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A2020-03-08@MichaelK: I like your Mitteilungsbedürfnis a lot;-) Many of us do.parker11 (DE)
A2019-12-23many different terms, depending on conditions like quantity, period o...Gerhard- (DE)
A2019-09-06Many thanks for your great help! melli66 (DE)
A2019-08-13super! Many thanks to Dracs and Wenz nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2019-08-11Many thanks. That was really helpful. To question no 3 is "X Y coalit...nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2019-07-30Many thanks for your helpMy-Choice (DE)
A2019-07-24Adding such a category would be problematical in many ways.tomaquinaten (US/DE)
A2019-06-16Yes, +I played in a band for many years+ means you don't do it anymor...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2019-06-16I have played in a band for many years, which shows...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2019-06-06maybe a "checkered history" = with many ups and downsRedRufus (DE)
A2019-05-14Many thanks Sasso and Lllama. I got it now.nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2019-05-09Many thanks.nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2019-05-02Many thanks Sasso. The question about past tense.nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2019-04-30Many thanks Sasso. These two are my last questions.nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2019-04-30Many thanks Parker11. I have another question.nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2019-04-01Many thanks to everyone.nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2019-04-01Many Thanks for the suggestions. Can this also be the same as "bone w...nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2019-03-21Klar! Many thanks to both of you.nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2019-03-16cleared!! Many thanks.nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2019-03-16Many thanks to everyone. Could you please provide the verb?nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2019-03-07so many different terms...philistine (DE/ZA)
A2019-02-22Many thanks aphoenix :-)nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2019-01-17great findings .. Many thanks to allnigilmaadhust (UN)
A2018-12-19Many thanks to all. Have I understood it correctly? Still one more do...nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2018-10-01One example of many polarjud (US)
A2018-09-26Many thanks for all your replies. I have noted all the points and mad...nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2018-09-25Many thanks for all your replies.nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2018-09-07Many thanks for all your replies. I am still having the question here...nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2018-07-20Many audios are computerized recordings and may be wrong.parker11 (DE)
A2018-07-10Many thanks for all your replies.nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2018-07-05Many thanks for all of your precious suggestions! melli66 (DE)
F2018-06-14a privilege denied to manyMikeo1938 (GB)
A2018-04-13There are probably good reasons why many German words/phrases (of the...parker11 (DE)
A2018-01-11Many thanks, Proteus!nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2018-01-06depends .... many ways .....sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2017-12-03Too many uneducated native speakers confuse +flout+ with +flaunt+Proteus-
A2017-11-28Too many hospitalsProteus-
A2017-11-02suitable for many / a variety of applications / usesRedRufus (DE)
A2017-10-13Many thanks!EmmaII (UN)
A2017-09-27Many thanks!Squirrel-quattro (UN)
A2017-09-13Dictionaries are more up to date than you seem to think. They rely on...Proteus-
A2017-09-05So you think many of these entries are inadequate?parker11 (DE)
A2017-08-31Google: "Our many years of experience have *"goog1
A2017-08-19Wikipedia(TO): Apple_bobbing What about the missing letter N in the query?Proteus-
F2017-08-15ad hominem argument - how many people understand this?MartinKr
A2017-08-05Many thanks to you all, but clarity still eludes me.timfefe (AU/AT)
A2017-07-16Many thanks to all of yousilverhare (DE)
A2017-07-07@ Catesse: "some/many" people? Or rather "few" people?parker11 (DE)
A2017-07-01Many possible reasons:alex-k (DE)
A2017-06-26Many thanks both of yousilverhare (DE)
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