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A2018-02-21+broadly+ as an adverb covers all the meanings of tbe adjective +broa...Proteus-
A2018-02-09[fig.] should not be understood as "in contrast to the literal meaning"narionk (US/DE)
A2018-01-20"lady Luck" conveys a double meaning: His wife could also be seen as ...RedRufus (DE)
F2018-01-17Meaning of a phraseContinuity (UN)
A2018-01-10here's the meaningsunfunlili (DE/GB)
F2018-01-06Meaning of a phraseContinuity (UN)
F2017-12-17Meaning of a phraseContinuity (UN)
F2017-12-15meaning of a quotepgrave (UN)
F2017-12-04down the rabbit hole meaning pleasenigilmaadhust (UN)
F2017-12-02Meaning of a phraseContinuity (UN)
A2017-11-16+letzter Ratschluss+ here conveys the meaning of +last resort+Proteus-
A2017-11-12I also thought of the +approaching+ meaning,Lllama (GB/AT)
A2017-11-12Meaning of "draw on"Ursinus (GB)
A2017-11-06Google: na german meaninggoog1
A2017-10-29 (US)
F2017-10-28Meaning?Continuity (UN)
A2017-10-26Specific meaning of machenProteus-
A2017-10-26Specific meaning of +machen+Proteus-
F2017-10-20What's the meaning of...EuroSync (DE)
A2017-10-17the dimensionless / non-dimensional number only carries a meaning (wh...RedRufus (DE)
A2017-09-27MeaningCatesse (AU)
F2017-09-22meaning of this statement "smoking crack"nigilmaadhust (UN)
A2017-09-07Google: "symbols and their meaning "goog1
A2017-09-05It's not an alliteration but regarding the meaning I agree with anon.Hathora (DE)
A2017-09-05it's no official word. It's an alliteration and it certainly has an e...anon.
A2017-09-04As there is no difference in meaning, the subtitles prefer the tense ...Baccalaureus (DE)
A2017-08-04Agree with Ursinus. Oddly, this meaning is not given in US dictionariesProteus-
A2017-07-31Analytically, the latter differs from the former in the word count if...Proteus-
F2017-06-29Meaning of 'sturm werden'?Kristin88 (US)
A2017-05-05no special meaning - it's an alliteration (like: when chanting and ...anon.
A2017-05-0513:02 +In earlier usage, "wollen" had the meaning of "werden" when us...Proteus-
A2017-04-13Thank You! I know the meaning, though.melli66 (DE)
F2017-04-03to hold meaning for sb.wMw (UN)
A2017-03-29the general meaning is continuous, persistent (time)anon.
F2017-03-26Meaning Jhjjoi
A2017-03-08I think it's the +bare, functional, and clean+ meaning of clinical,Lllama (GB/AT)
A2017-03-01+aspiration+ googles much, much better visually (if one discounts the...Proteus-
A2017-02-19meaning of idiom in Englishaphoenix (US)
A2017-02-13MeaningCatesse (AU)
F2017-02-07meaning of meaningnewcallas (DE)
A2017-01-11Disambiguation (comments which explain the meaning of the word or phr...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2017-01-07 meaning no. 3Lllama (GB/AT)
F2017-01-07'to compute' and 'to encpde' - meaningrauniar (UN)
F2017-01-06Could you please explain me the meaning of the part in bold italics?ksoktogon (HU)
A2016-12-30MeaningCatesse (AU)
A2016-12-20Wikipedia(IS): FarquharProteus-
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