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Das Forum wurde durchsucht nach scaredEinträge 1 - 41 von 41
F2016-05-19scared to death (adj)timfefe (AU/AT)
F2015-12-12to be scared out of one's skin ?uffie (GH/KI)
A2015-11-23She pressed herself (back) against the wall as if she were on a high ...Lllama (GB/AT)
F2013-02-22Rhotic r? tired, scaredjessy2
F2012-06-04English to German: I am scared of animalsWrekk (UN)
A2011-03-27Your last pictures scared me.ddr (AT)
A2010-12-12@ufriend: I was scared of that.zou (US)
A2010-07-10I'm gonna wet my pants (because I'm laughing so hard or because I'm s...Baccalaureus (DE) ich piss mir ins Hemd - context .... not only to be scared .... also of laughter ....sunfunlili (DE/GB)
F2009-03-24scared out of the worldLucie (DE)
A2008-05-05be scared > sich fürchten, Angst habenProteus
A2008-02-21I felt kind of flattered but was still a bit scared/anxiousCC99 (DE/IE)
A2007-11-23She was so scared for her sonVirginia Creeper (...
A2007-07-27I was so shocked/scared/afright that my whole body trembled.Fressi (US)
A2007-02-17don't be scared by words3mmm (DE)
A2007-02-04Tun = doings, don't be scared3mmm (DE)
A2006-12-07Wenn Hasen die flüchten, dann 'run like scared rabbits'Mother Teresa (GB)
A2006-10-28scared of, of course.Spam
A2006-10-26Those who have known me have realized that they need not be afraid of...Proteus
A2006-08-24@ esmeralda, I think we scared him off... or he's trying the trea...Sue (IE)
A2006-08-10yup. It means something along the line " I'm not scared".esmeralda
A2006-07-12he wanted to learn (what it's like) to be scared/spookedlemmego
A2006-07-04I was scared by the thought of flying home ...Dracs (DE)
A2006-06-04zur Erklärung: "scared" bezieht sich auf eine stärkere Angst als "afr...Kornelius
A2006-06-04What made you feel scared?gewe
A2006-04-18when he picked up the receive, he heard very scared and insecure voicegewe
A2005-06-23scared to deathric
A2005-06-23scared sh*tlessanon
A2005-06-23to be scared stiffTina
A2005-01-09As I was very scared that ...Danny (UK)
A2004-10-24scared of collapsINGwildridge
F2004-10-23scared offrankh
A2004-10-04Muffensausen kriegen = to get scared stiffIvy
A2004-05-19Have I scared you off?Nicky
A2004-05-19Have I scared you away?anonymous
A2004-04-12very specific context, that's why im scared of even trying to transla...anonymous
A2004-02-09I tihnk this should be scared shitless - this is said all the time. ...anonymous
A2004-02-08normally you'd be scared SHITlessanon
A2004-02-08scared spitlessanonymous
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