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Das Forum wurde durchsucht nach greatEinträge 1 - 50 von 1740
A2020-06-15Great, thank you!romy (CZ/GB)
A2019-10-27Great video! I wasn’t aware of that! Thanks!Markus1975v2
A2019-09-06Many thanks for your great help! melli66 (DE)
A2019-08-17reverence ( = great respect for the dead)RedRufus (DE)
A2019-08-12Great! hausamsee (DE)
A2019-03-17Great work!DanielSteinbach (UN)
A2019-02-22Great link, RedRufus! THANKS A LOT.goog1(laudator)
A2019-01-26+It is a great city+ is correct.Lllama (GB/AT)
A2019-01-24Zu +that great unformed party which is neither the ins nor the outs+ ...Proteus-
A2019-01-17@Dracs: Support great journalism. Support great journalism.goog1(Kwäschtor)
A2019-01-17great findings .. Many thanks to allnigilmaadhust (UN)
A2018-12-03Great, yes! Thank you, goog1!romy (CZ/GB)
A2018-11-28The Great Management Consultancy Scam — and How it Could Be Coming fo...Proteus-
A2018-10-09In diesem Fall würde ich für ein ersatzloses Delete des Eintrags "Gre...romy (CZ/GB)
A2018-09-24Great help to me, vielen Dank Sunfunlili!nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2018-09-09exhaustive > abschließend / erschöpfend / vollständig / (A) taxativ; ...Proteus-
F2018-09-02Great Circle Routenewcallas (DE)
A2018-08-24Whatever it was, it would have stuck out of her ears, which would hav...Proteus-
A2018-08-14Ok, thanks, great help!!!!dracula (AT)
A2018-05-28Have a great dayRalf (DE)
F2018-05-28make it a great daygc2013 (AT)
A2018-03-14Thanks you all for your replies, you were a great help.romy (CZ/GB)
A2018-01-14Great, thank youtimfefe (AU/AT)
A2017-11-30... became a matter of great concern ...Proteus-
A2017-09-07Oh ok! Great find... and it seems to be a complex mixture :)MartinKr
F2017-08-27... but everything looks great on her.Snowittchen
A2017-08-09great find, Parker11 - quite hilarious, might be the stepbrother of t...MartinKr
A2017-08-08für´s --> there is a great figurative and funny word for this: Deppen...MartinKr
A2017-07-13GREAT HELPgewe (DE)
A2017-06-26Sounds great Domsen
A2017-06-20Explanations to "Make[s] our planet great again!"AA7373
A2017-06-19Makes our planet great again!AA7373
A2017-06-19Make our planet great again.Catesse (AU)
F2017-06-19Make[s] our planet great again!AA7373
A2017-06-08Vielleicht differenzieren: +großer+ Durchmesser üblicherweise > +larg...Proteus-
A2017-06-07Why don't you refer to the +great+ diameter of the tree?Proteus-
A2017-05-31It's dicey stuff. In such matters, 1:1 equivalents may not even exist...Proteus-
A2017-05-22F. the Great's fame led us to delude ourselves about our capacities, ...Proteus-
A2017-04-24Great music, most beautiful picturessilverhare (DE)
A2017-04-17Gesprochen unter Umständen auch: Great fun, isn't it?Proteus-
A2017-04-03Great, thank you.timfefe (AU/AT)
A2017-03-10Great, MichaelK! :)tratzinsky (DE)
A2017-03-07Great help! Thank you so much, Windfallsilverhare (DE)
A2017-02-24great! thanks!gatv (UN)
F2017-02-23dimmer racks and cables, great fat red ends newcallas (DE)
A2017-02-21four-times great-grandfather = der Urgroßvater hat 4 Urenkel !sunfunlili (DE/GB)
F2017-02-21four-times great-grandfatherSquirrel-quattro (UN)
F2017-02-20and one was drowned in the great bog of Cloonenicosanzterre (UN)
A2017-02-19I admire you and all great contributorsNemanjaTB (BA)
A2017-01-31I think it is good to remember people that made America real great ag...migmag (DE)
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