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Das Forum wurde durchsucht nach sufficientEinträge 1 - 50 von 52
A2018-08-14Context is not sufficientProofreader
A2016-02-20Context is not sufficientProofreader
A2016-01-17"mechanic" (without any word added) should be sufficientanon.
A2014-05-30They lacked sufficient positive knowledge to ...Proteus-
A2013-08-26to be sufficient proof of3mmm (DE)
A2012-11-06+without interruption+ is sufficient.schwerblech (US)
A2012-08-31+Hardly sufficient+ describes the amount, and so an adjective is need...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2011-04-14sufficientLisa4dict (US)
A2011-03-08The marina offers sufficient space for visitors.MichaelK (US)
A2011-01-23There hasn't been sufficient callus formation to bridge the fracture.clavichord (DE)
A2010-09-02More context please.Two sentences in front and one sentence behind ar...the-wrecker (DE)
A2010-05-06"in other countries" "a sufficient supply of them" "Frau x suffers fr...incognito
A2010-04-10one "think" is sufficient, thks.mwk
A2010-04-07"charcoal" is sufficient.zou (US)
A2010-03-08"Skin impurities" is sufficient.zou (US)
A2010-02-24make sure to provide sufficient context when using "homely"Lisa4dict
A2010-02-09Why indeed do we need sufficient sleep, an almost anaesthetic state?Proteus
A2010-01-08sufficient coverLisa4dict (US)
F2009-12-02Please note that the summary financial statement will not contain suf...linguatrix (DE/HK)
A2009-08-18greenwashing alone isn't sufficientKornelius (DE)
A2009-07-17something like: It is not sufficient that these rights be made just f...Riddle (DE)
A2009-07-10Google: "transformation des handels*clavichord (DE)
A2009-06-30The information about the painting are not sufficient. Please provide...Wuffke (DE)
A2009-06-19without educational/sophisticated/sufficient backgroundgaertner23
A2009-05-06Damages "occured", or "There were damages" is sufficient.romy (CZ/GB)
A2009-02-15In my view, plain old 'charges' is usually sufficient.mwk
A2009-02-02the word-for-word google is quite sufficientclavichord (DE)
A2008-08-16Well, you say your knowledge of English is "advanced", so it should b...Allan
A2008-06-15yes, acceptance as a regular student is sufficient for the first seme...Dwight (US)
A2008-05-29sufficient manufacturing capacityVirginia Creeper (...
A2008-05-19the claimant (albeit without sufficient reason) claims against the in...Kornelius (DE)
A2008-04-13The customer experiences the comforting/reassuring feeling of having ...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2007-11-20without provision of sufficient cover / without having provided for s...Proteus
A2007-11-03This multi-dimensionality(?) means that theoretical considersations a...Virginia Creeper (...
A2007-10-21Please provide sufficient context. 'Werkerückmeldung' is more caprici...Proteus
A2007-06-18sufficientWuffke (DE)
A2007-05-25while allowing sufficient air circulation for the warehouse to "breat...Allan
F2007-05-14had failed to afford this article sufficient prominenceCastor89 (DE)
A2007-03-16der Kontext zum Beispiel ist "not sufficient enough"godesia (DE)
A2007-03-07"ample" ist für Angloohren zu geprahlt. Sufficient, adequate.clavichord (DE)
A2007-02-07To suffice/to be sufficient/to be enoughJoanne
A2006-11-02IMHO: For the moment there are sufficient victuals in theghinch (DE)
A2006-09-14are considered as being sufficient?Birgid (DE)
A2006-09-13Google: "to get sufficient sleep"googler
A2006-04-05pin bore must be drilled with sufficient clearanceKornelius
A2006-02-02EO tube sufficientPeace
A2005-10-28There is a sufficient number of means of transport (UK) / transportat...Proteus
A2005-08-15Could also mean There was no longer (sufficient) timeBernie (AU) long as they can be expected in sufficient quantities?...Thomas
F2004-05-24could not be processed because you do not have sufficient accessanonymous
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