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Das Forum wurde durchsucht nach meansEinträge 1 - 50 von 1997
A2020-02-19I do means Wäsche. No idea what you do means.parker11 (DE)
F2020-02-19how do you means laundry?onlinestore (IR)
F2020-02-15Anbody interested in the emblem of Cambridge University and what it m...Proteus-
A2019-12-24it means: One of them ist the culprit in any case, never mind the oth...RedRufus (DE)
A2019-12-03I think it means a by-electionGerhard- (DE)
A2019-11-08"Holy Rude" means Holy Cross .....sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2019-10-01it means: to play the European / diplomacy card RedRufus (DE)
A2019-08-15I still dont know what it means, but ...JamesNPt (UN)
F2019-08-03what meansMiKö
A2019-06-16Yes, +I played in a band for many years+ means you don't do it anymor...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2019-06-13Possibility that it means „subject“Zuchi1
A2019-04-28Barry wavy means horizontal wavy lines:Lllama (GB/AT)
A2019-04-05Wireless here means radio.Lllama (GB/AT)
A2019-03-31Google: corpocracy meansrkcba (DE)
A2019-03-25You are right. I must ask the author what he means.Lockk (UN)
A2019-02-14If +self do, self have+ means you have to face the consequences of yo...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2019-01-11The thing is that leavers and remainers keep blaming each other +ad n...Proteus-
A2018-12-02no, here it means a chance, an opportunityRedRufus (DE)
A2018-11-15It really just means he agreed with the non-interventionists, was on ...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2018-11-04Yes, It means or meant "to make a fool of oneself"HerrDeWorde (DE)
A2018-10-24In other words, the +civil service+ means bureaucracy and the +public...Proteus-
A2018-10-10In my opinion it means +it's possible that we might do something,+ Lllama (GB/AT)
A2018-10-10"we may" means here: in case we want to do nothing prevents us ...RedRufus (DE)
A2018-10-04erster Teil: My interpretation is that this means that no substantive...Wenz (DE)
A2018-09-03To me "Profile zur werblichen Ansprache" means:parker11 (DE)
A2018-09-03"Werbescores" are "Profile zur werblichen Ansprache" (whatever this m...parker11 (DE)
A2018-08-23"increase" already indicates an addition to , so I think the + ...RedRufus (DE)
A2018-07-08pressureless sintering means sintering under ambient pressureGerhard- (DE)
A2018-05-02If you don't think it's useful, that means it's not useful to you, no...aphoenix (US)
A2018-02-27"Ah, that's what it all means."goog1
A2018-01-27 whatever that means ...valandk (IT/CA)
A2018-01-27+Menschheitlebenlehre+ might also be +philosophy / theory of life for...Proteus-
A2017-12-28It means that the author on purpose kept his account as vague as poss...Proteus-
F2017-12-25What means "ties are broken uniformly randomly"KK12 (UN)
A2017-12-07"Soldier B" means "not Soldier A". ;-) (if there's two of them)parker11 (DE)
A2017-11-13No. NO means Nordosten; NE is only an abbreviation for the English wo...Tratzinsky (DE)
A2017-09-05ähm ... "cute" means "süß" as in: a cute face, a cute puppy, etc.anon.
A2017-08-06"ankaufen" means: (to seek) to buy on a regular basis, often commerci...anon.
A2017-07-19oder: step in shit and you're steeped in shit / stepped in shit means...anon.
A2017-07-18oder: step in shit and shit's on your foot / a foot in the shit means...anon.
A2017-07-18maybe: stepped in shit means stepped in shitanon.
A2017-07-03(22:02) By this logic, in +that type of logging operation+ (14:01) th...Proteus-
A2017-07-03Perhaps logic helps, if French does not: an +operation+ is an +action...Proteus-
A2017-06-23If you analyse +perspektivisch+ it means he wants to push things in a...Proteus-
A2017-05-16It means she will just make a quick call, just to check that nothing ...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2017-05-04"prangen" means: to be apparent and attracting attentionanon.
A2017-04-24"The rate of employment remained stable" means ...anon. scoreLllama (GB/AT)
A2017-04-02It means +very quickly.+Lllama (GB/AT)
A2017-03-29"gewerblich" means "self-employed"Sasso'
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