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A2017-09-13Dictionaries are more up to date than you seem to think. They rely on...Proteus-
A2015-10-17Darling suckling babies have the good sense to rely on non-verbal com...Proteus-
A2014-11-08LINK for context +I must rely on focusing tools in this form. ~ I mu...Proteus-
A2014-09-07In such a case, sensible translators rely on American usageProteus-
A2014-08-09Thanks Ursinus. Word always gives the wake-up kick in the morning. Yo...migmag (DE)
F2014-04-23Never rely on other people for your positive emotions!nextlevel (UN)
A2013-10-31rely onIvy (DE)
F2013-10-31to rely on sb. zoefischer (GB)
F2012-07-22to come to rely on sth. gamby (DE)
A2012-03-25RE Artists' remark: "we are insulted to have to rely on your home cop...Kiskunfelegyhaza (US)
A2011-08-21I can't rely on public reviews any longerWingDing (US)
A2011-02-11you can always rely on Delia for a good recipeuffie (GH/KI)
A2010-12-06Through scientific research, X consistently pursues the objective of ...Proteus
A2010-11-27The point is, you accept and partly rely on the authority of the Met ...Proteus
F2010-06-30rely solely, solely relyPeter
A2010-05-31Never rely on just one source!ksg (DE/CA)
A2010-04-07Don't rely on us. Google this and "convince yourself."Martin
A2010-03-03Ought we to rely on what you happen to think, Squeeze, or on the auth...Proteus
A2010-03-02Yes, along these lines - they are realistic enough, I should think, n...Proteus
A2010-02-22We rely on a fleet of 17 lorries / trucks that regularly travel for y...Proteus
A2010-01-07PS: Cabinet makers and joiners also rely on timber ... Proteus
A2009-11-17Here it should be 'Rely on the ...'.Lllama (GB/AT)
A2009-08-10Many many thanks - I owe you big time!! I can always rely on you (and...anonymous
F2009-04-20We hope that we may continue to rely on your valued custom.squeezeboxAchim (DE)
A2008-11-25Thanks Kornelius, can always rely on you! sounds much better!Trixy
A2008-11-19Well, I'll rely on your linguistic feeling :)Serge (RU/UA)
A2008-09-10Having received advance information from you, we must be able to rely...Proteus
A2008-09-01please can I rely on your discretion, as I am serving my noticekalinka
A2008-08-20agree with Allan; rely on = vertrauen auf, sich verlassen aufRiddle
A2008-05-24as a slangish idiom...or has a lot of experience behind him, so we ca...kalinka
A2008-03-15rely so comfortably on the cheap rentsesmeralda
A2008-03-05rely on can be misinterpreted...are banking on, anticipating?kalinka
A2007-12-01have to rely on each other, without knowing each otherromy (CZ/GB)
A2007-11-19I should be able to rely on someone giving me their word (todo someth...Virginia Creeper (...
A2007-11-19it should be possible to trust (rely on) a spoken word if necessaryKornelius (DE)
A2007-11-05Our clients can rely on us for high-quality product(s) and serviceVirginia Creeper (...
A2007-08-23Thanks Proteus can always rely on you.trixy
A2007-07-07@ Joanne...looked at images...dont dare to rely on looks andkalinka
A2007-06-14had to rely on?Allan
A2007-06-14to depend / rely onKornelius (DE)
A2007-04-20tech equip, yes: kleinserien..small series...customers can rely on....kalinka
A2007-04-13auf etw setzen = to rely on (
A2007-04-12dont rely on me!! I gave it all up last year as it was far too flowerykalinka
A2006-11-05Oh yerac....I rely on you to make good Engllish sense....kalinka
A2006-10-16Due to legally relevant uses, the accused cannot rely on the German b...Spam
A2006-10-07You can always rely on Proteus to find the most apt word.googler
A2006-08-17The more you drink, the more you rely on mechanical music makingProteus
A2006-07-27He would rather rely on his inbred instintcs and prefer having a show...Tom
A2006-05-14to rely onw
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