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A2016-12-26Wikipedia(S:): American_English Is not the whole of US English an exceedingly hard row to hoe for any single contributor?Proteus- skid rowDwight (US)
F2015-01-15Desolation RowOrtega (DE)
A2014-09-30The batteries were in a row it says nothing about a row of buildingsLisa4dict loggedout
A2014-05-19She's in row-P - Reihe P - the sixteenth from the front.Lllama (GB/AT)
F2014-05-19She's in row-PLookDontSee (DE)
A2014-01-22about how to rowvalandk (IT/CA)
A2013-08-09row of shops <> Einkaufspassageclimatepatrol (CH)
A2013-08-09Auch: Geschäftszeile > row of shops
A2013-05-12Die schreiben allerdings als Definition "Rest of World" für ROW, aber...bkytransl (DE/BG)
F2013-05-12Text über Leiterplattenmontage, "ROW - Rest of world" unbekannt (Abga...bkytransl (DE/BG)
F2013-04-01to annoy sb. until a row startsosna76 (TR/DE)
A2013-01-11Could also be: 'in the long row of...'anonymous
F2012-08-20FLD YLD ROWBirgid (DE)
A2011-07-23On my keyboard: second row, fourth key from the left + Alt Gr = ³krautteich (DE)
F2011-06-16Row level permissions (software talk)Anonymous15
F2011-06-15row level permission Anonymous15
A2011-04-02How about 'I've got enough row to hoe'?Jimena (DE)
A2011-04-01The term "battery" is misleading. I'd use "line" if the guns are line...MichaelK (US)
A2011-04-01"battery" is an organisational term; "line / row" are geometrical termsKornelius (DE)
A2011-04-01not necessarily. Eine Reihe von ... = a line / row / bank / etc. of ....Kornelius (DE)
A2011-02-10The way your sentence stands it reads as if they are assessing the ma...Lllama (GB/AT)
F2011-01-13the row is going to the heart of ...flowersuse (DE)
A2010-09-14Row here = argument (rhymes with cow, not toe)Lllama (GB/AT)
A2010-06-11here, "row" rhymes with "cow" and "how", not with "so" and "go"incognito
A2010-06-11informs the row = is the theme of the quarrelwandle (GB)
F2010-06-11inform the rowafrodite
A2010-05-16get all your ducks in a rowLisa4dict (US)
F2010-04-01Sperrsitz > front (row) seat Lisa4dict (US)
A2010-03-24It may happen that you have three "ders" in a row in a sentence:Baccalaureus (DE)
A2010-01-19I understand now - I was imagining trying to clean them normally with...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2009-11-14+mahogany row decision+ - the people who came up with this phrase are...Proteus
A2009-11-14Mahogany RowCatesse (AU)
F2009-11-14mahogany row decisionCatesse (AU)
A2009-10-18Or, maybe in Russia, it is nothing special to be drunk for three week...Baccalaureus (DE)
A2009-09-01Ha, nice ones! If you name your boat "Jim Beam", you can sip what you...mwk (US)
A2009-08-02to row a boatWuffke (DE)
A2009-08-02würde 'Ruderboot fahren' als allgemeine übersetzung für 'to row a boa...jenny-97 (DE)
A2009-08-02aber wie wäre die allgemeine übersetzung für 'to row a boat'?jenny-97 (DE)
A2009-08-02oder bezieht sich 'to row a boat' AUSSCHLIESSLICH auf kajak-fahren?jenny-97 (DE)
F2009-08-02to row a boatjenny-97 (DE)
A2009-05-31The +double-naved+ cella +measuring+ 13.55 by 42.37 m is divided by a...Proteus
A2009-01-15row or column of tableslinguatrix (DE/HK)
A2008-12-09In "Cannery Row" gibt es Beer Shakes...Baccalaureus (DE)
A2008-05-08There are several rows, but they alway speak only of a row "A"bkytransl (DE/BG)
A2008-05-08Is there a B row?Allan
A2008-03-20row of vegetables probablyrt (GB)
F2008-03-20hard / tough row to hoeJanJK (DE)
F2008-03-14as row festersJanJK (DE)
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