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A2020-07-06+WE-Nummer+ scheint +Wareneingangsnummer+ zu heißen > +incoming goods...Proteus-
F2020-06-24Naming keeps our lights on, so we’re dangerously good at it.riebele
A2020-06-17to pay attention to how we go about itRedRufus (DE)
A2020-06-17to look how we do itromy (CZ/GB)
A2020-06-11I'd say "because we are to visit Aunt Mabel in hospital" but unfortu...RedRufus (DE)
F2020-04-17Can we say "in case that " in English?Windfall (GB)
A2020-03-21here we gosunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2020-03-03Or are we Brownies? Wait, that was... something else. :)ljlo
F2020-03-03We are the family of Brown (Browns?)maricom (RU)
A2020-02-17We would also be delighted to work out an agreement with you regardin...MichaelK (US)
A2020-02-09Wir könnten in eine gründliche Suppe hineingeraten: We could get into...RedRufus (DE)
A2019-12-02Öfter auch +We have had a successful year+ — wobei die Grammatik das ...Proteus-
F2019-12-02Wir blicken zurück -> we look back?Tratzinsky (DE)
F2019-12-02Shame that we can’t agree on a definition for Unterleutnant. polarjud (US)
A2019-10-25"we were" ist hier Konjunktiv: "Ich dachte wir wären Freunde"RedRufus (DE)
A2019-10-24Can we say that the present perfect is used to indicate an action tha...dalianabhan (EG)
A2019-09-10If we think of Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy or Jack Lemmon and Wal...Proteus-
A2019-08-27we take care that the sender "Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung" is clearly vi...RedRufus (DE)
F2019-05-02 (alias rkcba)
A2019-04-06ah There we are!hausamsee (DE) united we standHalmafelix (DE)
F2019-03-12We need help for a project!!Tim Fefe
A2019-03-07We simply grow older.Dracs (DE)
A2019-03-05Mehr Kontext hier: These are our latest med...goog1
A2019-02-27We are all ears, of course - but what exactly is your problem?goog1(dictfan)
A2019-02-22Can we agree to tag adverbial phrases, but NOT adverbial clauses?romy (CZ/GB)
F2019-02-21We got pregnantromy (CZ/GB)
F2019-02-04We are cited at my alma mater polarjud (US)
A2019-01-31Hardly had I / he / she / it / we / they / {past participle}, whengoog1(dictfan)
A2019-01-16Wie oft belegt / wiederholt In English, we take a course once or twi...Proteus-
A2018-12-19meaning: We'll pay for it (e.g. here for a subsciption), the phrase i...RedRufus (DE)
A2018-12-10we have in dict.ccsunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2018-11-13I agree with aphoenix: We should delete the SUBJECT "World Hereitage ...tomaquinaten (US/DE)
F2018-11-13UNESCO World Heritage Sites Subject -- Do we need this?aphoenix (US)
A2018-10-16Here we go ...sunfunlili (DE/GB)
A2018-10-10In my opinion it means +it's possible that we might do something,+ Lllama (GB/AT)
A2018-10-10"we may" means here: in case we want to do nothing prevents us ...RedRufus (DE)
A2018-09-28we were able to maintain a sales volume / to sustain sales of XX €RedRufus (DE)
A2018-09-28Perhaps simply, +in the n quarter we have (so far) received / taken n...Proteus-
A2018-09-27Google: we can love completely what we cannot completely understandgoog1
A2018-09-26Or: We racked our brains over whether the man ... was indeed our form...Proteus-
A2018-09-03@ Windfall 15:19: Yes, we do: "preposition" [+Gen.] or [+Dat.] etc.parker11 (DE)
A2018-09-01We promote and accompany sustainable princes dialogues.Ralf (DE)
A2018-08-28(but for now) we rule out bullyingZuchi1
A2018-08-26Paul: We need some new data. polarjud (US)
A2018-08-21In English we can say +I'm running, I'm flying+Proteus-
F2018-07-10“We ask that you do a test before we start working together …”TranslatorsAuction (UN)
F2018-06-28Let's go to the cinema, don't we?Pit05
F2018-06-27We must not fail, We can't fail or We shall not failayunox (UN)
A2018-06-26we just stumbled (up)on it by chanceRedRufus (DE)
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