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Three matters that need to be freed of word bugs... :)  
von liz, 2006-07-24, 02:50  like dislike  Spam?  82.83.104....
"Introvertiertes Besinnen meines Geistes an einen Ruheort tief in meiner Brust"
"Introvert bethinking of my spirit at a place of peace deep down in my chest"

"Ich kann dich sehen, wie du gerade über etwas nachgrübelst, welcher Prozess einem den Kopf rauchen lässt, und rein dem Naserüpfen nach verbreitet/verfliegt sich der Rauch bis hierher. Wohin haben sich deine Gedanken transzendiert?"
"I can see you as you're pondering over something right now which process lets one's head spinning and straight to my sniffing this smoke sheds till here. Where did your mind transcend to?"

"Ich schaue gerade aus dem Fenster und bin schwer am überlegen und am hin und her erwägen, was die scheinbar typische Rauchfahne am Ende meiner Sehreichweite für wunderliche oder absonderliche Formen in die Höhe schießt? Und da sagt man, Indianer gibt es nur im Wilden Westen! Aber unverwechselbar hat es irgendeiner bis nach Europa geschafft."
"I'm just looking out of my window and being in heavy thinking and considering to and fro what this ostensive typical hydrothermale trail of smoke at the limit of my eyesight is firing for whimsical and peculiar shapes/molds into the air? And there it's said, that there only Indians in the wild west! But unmistakable and undeceivable some guy did it really happen to come here to europe"

Thanks everyone who can follow me on the path of support and won't come off that path until there is an end in sight which leads to the infinity of me saying "Thank you so much!"...:)
Re: Three matters that need to be freed of word bugs... :)  #140668
anonymous, 2006-07-24, 06:25  like dislike  Spam?  203.129.57...
Bethinking is not a word I am familiar with - I suggest pondering...
"Introverted ponderings of my spirit ... "
I would also replace place of peace with a synonym like haven or oasis. Or at least 'peaceful place'

Is it designed to be a heading? Neither the german nor the english seem to be sentences...

I might consider:
"Introverted ponderings of my spirit from a peaceful place deep within my breast."
Re: Three matters that need to be freed of word bugs... :)  #140669
anonymous, 2006-07-24, 06:38  like dislike  Spam?  203.129.57...
The second fragment!

"über etwas nachgrübelst" is more likely to be "brooding over".

This sentence doesn't seem to translate very well to my mind - particularly the phrase 'rein dem Naserüpfen nach verbreitet/verfliegt sich der Rauch bis hierher' is causing me problems. But I'll see if I can tranfer the meaning across:

I can see you, how you are brooding over something, a process that causes one's head to smoke, and my nose tells me the smoke has already spread to here. Where have your thoughts flown to?
And the last one.  #140670
anonymous, 2006-07-24, 07:09  like dislike  Spam?  203.129.57...
The first sentence is really a little overcomplex for english I feel - I would separate it out into two probably.

From your translation and from the original here is my understanding of what you want to say:

"I am looking out my window and am deep in thought, wondering what the strange and whimsical forms are, that the apparently ordinary plume of smoke at the edge of my vision is shooting into the air."

This is not well structured english, and I am not convinced I has captured your meaning, but it is the best I can do without further information.

"And they say, the only Indians are in the wild west! But it's clear that at least one has made his way to Europe."

"Und da man sagt" I would translate to just "and they say", or "and it's said", but in this case "And they say" sounds better.
I bethink me...  #140697
von jim (GB), 2006-07-24, 09:08  like dislike  Spam?  
No time at present for much of this, but the rather archaic English verb "to bethink" is always reflexive and transitive (i.e. takes an object.) and the reflexive pronoun is in the dative. So:
"I bethink me of liz's problem." or very improbably: "We bethink us of liz's problem."
In the second person it is found in the imperative mood:
Bethink yourself (thyself) of the perils of Liz's problem!
In the third person it might occur in old poetry as something like: "Mayhap he will bethink him of Liz's problem."
I found 76 hits in various books in my library. Examples (just in case you USanians think this does not apply to you):
(1) Moby Dick by Herman Melville,        
"The Whale is harpooned to be sure; but bethink you, how you would manage a powerful unbroken colt, with the mere appliance of a rope tied to the root of his tail."
(2) The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane:        
"...he tried to bethink him of a fine tale which he could take back to his regiment."

I bethink me of liz's problem.
Thank you very much mysterious person for your copious help!! And thanks Jim for explaining "bethink".... :)  #140834
von liz, 2006-07-24, 14:54  like dislike  Spam?  82.83.108....
Kein problem!  #140862
anonymous, 2006-07-24, 16:12  like dislike  Spam?  203.129.57...

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