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A2020-01-20Quote: The Financial Ombudsman Service was set up by Parliament as th...Proteus-
A2019-10-17set hut dutch6996
A2019-10-16it seems to be a set phrase in German - is there an English equivalent?Sam1 (IT)
A2019-09-07to set an army in motionProteus-
A2019-06-24deliberately set out to...Catwoman-DE (UN)
A2019-06-10All our supplies are subject to the terms and conditions set out aboveRedRufus (DE)
F2019-05-11 (DE)
F2018-12-06Merkel set off a hullabaloo among linguists by using the word Sh**sto...callixte (US)
A2018-04-26" ... = enfranchise v. Now rare. [ To admit to freedom, set free (...sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2018-04-21 (GB/AT)
A2018-03-13@ Wenz: two separate bracked terms or one set of brackets contain...tomaquinaten (US/DE)
A2018-01-02"vielerlei Art" is short for "von vielerlei Art" (a set phrase)RedRufus (DE)
A2017-10-16@set-square: Lëtzebuerg. nicht LetzeburgRedRufus (DE)
A2017-08-30wegen der ständig auf- und zugehenden Türen im Set als „Klipp-Klapp-K...goog1
A2017-06-28not to set off / trigger .....sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2017-05-04to a pre-set clusteranon.
A2017-04-24set by +(here)+ ~ set store by
A2017-04-24set byIvy (DE)
F2017-04-24set by?Deseret (SI)
A2016-11-07look set to (not set to)uffiee
A2016-11-07"set to"Catesse (AU)
F2016-11-06to look set to do sthdvnchn
A2016-10-15you only have a set amount of timejumis (CH)
F2016-08-04Rating of diesel generator setSam22 (UN)
A2016-07-07I wouldn't / don't set much store by / on his prattle / prattlinganon.
A2016-06-27eingerichtet - set upanon.
A2016-05-05Set aside or vacatecallixte (US)
F2016-04-24to set oneself up for a fallPantryBoy (UN)
F2016-04-17"The rise time is an indication of the time for the regulated paramet...intraining
A2016-04-04set up to meet our requirement. ? .... meet our needs. ?sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2016-03-30to set off a formation flight, to set them off in a co-ordinated flightanon.
A2016-03-29The device makes it possible to set several fixed frequenciesProteus-
A2016-03-06auf Zustimmung stoßen > meet with approval — both are set phrasesProteus-
A2016-03-02no set phraseProofreader
A2016-02-08I am looking for a set expression.tratzinsky
A2016-02-02set of best practices ?Bernie (AU)
A2016-01-08+To cast/set somebody adrift+ can be used figuratively.Lllama (GB/AT) set the coursegoog1
A2015-10-23set up?Jim46 (US)
A2015-10-22that the western state be set up as a provisional entityDwight (US)
F2015-10-16Übersetzung: at least to sethandelsmann2015 (UN)
A2015-10-08To set out forCatesse (AU)
F2015-08-10to set sb up for the futureBlattspinat (DE)
A2015-05-26to set up a comupterDracs (DE)
A2015-05-18You may have seen droves of those people, Lisa4dict, but +troves?+ A ...Proteus-
F2015-05-07Was ist ein "weather set"?Atalanttore (DE)
A2015-04-26Usually +set one's sights on+Proteus-
A2015-04-26set one's sight on sth.Lisa4dict loggedout
A2015-04-14+panelists+ would only work if a panel were set up; +review panelists...Proteus-
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