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Präventiv auf die eigene Belastungsgrenze verweisend. » antworten
von callixte (US), 2018-01-11, 16:04  Spam?  
The sentence is a description of a personal quality of a smart, pleasant government official.

My try (freely): Respectful of personal boundaries.
Am I close?  Any suggestions would be welcome!
von curiosity-killed-the-cat (DE), 2018-01-11, 16:23  Spam?  
I do not have a proper translation for you, but this gist of is that he knows himself well enough to indicate that
something (e.g. a project) will be too much to handle. And that he will inform a superior in advance of this.
Persons who are capable to do so will protect themselves from becoming overworked.
The "eigene" refers to the person him or herself.
Prophylactically pointing out her / his own personal limits  #885339
von Proteus-, 2018-01-11, 16:37  Spam?  178.191.28....
von callixte (US), Last modified: 2018-01-11, 17:11  Spam?  
Thank you both.  You have helped me a great deal.  This is a real puzzler for me.  Right now I am inclined to go with this: But self-protective.   However, I have time to revise this text, and some freedom to do so.  If anyone wants to take (another) stab at this, here is the broader context:

Hearing someone call his name,  Martin turned around. The young  vice consul--the same fellow who had transmitted the news of Julian’s death via the Bundeskriminalamt to Berlin-- had entered the waiting area of the lobby.  He was a not unfriendly fellow in his late twenties, at the beginning of his career in the foreign service of the Federal Republic of Germany--as Martin already had assumed.  Intelligent, sophisticated, polite.  Professional.  But self-protective. (or: But guarded.)
as a precaution mentioning her / his personal limitations as to her / his resilience  #885342
von RedRufus (DE), Last modified: 2018-01-11, 17:29  Spam?  
oder: not to be disappointing later, she / he (guardedly) mentioned ...
von callixte (US), 2018-01-11, 17:36  Spam?  
4;RedRufus:  Precaution, like prophylaxis carries the meaning expressed by curiousity very well.  But I am not inclined to use precautionarily; nor prophylactically.   Style matters here.  Maybe:

But guarded on account of his express limitations.
callixte: I'm not a native speaker, but I feel prophylaxis and related terms ...  #885345
von RedRufus (DE), 2018-01-11, 17:43  Spam?  
... are mainly used in a scientific / medical context
von callixte (US), 2018-01-11, 17:51  Spam?  
4;RedRufus:  I agree.   But it's also important to point out that the word carries the meaning of the sentence, as I understand it from curiousity's explanation, very well indeed.  By my lights, precaution is too much also.  The govt official here is taking a precaution, as you wrote, but he is being cautious.  I'd be more inclined to use cautious in describing him (even if some of the meaning of the sentence is lost.)
von timfefe (AU/AT), 2018-01-11, 19:49  Spam?  
"Cautious" sounds good in this context.
Cautious as to his/her limitations.
Cautious not to overstate his/her capabilities.
Cautious not to give rise to overexpectations.

The word "circumspect" came immediately to my mind, but I don't think it fits well in our context.

"Prophylactically pointing out ...", in the above context, sounds ridiculous (as anyone with an ear for English would notice straight away).
von callixte (US), 2018-01-11, 20:03  Spam?  
4;timfefe:  Thanks.  I appreciate your contribution.  As for the word “prophylactic”, it was offered without context ….
Jeder mit einem Ohr fürs Deutsche findet präventiv höchst kurios, und doch steht es da und ist zu übersetzen, t..f..e  #885353
von Proteus-, 2018-01-11, 20:15  Spam?  178.191.28....
cautious may sound good, but it is a lousy translation of präventiv  #885355
von Proteus-, 2018-01-11, 20:20  Spam?  178.191.28....
Given such mastery of German and English, you'd end up rendering Generalprävention as general caution ...  #885356
von Proteus-, 2018-01-11, 20:23  Spam?  178.191.28....
von timfefe (AU/AT), Last modified: 2018-01-11, 21:55  Spam?  
As you may be aware, I’m a judge in EN essay writing competitions. We get entries from all corners of the world. In order to prevent any possible prejudice against some competitors, the organisers send us the entries without names or any other personal details. Nevertheless, we can almost always tell the non-native speakers, even when their English is good. There’s something there, something stilted, unnatural, non-idiomatic. This is exactly how I’d characterise your usage of the English language.
von callixte (US), 2018-01-12, 08:45  Spam?  
4;Proteus:  I write to make it clear that I understand your line of thought, appreciate your effort, and agree with all of your comments.  Completely.

4;timefe:  I will be posting many questions in the days and weeks ahead.  I look forward to getting help from you, and others.  However, if you are inclined to participate, I ask that you direct your comments to me, and refrain from commenting on the suggestions made by others.  More importantly, while we may make assessments of posters' language skills, imo they are best kept to ourselves.
von aphoenix (US), 2018-01-13, 23:49  Spam?  
Possibly "conscious of his limitations"?  It doesn't adequately convey the meaning provided by curiosity-killed-the-cat, but it is perhaps a step closer.
alternate idiom » antworten
von nigilmaadhust (UN), Last modified: 2018-01-11, 15:53  Spam?  
Hello Forum,

does anybody know an alternate idiom for "fart in a windstorm", as it sounds mildly vulgar?

Can one say so, "dissolve sugar in an ocean"? But I never heard anyone saying like this. ANy suggestion would be very helpful. Thanks a lot in advance!
sth. is a drop in the ocean  #885333
von Proteus-, 2018-01-11, 16:02  Spam?  178.191.28....
Many thanks, Proteus!  #885337
von nigilmaadhust (UN), 2018-01-11, 16:23  Spam?  
In case you come across more alternates please suggest.
Mut » antworten
von najan, 2018-01-11, 12:56  Spam?  210.199.183...
"Es sind Geschichten, die Mut machen und Mut geben."

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen "Mut machen" und "Mut geben" ?

In Duden steht so: etw macht, gibt jmdm [neuen] Mut (ermutigt ihn)

Ich meine,dass es keinen Unterschied zwischen den beiden gibt.  Stimmt das?
Mut    #885326
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), Last modified: 2018-01-11, 13:53  Spam?  
macht Mut etwas zu tun ....  war unsicher, aber xyz macht Mut,  .....

Mut geben ....   generell für was auch immer .....

aber es ist sehr fließend .....
von ddr (AT), 2018-01-11, 14:03  Spam?  
Wenn es überhaupt einen Unterschied gibt, würde ich sagen, Mut machen ist eher allgemein, nicht auf etwas bestimmtes bezogen: "Das machte mir (wieder) Mut".
Mut geben scheint mir eher konkret: "Das gab mir (den) Mut, zu sagen, was ich denke."
Aber wie sunfun schon schrieb, es ist fließend.
von najan, 2018-01-11, 14:29  Spam?  210.199.183...
Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe!
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), 2018-01-11, 14:35  Spam?  
How funny !!!  ddr sagt es genau umgekehrt ..... HeyHo here we go   ;-))
komme » antworten
von joicy, 2018-01-11, 12:36  Spam?  45.114.62....
Antwort: komme  #885322
von goog1, 2018-01-11, 12:53  Spam?  79.249.18....
Übersetzung für "das Häufigste finden" » antworten
von KK12 (UN), 2018-01-11, 11:13  Spam?  
was wäre wohl die treffendste Übersetzung für "das Häufigste finden".

Bisher habe ich folgende Möglichkeiten gefunden:
a) find the most common
b) the most frequent one find

Bei "find the most common" bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob das wirklich eine treffende Übersetzung ist.

Vielen Dank
von ddr (AT), Last modified: 2018-01-11, 11:17  Spam?  
fo find what is most common  #885320
von Proteus-, 2018-01-11, 12:33  Spam?  178.191.28....
Context ?  #885351
von timfefe (AU/AT), 2018-01-11, 19:55  Spam?  
The most appropriate translation for "das Häufigste finden" depends on the full sentence and, quite likely, the entire paragraph. The suggestion above (at 12:33) may or may not be appropriate, depending on the context.
Vertrauenspsalm » antworten
von bizkitbizkit (ZA), 2018-01-11, 11:02  Spam?  
Eine Kategorie von biblischen Psalmen sind die sog. Vertrauenspsalmen. Kann im Internet nicht die genaue Bezeichnung dafür in Englisch finden ... Reliance psalms? Faith psalms? ???? Hilfe! Danke!!
von ddr (AT), Last modified: 2018-01-11, 14:04  Spam?  
I found 'psalm of trust'.
Google: psalms of trust
von goog1, 2018-01-11, 11:19  Spam?  79.249.18....
So far as literary type is concerned, Ps 23 is a personal psalm of trust or confidence (gunkel: Vertrauenspsalm).17 The author affirms his trust in yahweh, who is to him a good shepherd and a good host
gehören in etwas » antworten
von Deseret (SI), Last modified: 2018-01-11, 10:46  Spam?  
Müll gehört nicht in die Natur.

How to translate this sentence? doesn't belong in nature?
belong to ...  #885311
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), 2018-01-11, 10:52  Spam?  
von ddr (AT), 2018-01-11, 11:25  Spam?  
I think you have to rephrase it:
Maybe: Garbage shouldn't / must not be left in (unspoiled) nature.
von ohno, 2018-01-11, 11:44  Spam?  78.34.255....
Wäre "belong to" nicht eher "ist nicht Teil der Natur"? Mit "Müll gehört nicht in die Natur" ist aber gemeint, dass man keinen Müll wild in die Natur kippen bzw. bei Ausflügen hinterlassen soll.

Zumindest in Arkansas scheint "doesn't belong in nature" verständlich zu sein:
frei formuliert:  nature is no dumping ground (for rubbish)  #885325
von RedRufus (DE), Last modified: 2018-01-11, 15:06  Spam?  
Danke allen  #885344
von Deseret (SI), Last modified: 2018-01-11, 17:41  Spam?  
Is this correct? » antworten
von heike48 (DE), 2018-01-11, 10:31  Spam?  
In my view “ hiking “ is a wonderful hobby or sport. If you start in the morning it is the peace and tranquillity to have a look at the nature but I don't like hiking through scrub and bolder fields. A short preparation is necessary such as good shoes and a day pack with a bottle of water, and pack of lightweight food for a day. If you reach a top of the mountain you have a stunning view around the nature I like walking in the summer due to the longer daylight hours warmer weather and diminishing chances of slipping on the boulders. You don't forget to drink enough water you can dehydrate and perhaps you can see goblins and witches between the trees.

Is this OK?
Suggestion  #885319
von Proteus-, 2018-01-11, 12:30  Spam?  178.191.28....
In my view COMMA “hiking“ is a wonderful hobby or sport. Getting ready for hiking involves good shoes and a day pack with a bottle of water and some light food. If you start in the morning you watch nature in peace and tranquillity but I do not like hiking through scrub and boulder fields. When you reach a mountain top you have a stunning view of the surrounding countryside.
I prefer walking in the summer because of the longer daylight hours COMMA warmer weather and reduced risk of slipping on boulders. If you forget to drink enough water you can dehydrate perhaps making you see goblins and witches among the trees.
German Proverbs » antworten
von Continuity (UN), 2018-01-11, 09:02  Spam?  

what would be  matching German proverbs for:

"It would have been easier to put a silk hat on a pig"


"...yours is the only business in the whole world where the shit rolls uphill"

Aus einem Ackergaul kann man kein Rennpferd machen.  (?)  #885347
von Wenz (DE), 2018-01-11, 18:29  Spam?  
Brief eines Anwalts » antworten
von mdh, 2018-01-11, 07:21  Spam?  95.222.24...
Dear all,

What could this abbreviation stand for?
For a termination because of underperforming a.o. it is necessary that there is a personal improvement
5. Für eine Kündigung wegen mangelnder Leistung a.o. ist das Bestehen eines persönlichen Verbesserungsplans vonnöten.
von ohno, 2018-01-11, 07:56  Spam?  78.34.255....
Possibly, a.o. stands for "among others", though it seems to be much more common to use the abbreviation i.a. derived from the Latin phrase "inter alia". The German equivalent of i.a. is u.a. (unter anderem).
Brief eines Anwalts  #885305
von mdh, 2018-01-11, 08:02  Spam?  95.222.24...
Thanks a million
Diff: among others ~ among other persons; inter alia > among other things  #885330
von Proteus-, 2018-01-11, 15:18  Spam?  178.191.28....
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