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von Windfall (GB), 2016-05-10, 23:24  like dislike  Spam?  
4;rabend, that last post strikes me as a breach of forum guideline 1
As far as I was concerned, when you said they were all different and I'd have to read all the different documents, that wasn't really terribly helpful. Nor was it terribly helpful to refer me to the Wikipedia entries. You are indeed talking to someone who does/did not know either what a Schulelternbeirat is nor a Bundeselternbeirat (not usually terriby relevant for a financial translator) and who had assumed you were trying to be more helpful than to tell me to read 2 long Wikipedia entries to answer the question for myself (or even that you were trying to tell me that one of them was more helpful to read than the other -unfortunately you failed to convey this to me not due to my lack of understanding of your words,but because of my lack of understanding that the link between Bundeselternbeirat and PTA was inappropriate because I didn't have the first idea what a Bundeselternbeirat was until your later post, at which point I twigged what a very bad match it was for a UK PTA). I had assumed that you were trying to tell me that the link between Bundeselternbeirat and PTA in Wikipedia was significant. Now I've understood the difference between the two, I understand you were giving me a style answer and I was trying to read too much into your post, thinking you were trying to do more than give me the first links I found when googling this as recommended reading. I did actually answer your posts with responses and follow-up questions. Did you understand that was what I was doing? In retrospect, given that we were working on different assumptions (me that a Bundeselternrat was equivalent to a UK PTA, as Wikipedia had linked PTA and Bundeselternbeirat and you had in fact mentioned this link, making me falsely assume you agreed with it; you that I must be aware that it was nothing like it), I can see you might have misunderstood that I was trying to ask you for more information about what I thought you were trying to tell me). My guess is that the Bundeselternbeirat is equivalent to the National PTA, hence the link, but despite being a native English speaker, I was unaware until just now that such a thing even existed (it's American, to my knowledge thd UK does not have any such organisation, a PTA in the UK is local to the individual school).

What I was ideally looking for was someone who already knew whether the two were equivalent, and failing that someone to give me what they felt the fundamentals of an Elternbeirat without me having to get bogged down in the minutiae, which Lllama and uffiee did. In particular I was hoping for answers from people like Lllama and uffiee who have spent a long time in more than one relevant country and were familiar with both systems.

Just to give you an insight into the economics of professional translation, the highest you're likely to achieve is €0.17 per source word (and a lot of people pay less than that), so in an ideal world I was hoping not to read thousands of words to solve this. At the same time, nor was I satisfied that the answer in the dict was correct or meaningful, so unlike a lot of professional translators I didn't just take any old entry I found in a dictionary, I asked on the forum to try and find people who already knew the word or knew the two systems for help, hoping there was a better equivalent than a literal translation.

Feel free not to answer future questions by me, but please stick to forum guideline 1 if you do.

4;uffiee, anyone on the forum is perfectly free to answer me in German. [Edited: I was previously having a rant here about my only requirement being I didn't want to be insulted on the forum in  whichever language a person chose to reply, I now realise that sounded like I was specifically asking you not to insult me, which was very much not what I intended, as I think you are a very polite member of the forum]
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