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Das Forum wurde durchsucht nach freedomEinträge 1 - 50 von 132
A2018-04-26" ... = enfranchise v. Now rare. [ To admit to freedom, set free (...sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2018-02-16Saying so / Saying this is covered by freedom of speech, isn't it?Proteus-
A2016-08-22Agree with goog1; specifically in contract law, freedom of form ...Proteus-
F2015-08-20Song Freedomuschi-ch (CH)
A2015-06-17errm, that's what "freedom fries" have got their name from. Or am I s...anonymous
A2014-08-21? freedom Lisa4dict loggedout
A2014-04-12freedom divine - Freiheit, ach wie göttlichLisa4dict loggedout
A2014-04-11A +freedman+ was technically a +libertus+ - personally a man of dimin...Proteus-
A2014-01-07If older Austrian, degree of deprivation of freedom. "Penal servitude...anonymous1
A2013-09-29freedom-lovingCatesse (AU)
F2013-04-20Tax freedom day.Jim46 (US)
A2013-04-11The bliss of freedom?ddr (AT)
F2013-04-02Open-Ended Cross of FreedomRayan
A2012-12-21Democracy, freedom, oil, natural resources … you name it ;-|parker11 (DE)
A2012-12-20anheim *geben*, this manual = (hier im evangelikalen Jargon) diese H...anonymous
F2012-10-07Indoor comfort, outdoor freedom devrimy (UN)
A2012-03-08The "more freedom to feel secure" is bad turn of phrase. I'd ignore t...MichaelK (US)
F2012-03-08more freedom to feel secure in their message??Nordic (DE)
A2012-01-13Context permitting, +Freiheit im Innern, im Kleinen+ may also mean +d...Proteus
A2012-01-12Inner freedom, ...Lisa4dict loggedout
F2012-01-04freedom of the individuelaliG (IE/GB)
A2011-12-06freedomHeflamoke (DE/RS)
A2011-11-19I need some latitude ( = freedom to do what I want) after allanonymous
A2011-06-28Deliverance by death, not freedom.MichaelK (US)
F2011-02-23The freedom to obeyemily94
A2010-10-22 "pina coladas", jonathan frantzen FREEDOManonymous
F2010-10-22jonathan frantzen, freedomanonymous
F2010-10-22stelle aus jonathan frantzen, freedomanonymous
A2010-07-20freedom from possessionswandle (GB)
A2010-07-17Freedom of thought, belief, conscience can get you into a pretty pick...Proteus
A2010-07-17Freedom of thought, belief, conscience:wandle (GB)
A2010-04-22romy, yes of course. It's a matter of balancing the common good again...mwk
A2010-04-01freedom from legal interferenceugiswrong (US/DE)
F2010-03-11the school gives students freedom of choice about what to weartrang
A2010-02-11to allow sb a lot of freedom (like to a dog)3mmm (DE)
A2010-01-23people seeking freedom from civilisationromy (CZ/GB)
A2009-12-16Bacca: Yeah, rubbish, innit? The old Schein-freedom was more fun. :-)))Wilfred (DE)
A2009-12-04Germans' freedom3mmm (DE)
A2009-11-16And as churches are no temples for God but spaces for people they pro...Proteus
A2009-11-16Thank you all so far, right dee, I think 'playground' can be too irre...Jimena (DE)
A2009-11-16... the realm of freedomThomas
A2009-11-16I wondered about "playgrounds of freedom" but maybe that's too irreve...dee ayar
F2009-11-06one degree of freedom in normalising pricesShareholder (DE)
A2009-11-02Kunstgeschwurbel, which I think allows more than the usual translator...mwk (US)
A2009-09-23Versammlungsfreiheit = freedom of assemblyWuffke (DE)
F2009-09-06build your freedomromy (CZ/GB)
A2009-07-14I'd say "supposed freedom"schwerblech (US)
A2009-07-14an imagined freedomKornelius (DE)
A2009-07-14Google: "putative freedomProteus
A2009-07-14alleged freedomgodesia (DE)
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