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Das Forum wurde durchsucht nach treeEinträge 1 - 50 von 178
F2017-08-31Graveyard - The Apple and the TreeWoodhead1205 to be tied to a treeJim46 (US)
F2017-08-29To tie to a treetcush89
A2017-06-07Why don't you refer to the +great+ diameter of the tree?Proteus-
A2017-04-27Beware of LEO, here barking up the wrong treeProteus-
F2017-04-17(fire) lookout treeCatesse (AU)
A2016-09-10tree onion (Egyptian onion, walking onion, top onion) Allium x prolif...Wenz (DE)
F2016-09-10Rockenbolle - gängige englische Bezeichnung "tree onion"anon.
A2016-07-01fat treePeaceLove_
F2016-07-01fat treePeaceLove_
A2016-06-16Tree collardCatesse (AU)
F2016-06-15Tree collardsPeter_P
A2016-04-09@ Michael - no need to butt out (whether you're a tree or not) - ...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2015-09-13forest / tree speedsters?anonymous
F2015-04-30Seen +The Incredible Tree-Climbing Goats of Morocco?+Proteus-
A2015-04-17a many-branched treeLisa4dict loggedout
A2015-04-16a tree with many branchesvalandk (IT/CA)
A2015-04-08pole saw / tree pruner / (tree) pruning sawLisa4dict loggedout
A2015-03-07+Chopping wood+ would be making large pieces of wood (tree trunks or ...Lllama (GB/AT)
F2015-01-16sentinel treechristinchen (DE)
A2015-01-01glass tree ornamentsLisa4dict loggedout
A2014-12-11But also: palas (pælˈɑːs) an East Indian tree Also called: flame of ...Proteus-
A2014-12-08Let's make like a tree...Lllama (GB/AT)
A2014-06-12Poor, poor cows - Zeus was relentless - in national service one learn...Proteus-
F2013-11-04scaling a tree8ack80n3 (DE)
A2013-10-23Tree lookoutCatesse (AU)
A2013-10-20? Even a boar rubbing against it can't shake a German oak tree out of...anonymous1
A2013-10-20What does the oak tree care when the boar rubs against it.3mmm (DE)
F2013-07-16a vital few priority on the updated Success Treemaricom (RU)
F2013-06-28linden (not the tree)willneed (GB)
A2013-05-17Thanks, makes sense. Ignore my comments above, I was barking up the w...MichaelK (US)
A2013-03-10right you are Proteus .... the same with " stem protection " - you...sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2013-03-10More specifically, +tree trunk protection+Proteus-
A2013-02-05Bei Suche nach tall tree (ohne Doppelhochkomma)FS-AT (AT)
A2013-02-05Suche nach "tall tree" (mit Doppelhochkomma am Beginn und Ende)FS-AT (AT)
A2013-01-18"Tell a tree by its fruit" bedeutet für mich dasselbe wierabend (DE/FR)
A2013-01-18You can tell a melon / book by its cover , a tree by its fruitanonymous
A2013-01-13... ist mehr +wert+ (Eigenschaftswort) als ... A single leaf of exper...Proteus-
F2012-11-11serendipitous toiletry / serendipitous toil, a tree of dangling happe...Barloup (DE)
A2012-06-16If grading lumber, could be the "sweep" of a bent tree trunk.MichaelK (US)
A2012-06-15tree huggerikul
A2012-06-053) Wood characteristics inherent +in+ a tree's natural structure (de...Proteus-
A2011-12-04After falling off a tree, one would also say: "Ouch/damn! I've just h...allrighty
A2011-12-04Never fallen from a tree, wandle? In that case you are hurting all ov...Proteus
F2011-10-09Eukalyptusholz - "Fever tree wood" oder "Eucalyptus wood" ?Baccalaureus (DE)
F2011-08-22prosopis velutina/mesquite treeaidualC (DE)
A2011-07-23Tree Hugger can be used jokingly or derisively or tongue-in-cheek.zou (US)
A2011-07-23If it's slightly pejorative, then "tree-hugger" would work. ;)zou (US)
A2011-04-19how do you get from a tree to snow?Lisa4dict loggedout
A2011-03-31iconic tree ?Lisa4dict loggedout
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