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Thanksgiving in Germany - vanilla extract to vanilla sugar?  
von rokiany (US), Last modified: 2009-11-19, 16:24  like dislike  Spam?  
So I'm visiting my boyfriend in Hessen, and planning a German Thanksgiving for next week. I've managed to find cranberries (3 euros for about half a pound), will be making kale (Grünkohl) instead of collard greens (my Georgia favorite), and will be substituting walnuts for pecans in the topping for my sweet potato casserole. However, I'm still stumped by one thing. The dessert I'm making (a kind of cranberry cobbler) includes vanilla extract, but I haven't been able to find that. (I refuse to use the fake vanilla flavoring). Does anyone know how I can substitute vanilla sugar for the vanilla? I've also made this using almond extract before, which was also nice, but same question goes, really.

das Extrakt vielleicht in Tee- Kräuter- Bioläden zu finden?  #476944
von eggor (DE), 2009-11-19, 16:35  like dislike  Spam?  
Die haben eher spezielle Sachen. Viel Glück!
Gibts keine Vanillestengel im Supermarkt?  #476945
von Ms-I-Wonder, 2009-11-19, 16:35  like dislike  Spam?  80.218.112...
Very common in Switzerland, you can also order them online ...  #476947
von Ms-I-Wonder, 2009-11-19, 16:37  like dislike  Spam?  80.218.112...

you should be able to get those in Germany, too
Rokiany  #476948
von Ada, 2009-11-19, 16:39  like dislike  Spam?  78.52.231...
Just use an envelope of vanilla sugar to replace that much of the sugar in the recipe.
You can find vanilla extract and vanilla powder in any 'Reform' shop.
Hope that helps,
von Dr. Oetker oder Ostmann  #476950
von Wenz, 2009-11-19, 16:43  like dislike  Spam?  83.171.148....
Stangenvanille  #476954
von Lisa4dict, 2009-11-19, 17:01  like dislike  Spam?  99.11.160....
A bit more expensive is substituting a Vanilla bean for vanilla extract.  On a positive note, you can find "Stangenvanille / "Bourbon Vanille / Echte Vanille" in the Bakery aisle of most "Supermarkt" grocery stores.  Often packaged in glass vials like this
or in a little plastic bag.

Just substitute the scraped out center (seeds) of
one Vanilla bean for each teaspoon of Vanilla extract.  
Add a half teaspoon of Brandy if available for added flavor.  (If you cook or bake the recipe the alcohol will evaporate.  If you don't and there are children sharing the dish, you might want to skip it.)

They also have Vanille Backöl, but like Vanillezucker that tends to be artificial unless otherwise specified.  
Be sure to add a small piece of bacon (geräucherter Speck) to your Grünkohl to enhance the flavor.
<Now I'm hungry!>
von rokiany (US), Last modified: 2009-11-19, 17:03  like dislike  Spam?  
4; Ada: But how many packets of vanilla sugar replace 1 teaspoon for example of vanilla extract?

4; eggor My boyfriend lives in a REALLY small village surrounded by other small villages, so I'm not sure about Tee- Kräuter- or Bioladen. :S  

4; Ms-I-Wonder I thought about the vanillastengel, but I didn't see them at the market today - I was in a Tegut. I can go back and look again, but...

4;Wenz If I can find the vanillastengel, I may try the rum solution, but I'd rather not have to buy a whole bottle of rum just to get 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract! :S may have to be the vanilla sugar solution.
Lisa4dict  #476957
von rokiany (US), 2009-11-19, 17:07  like dislike  Spam?  
Oh absolutely - bacon is necessary! :D

My boyfriend informs me that he has cachaca on hand. Do you guys think that might work with the vanilla beans to make a home-made extract?
one packet of vanilla sugar  #476958
von zou, 2009-11-19, 17:09  like dislike  Spam?  75.72.206...
Given that a teaspoon is the standard amount of vanilla in most recipes, I would say one packet of vanilla sugar should do the trick. Even if it's more, its not a problem, as there's no such thing as too much vanilla! ;)
dosage  #476959
von Lisa4dict, 2009-11-19, 17:11  like dislike  Spam?  99.11.160....
Just got off the phone with my aunt and she says my recipe box is off.  
She uses one bean per TABLESPOON of extract.
Dr. Oetker sagt:  #476960
von zou, 2009-11-19, 17:13  like dislike  Spam?  75.72.206...
"One pouch of Dr. Oetker Vanilla Sugar is equivalent to 1 - 2 tsp of vanilla extract.
making my own!  #476988
von rokiany (US), 2009-11-19, 19:12  like dislike  Spam?  
So I went back to the store and found the vanilla beans (next to the spices, not next to the vanilla sugar - go figure), and a little bottle of vodka and am making my own vanilla extract! I found a recipe on the Cooks Illustrated website (a publication I trust implicitly) as follows:

"Commercially sold vanilla extract is made by steeping chopped vanilla beans in vats of warm alcohol and water. When the flavor of the tiny black seeds has been extracted, the beans are strained and discarded. A touch of sugar or corn syrup may be added for sweetness before the potent liquid is bottled.

It is possible to duplicate the commercial process at home with excellent results. Pour one-half cup vodka—it’s a good choice since vodka has little aroma or flavor, but brandy or rum may also be used—into a small container or jar with a tight-fitting lid. Split a six-inch vanilla bean lengthwise and add it to the alcohol. Cover the container tightly and shake once a day for at least a week to loosen the seeds from the pods. (The beans can steep indefinitely, but need a week to yield most of their flavor.) When stored in a cool, dark place, homemade vanilla extract should last indefinitely.

In a side-by-side test, butter cookies made with homemade extract were deemed superior to cookies made with bottled pure extract; they had a much stronger vanilla aroma as well as a truer vanilla flavor."
'flavour of the tiny black seeds' -  this is a common error. The far larger amount of  #476992
von Wilfred (DE), 2009-11-19, 19:35  like dislike  Spam?  
flavour sits in the husk. :-)
rokiany, that sounds good  #477053
von Ms-I-Wonder, 2009-11-20, 10:17  like dislike  Spam?  77.57.186...
how about extending that dinner and have some dict users for company? ;-)))

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