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How to vote in  » antworten
von AndySymons (GB), 2017-08-01, 09:37  like dislike  Spam?  
This is really a question for developers.

As a fairly new user, I find the voting system confusing, especially for borderline cases. I presume the 'vote' button is a vote in favour of the proposed translation, but there does not seem to be a vote against. One can comment, but how does that get a response? 'Delete translation' seems to just clear the form; is that right?

Someone deleted a translation I proposed, and no reason was given. How does that happen?

Are there any guidelines for acceptance? For example, I reviewed a translation recently that is not in Duden or Langenscheidt, but was in common use online. Duden and Langenscheidt gave a similar alternative, which is also in common use. So my suggestion is to include both - but I had to propose this as a separate entry, there is no obvious way of linking them.

Similarly, it would be good if for all nouns, the singular and plural could be added at the same time, rather than having to create two entries (which are then reviewed separately).

I hope you can both clarify the procedure to me, and clarify the review page of the web site itself.
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), 2017-08-01, 10:37  like dislike  Spam?  

deletion - a reason should be given ....

get a response - if someone sees it .....

vote against - correct /change it and hit vote or comment ....
von AndySymons (GB), 2017-08-01, 11:20  like dislike  Spam?  
Thanks. That is most helpful in terms of the way it works now.
I still think the web page could be made clearer.
von Squirrel-quattro (UN), Last modified: 2017-08-01, 12:15  like dislike  Spam?  
As to "Similarly, it would be good if for all nouns, the singular and plural could be added at the same time, rather than having to create two entries (which are then reviewed separately).":
No, it would not be good. If one had e.g. the entry "donkey = Esel {m} {pl}", one could think that one could translate "fünf Esel" with "five donkey" -- therefore, the both sides of the entry must always fit ... (The right form for this example would be: entry 1: "donkey = Esel {m}" and entry 2: "donkeys = Esel {pl}".)
and we have -  #875280
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), 2017-08-01, 12:29  like dislike  Spam?  
von uffiee, 2017-08-01, 13:17  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.127....
similar to inflections you could just have an automatic addition for the plural form with only irregular plurals getting a separate entry.
von uffiee, 2017-08-01, 15:36  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.127....
yes sunfun, that's what I meant.
von AndySymons (GB), 2017-08-01, 17:16  like dislike  Spam?  
Yes, I also don't mean the form "donkey = Esel {m} {pl}" should be used; that would be confusing. I simply mean that when the entry "donkey = Esel {m}" is made, the user should be prompted for the plural form, "donkeys = Esel {pl}", and should not be stopped due to expiry of his/her quota. The entries should be separate but remain linked, so that if someone disagrees with translation of the singular or the plural, then the other is also included in the comments.
The example I was dealing with was actually a review of "Wattepfropf {m.} = cotton-wool plug" and "Wattepfropfe {pl.} = "wads". First the entries should be consistent; so the ""Wattepfropfe {pl.} =  cotton-wool plugs". Second; although these forms are on common uses, both Duden and Langenscheidt do not have them; they have "Wattepfropfen {m.} = cotton-wool plug" and "Wattepfropfen {pl.} = cotton-wool plugs". I am suggesting keeping both; so that's 4 entries altogether.
von Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2017-08-01, 17:48  like dislike  Spam?  
There's no need to enter the plural form of every entry as a normal entry.
Please have also a look at guideline 6:
+Inflected words (plurals, superlatives, conjugations, ..., except gender-specific forms of adjectives) can be entered as translations if the inflected forms directly correspond with each other. The entries gone ... gegangen or houses ... Häuser {pl} would be okay.

As a rule, the basic forms (lemmata, like "to go", "house") should be entered before inflected forms. For inflected forms it's sufficient to have only a few (the most important) translations. [...]

The connections between the different forms ("go, went, gone") are not part of the translation entries themselves, they are stored using a separate function of See the menu item...
» vollständigen Text anzeigen
von AndySymons (GB), 2017-08-01, 19:44  like dislike  Spam?  
Squirrel-quattro, I note your response, but it does not make any difference to what I said. I am talking about alternative spellings of the same words, not inflections, and follow what you said about what the singular and plural requiring separate entries. An alternative spelling is not an inflection, so separate entries are required for each (single and plural) unless one takes the view that the Duden / Langenscheidt spelling (or some other definitive source) is the only correct one; in that case, one would have to delete the alternatives, even though it appears than some Germans use them? The guidance doesn't say anything about this.
von Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2017-08-01, 20:09  like dislike  Spam?  
No, "Wattepfropfen" is not the only correct version version. "-pfopf" ist also correct (and this "part noun" exists also in the Duden). Therefore, I can't see a problem with entering "Wattepfropfen {m}" and "Wattepropf {m}".
What I wanted to say is that the plural forms of these two words are not necessary, so the entries "Wattepfropfen {pl}", "Wattepfropfe {pl}" and "Wattepfröpfe {pl}" are not unbedingt necessary in my opinion (because one can see these forms in the inflections).
Maybe we are at cross purposes ... (But today, it's too hot for my brain for thinking, sorry!)
Andy  #875327
von Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2017-08-02, 07:56  like dislike  Spam?  
None of your entries has been deleted. Of your seven verified but altered entries, every one was originally wrong. You had capital letters on the English side where they should not have been. You omitted capital letters for nouns on the German side where they should have been. You omitted the gender from German nouns. Your entries did not conform to the Guidelines. Have you read these? The one remaining entry as yet unconfirmed is an unnecessary plural that should appear only in the Inflections section.  In this case, you are far from being the only person who infringes this custom, and most of the others should know better. Do the right thing and you will have fewer causes for complaint.
PS: I would add to that: wrong brackets. Each type has a specific usage in dict., and these are explained in the Guidelines.
 .  #875330
von parker11 (DE), 2017-08-02, 08:25  like dislike  Spam?  
von AndySymons (GB), 2017-08-02, 09:42  like dislike  Spam?  
I am not complaining about reviews of my entries!
Could you proofread this text? » antworten
von ksoktogon (HU), Last modified: 2017-08-01, 08:14  like dislike  Spam?  
Einer der größten Vorteile von Internethandel besteht vielleicht darin, dass er sehr kosteneffektiv ist. Eine Internetseite zu öffnen und zu betreiben ist viel preisgünstiger als ein Ladengeschäft. Ähnlicherweise ist es preiswerter im Internet zu werben als in den herkömmlichen Werbemedien. Das Internet ermöglicht uns, dass wir Zeit und Geld sparen, wenn wir Waren kaufen, Informationen sammeln, Geld überweisen oder andere finanzielle Transaktionen durchführen. Heutzutage können wir diese auch von zu Hause aus ausführen.
Sieht schon ziemlich gut aus.  #875267
von dhk (DE), 2017-08-01, 10:57  like dislike  Spam?  
- Das "vielleicht" kommt mir etwas schwach vor. Was stand im Original? Passender klänge für mich eine Formulierung mit "wohl".
- "Öffnen" einer Internetseite ist leicht daneben. "Eröffnen" oder mehr ugs. "Aufmachen".
- "Ähnlicherweise" ist korrekt, klingt aber etwas hölzern. Mein Vorschlag: "Ebenso".
- Und den bestimmten Artikel in "in den herkömmlichen Werbemedien" würde ich weglassen. Nur ein Bauchgefühl. Wie es dasteht, ist es richtig. Auch hier würde der Vergleich mit dem Original helfen. Ähnlich für das "uns".

Wohl einer der größten Vorteile von Internethandel besteht darin, dass er sehr kosteneffektiv ist. Eine Internetseite zu eröffnen und zu betreiben ist viel preisgünstiger als ein Ladengeschäft. Ebenso ist es preiswerter im Internet zu werben als in (den) herkömmlichen Werbemedien. Das Internet ermöglicht (uns? es?), dass wir Zeit und Geld sparen, wenn wir Waren kaufen, Informationen sammeln, Geld überweisen oder andere finanzielle Transaktionen durchführen. Heutzutage können wir diese auch von zu Hause aus ausführen.
Danke vielmals!  #875268
von ksoktogon (HU), 2017-08-01, 11:01  like dislike  Spam?  
Murderous car wash hacking?» antworten
von Proteus-, 2017-07-31, 23:25  like dislike  Spam?  193.83.7....
von Jim46 (US), 2017-08-01, 05:08  like dislike  Spam?  
What next?
Unter den Krabblern und Flatterern geht derzeit die Luftpost ab » antworten
von Sparky McSparkson, 2017-07-31, 21:39  like dislike  Spam?  24.145.33....
"Unter den Krabblern und Flatterern geht derzeit die Luftpost ab"

Been wresting with this for half an hour and I give up. :-(

What the heck does this mean?!5429818/
My best try  #875239
von Sparky McSparkson, 2017-07-31, 21:42  like dislike  Spam?  24.145.33....
By the way, this is what I have come up with: "Things that crawl on the ground and things that fly irregularly are dying off."
von MartinKr, 2017-07-31, 22:27  like dislike  Spam?  5.254.80....
Haha, this is a pretty funny text, full of language games, so let me put it this way: it doesn´t get more difficult than that - so this is a master class type of text for non native speakers ;)

Krabbler / Flatterer = type of insects that "krabbeln" and "flattern" (look up the verbs - now to use them in this way is unusual and could be out of a book for kids - to use them in a text for adults is kind of creative and a bit "tongue in cheek" / funny.

Now this es geht die post ab

is the basis of the saying that is used for the construction of the sentence - first translation sounds about right. Instead of "Post", it uses "Luftpost" = airmail

Now the meaning of this saying is by dictionary a positive one, "an der Börse geht die Post ab" means "stock market is skyrocketing". In this specific case, however, it is meant in a neutral way, like "there are dramatic changes in the insect world". You need the second sentence ("nature is not what it used to be") to get a hint about this.
von MartinKr, 2017-07-31, 22:32  like dislike  Spam?  5.254.80....
By the way I hope you are aware that you are reading the most leftist newspaper in germany. Compared to these guys even the hardcore liberals from the New York Times will look like the Tea Party.

Having that said, they have very talented writers there.
VIELEN DANK  #875248
von Sparky McSparkson, 2017-07-31, 22:40  like dislike  Spam?  24.145.33....
Thank you very much. I really appreciate your taking the time to respond so helpfully.

I generally understand the articles I read online reasonably well, but this one had me questioning my ability!
von MartinKr, 2017-07-31, 23:15  like dislike  Spam?  5.254.80....
This is far beyond a normal german newspaper article, it is or should be marked as satire. Every sentence is carefully constructed (sometimes a bit over constructed for my taste). So if you have trouble understanding a sentence, ask yourself first: what could the german saying / phrase be? For example:

Selbst die Fliege macht die Fliege, was sich negativ auf Vögel auswirkt

Just guess the saying, in this case it is die fliege machen

and suddenly it will make sense (the fact that the flies disappear has a negative impact on the birds).
As MartinKr said  #875269
von dhk (DE), 2017-08-01, 11:16  like dislike  Spam?  
it is funny and almost every sentence contains a play on words, with double meanings/synonyms taking the Lion's share:
"Nahrungsmittelkette: food chain - grocery chain" and "Käfer: bug/Volkswagen Beetle"
Some puns luckily work in English as well, like the comparison of "Sects" and "Insects".

Nice article, but tough on non-native speakers.
zu eigen » antworten
von Deseret (SI), 2017-07-31, 21:31  like dislike  Spam?  
Wie all seinen Arbeiten war auch diesem Roman eine hohe Intertextualität zu eigen:

I don't understand the structure of this sentence. Why is "zu" placed there, since "eigen" is an adjective and not a verb?
von Proofreader, 2017-07-31, 22:14  like dislike  Spam?  80.108.140....
"sich etwas zu eigen machen" is a set phrase, where "zu" is not part of an infinitive, but a preposition (zu eigen machen = zu seiner eigenen Sache machen). "jemandem / einer Sache zu eigen sein" is improper German (where two different constructs are mixed) and should read "jemandem / einer Sache eigen sein" zu eigen machen
DWDS disagrees; variant: Wie all seinen Arbeiten eignete auch diesem Roman eine hohe Intertextualität.  #875249
von Proteus-, 2017-07-31, 22:47  like dislike  Spam?  193.83.7....
(jemandem) eigentümlich sein  ●  ↗(jemandem) eignen  geh. · (jemandem) zu eigen sein  geh.
von Deseret (SI), 2017-08-01, 10:00  like dislike  Spam?  
there is a difference between eigen and eigNen
von Let x=x, 2017-08-01, 16:52  like dislike  Spam?  84.189.61....
The Grimm Bros put the blame on Luther for "eigen" sometimes getting treated as an uninflected possessive pronoun. For instance, "mein eigen Blut" instead of "mein eigenes Blut".

As for "zu eigen sein": You can find plenty of examples in FAZ articles (they are not usually accused of sloppy editing, methinks).
von Deseret (SI), Last modified: 2017-08-01, 22:04  like dislike  Spam?  
Now I get it. "(jemandem) zu eigen sein" is a dictionary example of the above-mentioned usage. Ich habe eine lange Leitung. :)
Casinoverbot » antworten
von Hainzl, 2017-07-31, 20:22  like dislike  Spam?  80.123.245...
Wann bekommt man in Österreich Casinoverbot?
von timfefe (AU/AT), 2017-07-31, 22:25  like dislike  Spam?  
Kasinoverbot, AFAIK, is a ban on a particular person from entering a casino.
Wann bekommt man in Österreich Kasinoverbot?
When does a person get banned from entering a casino in Austria? (or, possibly, all casinos in Austria, since they are all owned by the same company).
voice telephone number » antworten
von leoloewue, 2017-07-31, 17:18  like dislike  Spam?  77.0.86...
Context: "Our SPAM Protection intends to protect you from receiving spam to your email address and your voice telephone number."

What is meant by the "voice telephone number"? Is it just a regular "Telefonnummer" or is it some special internet phone number..? If so, how would you call it in German?

Thank you!
Fernsprechnummer  #875240
von Proteus-, 2017-07-31, 22:08  like dislike  Spam?  193.83.7....
Fernsprechdienst > voice telephone service
Fachwörterbuch Elektronische Medien und Dienste / Dictionary of Electronic Media and Services
By Horst E.von Renouard
von alex-k (DE), 2017-08-01, 02:22  like dislike  Spam?  
All the data only SIM cards I've put into various devices still had a phone number assigned to it but you couldn't use it to make or receive calls. So they aren't voice telephone numbers. Also, services like Skype exist that can provide you with a voice telephone number that will only work with an active internet connection (VoIP). They should be covered by this service if I read this correctly. This is an American service, isn't it? Google Voice is a popular service people use that is VoIP to make telephone calls. Also, cellphone numbers follow the same format as landline numbers. This may not be relevant to this case here but it's a warning that terminology around these services may be difficult to translate because the systems differ so much. While "Fernsprechnummer" may be technically correct, I think it sounds dated, especially in a marketing message. I'd stick with "Telefonnummer" and optionally add "für persönliche Gespräche" if it HAD TO BE absolutely clear.
von uffiee, 2017-08-01, 15:40  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.127....
agree with alex. But voice telephone no. is not a technical term which would be PSTN or landline for the good old telephone. So I'm not sure what they actually mean.
Difference between "was wäre wenn" and "was wenn" . » antworten
von topjack (GB/AT), 2017-07-31, 17:14  like dislike  Spam?  
Is there any difference between "was wäre wenn" and "was wenn" .

Difference: was wenn is an instance of ellipsis / verkürzter Ausdruck  #875242
von Proteus-, 2017-07-31, 22:15  like dislike  Spam?  193.83.7....
No,   #875243
von Proofreader, 2017-07-31, 22:18  like dislike  Spam?  80.108.140....
the latter is just a short form of the former.
Analytically, the latter differs from the former in the word count if not in meaning.  #875250
von Proteus-, 2017-07-31, 22:55  like dislike  Spam?  193.83.7....
droop » antworten
von lutzcarlconstantin, 2017-07-31, 16:50  like dislike  Spam?  89.182.207....
A damper gets to full droop. What does that mean ?
If the damper gets to full droop, is then the car low and the damper
very short or is then the car very high and the damper very long ?
The damper or shock absorber is a part of a car suspension
to eliminate oscillation of a wheel, but it also defines minimum
and maximum height of the car.
droop > Ausfederweg; full droop > voller Ausfederweg  #875247
von Proteus-, 2017-07-31, 22:39  like dislike  Spam?  193.83.7....
Droop (aka rebound)
   Amount of down travel of a suspension system. In racing, the terms 'bump and droop" are used together to define suspension travel; automotive engineers call it "jounce and rebound". Abhängigkeit vom Ausfederweg der Vorderradaufhängung ...
... in dependence from the droop of the front wheel suspension ...
Google: "voller Ausfederweg" "" ""
P l e a s e   e n t e r   v o c a b   i n t o   d i c t . c c  #875328
von Proteus-, 2017-08-02, 07:06  like dislike  Spam?  194.96.54....
three » antworten
von Deseret (SI), 2017-07-31, 15:51  like dislike  Spam?  
"In the meanwhile there came along a single red ant on the hillside of this valley, evidently full of excitement, who either had despatched his foe, or had not yet taken part in the battle;... He saw this unequal combat from afar—for the blacks were nearly twice the size of the red—he drew near with rapid pace till he stood on his guard within half an inch of the combatants; then, watching his opportunity, he sprang upon the black warrior, and commenced his operations near the root of his right fore leg, leaving the foe to select among his own members; and so there were THREE united for life, as if a new kind of attraction had been invented which put all other locks and cements to shame."

What does "three" refer to? Judging by the context there were only two ants involved in this particular fight.
3 ants: 1 black ant and 1 red ant and another single red ant just arrived  #875222
von Proteus-, 2017-07-31, 16:32  like dislike  Spam?  194.118.52...
von Jim46 (US), 2017-07-31, 16:35  like dislike  Spam?  
The red ant joined the ongoing fight of two combatants, as I see it.
Thanks/Danke  #875229
von Deseret (SI), 2017-07-31, 18:27  like dislike  Spam?  
That's what I was thinking, too, but wasn't quite sure. Thoreau should have been more explicit.
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