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A2018-08-06“power to represent the company acting alone”Zuchi1
A2018-08-03“power to singly represent“ / „right to singly represent“ & correctio...Zuchi1
A2018-08-02Different usage - authority to individually representZuchi1
F2016-01-03To be the first X to represent Y?SoniaDay
A2015-10-22Embassy personnel or staff in general do not represent anybody but th...Proteus-
A2015-09-14and can represent other companiesProteus-
A2015-02-25Correct. You may cut out +who are+ - members of the board authorized ...Proteus-
F2014-07-13"Her observations present/represent an innovative contribution to ......Lauriiis
A2014-06-03I'd go with perform / stand for or represent .... ??sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2014-01-24This information does not constitute/represent an request for co-oper...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2012-10-281974 world cup Scotland represent the UKray (NZ)
F2012-10-281974 world cup Scotland represent the UKray (NZ)
F2011-05-02represent interests of something in a subject anonymous
A2010-06-05to represent sth to sb.stansend (SK)
A2010-01-14wie wäre "to represent"rerun
A2009-11-05dis be Drax represent the Eastside of town ...Drax
A2009-10-06Evaluation of which drawing will represent the countryDumpfbacke
A2009-08-25How about 'constitute' instead of the second 'represent'?Rosie
A2009-07-10If you mean to say "the Acropolis will forever represent good archite...mwk (US)
A2009-05-02Or else: alveolar cells represent type II pulmonary epithelial cellsProteus
A2009-04-01... to represent me in personal matters as described in ...Proteus
A2009-02-12gesamtvertretungsberechtigt: authorised to represent (or act for) (th...Pauline (DE)
A2009-02-05? represent the legal interests of someonedannyw (GB)
A2008-12-29is authorised to represent this legal "person"/entityDwight (US) ausmachenProteus
A2008-05-27We will now arrange for a lawyer to represent our interests.clavichord (DE)
A2008-04-25in their capacity as members of the board of xxx and authorised colle...Proteus
A2008-04-22without the authority to represent the other partners?Edda
A2008-04-08... may solely represent (the company)Edda
A2008-02-20The person likes to represent him- or herself, yes.Baccalaureus (DE)
A2007-12-03person authorised (or entitled) to representPauline (DE)
A2007-11-19"Alleinvertretungsbefugnis" und "Einzelvertretungsbefugnis" sind syno...Proteus
F2007-10-26representtals (BY)
F2007-06-12to representLucie (DE)
A2007-02-04Does this mean/represent a decision beyond reason?Kornelius
A2007-01-17in which the dark values represent no object at allAda
A2006-12-12represent a selection/range ...tulsa53
A2006-10-14Ich weiß nicht, ob 'represent' hier passend istRiddle (DE)
A2006-09-18that about two thirds of the visitors held responsible positions in p...Proteus
A2006-09-11...have you never heard of that phrase? I hope I don't put about some...liz
A2006-06-14represent oder auch provideRiddle
A2006-04-07well... rather represent than map ...:-)esmeralda
A2006-04-07oder: to represent / representationKornelius
A2005-09-02The CEO / Chief Executive Officer is authorized to represent the comp...bugfoot (DE/GB)
A2005-09-02He is FULLY authorized to represent the company in any legal transact...bugfoot (DE/GB)
A2005-09-01He is authorized to represent the company in any legal transaction on...bugfoot (DE/GB)
F2004-05-28represent directly competing productsSonja
A2004-03-18a manager authorized to represent the company on his ownrkcba
A2004-02-27We also represent your interests in various international bodies.Bernie
A2004-02-25to represent somebody's interestsBernie
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