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Das Forum wurde durchsucht nach sequenceEinträge 1 - 50 von 88
F2020-06-03sequence of tensesDeseret (SI)
A2019-12-21image sequence, picture sequenceAliHeret (DE)
A2018-06-27Sequence of tenses.Catesse (AU)
F2018-02-20the course (sequence) of events / #887354 Ist aber die Differenz ...Proteus-
A2018-02-13Possible sequence: shaking hands > attempted / awkward embrace > embr...Proteus-
A2016-10-15Verb sequence.Catesse (AU)
A2015-10-25In English, equally few journalists know how to use the pluperfect. T...Proteus-
A2015-06-03applying processing on this sequenceIrinaRu
A2015-06-03applying ... to this sequenceLisa4dict loggedout
F2015-04-03insulting sequencekk63
A2015-02-02... and in due course introducing a sequence of manufacturing stagesProteus-
A2014-07-27Possibly: interleave of ~ alternating sequence ofProteus-
A2014-03-24sortierte Folge finde ich als "sorted sequence" [COMP.]Wenz (DE)
F2013-08-26sequence of words in sentence belowmoyanchengmyq
A2013-05-16But we need context to confirm the sequence.MichaelK (US)
A2013-01-10round, whirl, chain, string, sequencePuchenau (GB/AT)
F2012-10-09designed amino acid sequenceClaubi (UN)
F2012-03-29pitch sequenceIlla (CZ)
A2012-01-19the second version emphasizes the sequenceLisa4dict loggedout
F2011-12-11courtship sequenceWingDing (US)
A2011-11-16Sequence of tenses in indirect speech.wandle (GB)
A2011-09-23Sorry Michale my sluggish ISP mixed up the sequence again Lisa4dict (US)
A2011-05-31Depending on the overall context, also: course sequence or required c...NHDon (US)
A2011-05-24given the sequence you have given Lisa4dict loggedout
A2011-04-15sequenceLisa4dict loggedout
A2010-12-17a sequence of cause and effectgwanHelpsSomeBloke
A2010-07-02..I owe my good fortune/luck/happiness(depends on context) to a seque...the-wrecker (DE)
F2010-03-19gas turbine generator set stop sequenceromy (CZ/GB)
A2010-02-21In colloquial speech, all of us often disregard any underlying sequen...Proteus
A2010-02-03Hier +Folge+ = sequence, siehe +Zündfolge+hotjava (US/FR)
A2010-01-25phew,... well, maybe you're right (> esp. temporal sequence!)linguatrix (DE/HK)
A2010-01-23"Perhaps it means a series or sequence of mouse clicks?"-Rob- (DE)
A2009-12-22I'm totally confused with the sentence sequenceainiyixi (CN)
F2009-07-08(Using the Ami sequence of recording dates), we have just passed "one...schwerblech (US)
A2009-06-23vielleicht "chronological sequence" oder "timeline"Christa (US)
A2009-05-12Succession and sequenceJsens3 (US)
A2009-05-07There is no certain order to the photos and I didn't take sequence.gewe
A2009-03-05Agree with romy: Many positive clones had been identified before ... ...Proteus
A2009-02-23print(ing) jobs are processed in sequenceKornelius
A2009-01-22out of sequence - nicht im Zusamenhang???patu (DE)
F2009-01-22out of sequence - aus dem Zusamenhang gerissen?patu (DE)
A2009-01-19Falling fifths sequenceFiddlesticks (DE)
A2008-11-17? sequence of actionsesmeralda
A2008-10-29Completing the sequence of courses enables students...Baccalaureus (DE)
A2008-10-29The sequence of courses enables students... ?guillaume
A2008-10-29Dann "Passing this sequence of courses enables students..."Baccalaureus (DE)
A2008-10-08Durchgang (hier) > round, cycle, sequence, successionProteus
F2008-09-15right sequence ?indianYogi (IN)
A2008-09-12Could well be what k. is looking for. I believe 'to clear' is equiv. ...mwk (US)
A2008-09-03free-programmable sequence controlKornelius (DE)
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