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Das Forum wurde durchsucht nach stressedEinträge 1 - 39 von 39
A2019-05-26shampoo for stressed (and sensitive) hairRedRufus (DE)
A2015-03-25Life is too short to let yourself be stressed by people who do not ev...Proteus-
A2015-01-17something missing ?? got so "stressed out" etc. .....sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2015-01-02he stressed that ... / he said in no uncertain terms that ....anonymous
A2014-10-18+aerarial / ärarial+ is the adjective derived from +Ärar / Aerar+ - i...Proteus-
A2013-11-23stressed(-out) skin ....sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2013-08-09"belastet" ist ein Euphemismus (stressed by the waste / poison)Dracs (DE)
A2013-01-13On the analogy of +Moralin, Banausín+ though, stressed on the last sy...Proteus-
A2011-08-09NB: +cōn-ferre+ is stressed +cōn-férre+Proteus
A2011-08-09If you want to pronounce +cf.+ other than +cf,+ the Latin imperative ...Proteus
A2011-04-06Email friend - in English, whether the friend is male or female is no...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2011-02-14As for the "einen Anhaltspunkt" here: It's not very stressed that it'...Baccalaureus (DE)
F2010-08-09biblically stressedHanni
A2010-06-11Yes, it is - that's why I stressed the "pedantic" and added the smileyincognito
F2010-04-27Wen also stressed that domestic worries weighed on policy.Marina
A2010-04-11For +controled+ the verb would have to be stressed on the first sylla...Proteus
A2010-03-17LOL, as if you weren't stressed enough! Can you move my VW of America...mwk
A2010-03-07If "einige" is stressed it meight as well mean "much, many".Wuffke (DE)
A2009-11-10Around this time my life began to loosen up. For some reason or other...farhamsafar (NZ)
A2009-10-14Not only that, in BE "compere" is stressed on the first syllabledee ayar
A2009-06-29to contain / containing or contained or content (stressed on 2nd syll...Proteus
A2009-06-24Sloppy word use: +'undertaker (1) stressed+ on the 1st syllable, +und...Proteus
A2009-04-28The ground is stressed/damaged by heavy industrial traffic/use...?schwerblech (US)
A2008-07-15"number" can be stressed with "the" or another word, e.g. "increasing...stansend (SK)
A2007-12-28From piking at this I'd say that a full vowel would be a full-soundin...Wilfred (DE)
A2007-04-16ok, you two. got me :-) it's stressed, then.esmeralda (AT)
A2007-04-16I think stressed is better than strainedWindfall (GB)
A2007-03-08ja, stressed skinChristina
A2006-10-31I'm completely stressed outMother Teresa (GB)
A2006-08-08liz, bit stressed with own translation problems....otherwise would helpkalinka
A2006-07-29being stressed is almost a rule of etiquette ?godesia (DE)
A2006-07-29In a way, being stressed is considered good form / is the done thingProteus
A2006-07-29Good manners almost dictate being stressed ?Fudge
A2006-05-30oh liz, if everyone is like me, theyre too stressed out with their own!kalinka
A2006-04-06??? market-stressedesmeralda
A2005-11-30It need not be stressed/mentioned/said....purchasing power is v.goodKornelius
F2005-08-10don't get yourself stressed out, soon you'll be on holiday...Zöe
A2003-12-17just so i don't get stressed outanon
A2003-12-16so I don't get stressed outanonymous
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