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A2017-12-29Yes, translation CAN work both ways, but that doesn't mean that it *i...dvander3 (US)
A2015-09-18In this Forum nobody translates on anybody's orderProteus-
A2015-05-26I don't think that translates to any one entity. Lisa4dict loggedout
A2013-12-10There is one google hit for Basissprachteil, which translates it as b...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2013-06-19... how this translates into parliamentary action / ... is implemente...RedRufus (DE)
A2013-02-24Translates...LookDontSee (DE)
A2012-09-24Oddly, I think it translates as: "undertakes"jim (GB)
A2011-04-28Eck... often translates as "nominal" Lisa4dict loggedout
A2011-02-11Nope, "let..." translates as "sei..."pierznj (AU)
A2010-11-19(1) (3) Both + plural verb - - - +Beides+ (singular) translates into...Proteus
A2010-09-19"to like to do something" translates best with "etw. gerne tun"Baccalaureus (DE)
A2010-09-06I'm not sure if gelichteter Scheitel translates very wellnaometria (DE)
A2010-06-07An interpreter translates from .....incognito
A2010-04-09Google translates:Baccalaureus (DE)
A2010-04-09at the other end you get the technicolour yawn which translates as de...farhamsafar (NZ)
A2010-03-12One translates for the general meaning, not word for word.zou (US)
A2010-02-09Your suggestion translates as +komatöser Zustand+ into German - if th...Proteus
A2009-07-23I wouldn't use close-up since it translates Nahaufnahme.Wuffke (DE)
A2009-06-21Technically, νικηφόρος / νῑκηφόρος (long ῑ sounds like ee) simply tra...Proteus
A2009-06-19Wales is no kingdom, it is a principality; the Prince of Wales transl...Proteus
A2009-05-24"Formulierung" translates directly as "formulation"pierznj (AU)
A2009-02-27The problem is: I don't know any other guy who translates Latin-Germa...Baccalaureus (DE)
A2008-12-27The author, dear zou, for reasons of his own put +Spannungsfeld+ whic...Proteus
A2008-11-09also translates as terrain ....Allan
A2008-09-20Sorry I wanted to tell you that the Pteranodon really translates as '...Colette (IE/DE)
A2008-09-20This is about the Pteranodon, a word which translates approximately a...Allan
A2008-06-06at least dict translates "Goldmark" to "gold mark"ghinch (DE)
A2008-05-14This site translates it as "direct transfer of tools" -Lllama (GB/AT)
F2008-05-10Bitte um Hilfe für die Translatessweet_girlie1987
A2008-01-10Quite right. In contracts or legislation, the German indicative trans...Proteus
A2007-08-09Beg to differ, Fudge: Your suggestion translates into > Der Ausgangst...Proteus
A2007-08-09I had seen that "Rocken" translates as "distaff"rt (GB)
F2007-06-23translates into a more gradualist policy.Anja
A2007-06-22This site just translates it a ouside sun protectionLllama (GB/AT)
A2007-06-08"Irish-Irish", "linguist-linguist" or "girlfriend-girlfriend" transla...Proteus
A2007-05-14Pons translates it as:Allan
A2006-12-27translates to "gye net" used for fishingyerac
A2006-10-08this site may help, it translates into several languagesyerac (GB)
A2006-10-01Nice one, Elke - translates as Marlene Dietrich trousers/pantsBee
A2006-09-21tja .... translates in conformity with legal practice and the new ....Allan
A2006-09-07@ Proteus: but it translates different. Yours translates to somet...ghinch (DE)
A2006-09-02... bio lk - btw, 'Leistungskurs' officially translates into 'intensi...Proteus
A2006-07-29btw, it seems "introduction" translates to "EINleitung" in this case....esmeralda
A2006-05-28'Deutschland wird Weltmeister' patently translates into 'Hopeless sel...Proteus
A2005-12-13as alia understands and translates it, I'd say it sounds correct.LostJedi
A2005-12-10??? Some LINKs; translates perhaps into 'türkisblau'Proteus
A2005-06-24Dear BananaJoe, obsessed with 'top-flight'? It translates into German...Proteus
A2004-11-03"Google translates"?!lemmego
A2004-10-29This is what it translates intoProteus
A2004-10-18Translates Amsterdam to Shanghai?Thomas
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