse me from this week's lesson due to illness. (Quite formal)Lllama (GB/AT)
A2013-10-24ja, sth./sb. is a poor/worthless/miserable excuse for sth./sb.uffie (GH/KI)
F2013-10-24excusesilverhare (DE)
A2013-09-11Cage of fools, La Cage Au Folles (excuse my French...)Dragonflyknits (US)
A2013-08-01Good excuse - s & z are next to each other ..... ;))sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2013-06-26pls. excuse my Frenchparker11 (DE)
A2013-04-09Please excuse my absence from today's ...Proteus-
A2013-03-20snarky - will remove tag - my excuse, I trusted polarjud implicitly ...sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2013-02-06Excuse kann auch Ausrede heißen.meri (DE)
F2013-02-06Unterschied zwischen Excuse und Apologise?dhabermann (DE)
A2013-01-30@climatpatrol: regional phenomena and regional usage. Please excu...tomaquinaten (US/DE)
A2012-12-24Excuse meJim46 (US)
A2012-10-25you're too late (also just an excuse to get rid of someone)LOLyLOL
A2012-02-27Nothing to excuse, hope you reconsider.MichaelK (US)
A2011-10-14I also see it more as an excuse for not doing anything.MichaelK (US)
A2011-10-14what you say in response to a boring excuseezmiller (UN)
A2011-02-05excuseLisa4dict loggedout
A2011-02-01Excuse reperitionCatesse (AU)
A2011-01-06find excuse forLauriiinella (DE)
A2010-10-07please excuse my delayed answer.Baccalaureus (DE)
A2010-10-06I have no excuse.marti n
A2010-08-25No excuse for rudenessjb (GB)
A2010-06-17ADHD is not an excuse!zou (US)
A2010-05-29Please excusewandle (GB)
A2010-03-13Commas, excuse meJim46 (US)
A2010-02-15Excuse me!Lisa4dict (US)
A2010-01-19Yes! In that case: Entschuldigung = Excuse me romy (CZ/GB)
A2009-12-07one small detail but still no excuse for the result of that embarrass...Ms-I-Wonder
A2009-10-13Google: "that excuse won't wash with me anymore"goog
A2009-10-06Excuse megewe
A2009-10-05or : Excuse my insufficient English skills, please.linguatrix (DE/HK)
A2009-10-05(Please) excuse my poor EDwight (US)
A2009-08-29listen to oscar brown jr, "excuse me for living"faRandaway (NZ)
A2009-08-28I always heard: "(Well) excuse me for living." 6 860 000 hitsschwerblech (US)
A2009-08-19Not to mention 'sorry' and 'excuse me'. My mum was big on magic wor...Rosie
A2009-07-22They normally do that gesture to hint that a guy is not, excuse my Fr...Baccalaureus (DE)
A2009-06-08"Excuse me, Sir Alan"; "Excuse me, sir"Allan
A2009-05-20Excuse me is used to get someone's attention, when you are disagreein...Pamplemousse
A2009-05-19Excuse me, I'm afraid, I'm sorryispeakeng (UN)
F2009-05-19Different usage of "Excuse me", "I'm afraid", "I'm sorry"Disillusion (DE)
A2009-04-08Oh, excuse my German word order "putting on display pudency"Baccalaureus (DE)
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