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Das Forum wurde durchsucht nach practiseEinträge 1 - 48 von 48
A2015-09-13They practise religions other than Buddhism.Lllama (GB/AT)
A2013-09-09@ufriend - mediating = different ..... practise meditation ...sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2013-04-08Practice / practiseCatesse (AU)
A2012-10-29"to practice" is AE; "to practise" is BEin-cognito
A2012-10-24To practise the (different) parts/voices separately/individually - Lllama (GB/AT)
F2012-04-04area of practise [Br.]Wenz (DE)
A2011-09-21BE: I +practise+ written English ...Proteus
A2011-07-20As it is an exercise to practise accusative and dative,Lllama (GB/AT)
A2011-06-01Practice / practise.Catesse (AU)
A2010-10-29It means that today's good practise (i.e. what you're supposed to so)Windfall (GB)
F2010-10-29beyond what is good practise todaymaricom (RU)
A2010-08-17AE: to practice BE: to practiseincognito
A2010-07-01For wandle, it should be "to practise" (BE). AE = to practiceincognito
A2010-03-17Misspelling: industry +practices+ - +practise+ exists only as a BE verbProteus
F2009-11-26Vergabepraxis = allocation practise or better order placing procedure...Jimena (DE)
A2009-09-09Typo: to +practise+ (UK spelling)Proteus
A2009-08-31kürzer: licence to practiseWuffke (DE)
A2009-08-27UK: The more you +practise+ ...Proteus
A2009-08-23In practise, the terms T, U and V are often considered together under...Drax
A2009-08-10There's a noun/verb split on practice/practise in BELaura
A2009-08-10clinical practise?Rosie
A2009-07-12Spelling error: +practice+ UK / US noun; US verb \ +practise+ UK verbProteus
A2009-07-03In the UK, though, you would +practise+ whateverProteus
A2009-06-10his licence to practise law (US: +license+ to +practice+ law) is susp...Proteus
A2008-10-23yes, Dietl..admitted to practise as a lawyerkalinka
A2008-09-30? put into practise? how this will be calculated?esmeralda
A2008-09-27Typo: to +practise+ (UK spelling)Proteus
A2008-09-26UK: licence to +practise+ (verb!)Proteus
A2008-09-26Or else: qualifies the holder to practise his / her profession across...Proteus
A2008-08-04try yourself first - if you want to do a traineeship there, this will...esmeralda
A2008-01-14I feel at liberty to pursue my faith and to practise / practice (US) ...Proteus
A2007-12-02Last version 'In Germany, only physicians are permitted to practise ...Rosie
A2007-10-24Practise in or exercises in ...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2007-06-14sorry, practiseddr (AT)
A2007-05-18@ Laura - You beat me to it, I must practise typing more quicklyLllama (GB/AT)
A2007-02-14admitted to practise psychotherapy under the health insurance payment...Ada (US/DE)
A2006-08-15let's practise German first :-)godesia (DE)
A2006-08-02the indefatigable Proteus. I concede that in BE (and only BE) it is p...Sue (IE)
A2006-08-02well in BE maybe - but 'practise' is a variant, so as far as I am con...Sue (IE)
A2006-08-02practice is fine both as noun and verb, especiialy in AE http://dicti...Sue (IE)
A2006-08-02Typo: practiSe (v e r b)Proteus
A2005-10-24to gain some time to practise/dragonfly
A2005-04-06He handles the four basic arithmetic operations he had to practise co...Proteus
F2005-01-26code of practise (for painting...)aila
A2004-07-19best practice (UK)/practise (US)Proteus
F2004-07-19best work practise?boris
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