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English-German Translation of
repeat prescription

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repeat prescription  
von nitram (GB), 2011-02-10, 14:56  like dislike  Spam?  
There are far more hits on Google for 'repeat prescription' (400,000) than 'Wiederholungsrezept' (4000) .  Is this the normal German term for a prescription written by a doctor which allows you to reorder from the chemist without personally seeing the doctor. Every couple of months, when you're about to run out of the drug, you contact the chemist who approaches the doctor on your behalf and gets the prescription from him until the set number or re-orders has expired, when you have to go to the doctor again.

Thanks for any help
Das gibt es nicht.   #576888
von Baccalaureus (DE), 2011-02-10, 15:00  like dislike  Spam?  
Ein Rezept muß IMMER vom Doktor ausgestellt werden - wenn man auf ein Medikament angewiesen ist, ruft man beim Arzt an, der stellt das Rezept aus. Bei Diabetikern geht das, glaube ich, auch telefonisch. Aber ein "Dauerrezept" - davon habe ich noch nie gehört.
Ich widerrufe: Google: Dauerrezept  #576889
von Baccalaureus (DE), 2011-02-10, 15:01  like dislike  Spam?  
That's what I just wanted to say. Seconded: Google: Dauerrezept  #576891
von romy (CZ/GB), Last modified: 2011-02-10, 15:12  like dislike  Spam?  
von Windfall (GB), Last modified: 2012-06-21, 16:32  like dislike  Spam?  
I think this is an error. What nitram is describing is the same as what I understood to be a Wiederholungsrezept, except that in Britain you have a choice of going directly to the surgery and asking for one (usually you have to write a letter or bring a form that was attached to your previous prescription) - this is what I think a Wiederholungsrezept is. Then you come back after 24, 48 or 72 hours (depending on your surgey's policy) to pick up the prescription (which has by now been printed out and signed by a doctor) and then take this prescription to the chemist (pharmacy) to get it filled. This only works for items your doctor has put on repeat prescription for you (e.g. your asthma medication). You then take this prescription along to the chemist, sign anything you need to sign on the prescription form and exchange it for your item and pay any fees due.

Alternatively, many chemists in the UK now offer the service that nitram describes, where instead of taking your letter/form directly to the doctor's surgery, you take it to your chemist. This chemist then puts your repeat prescription request together with all the other ones they have for your doctor's surgery and drops them all off at your doctor's surgery the end of the day. This prescription is then treated like the ones delivered directly to the surgery - if approved, it is printed out and signed by a doctor. Instead of you picking it up from the surgery though, all the prescriptions that were brought in by Chemist X go back to Chemist X, where Chemist X puts the item in a bag for you, and you pick it up (in Wimbledon usually 5 days after you handed it in), sign anything you need to sign on the prescription, pay any fees due and receive your item.

The only key difference is that instead of taking your item to and picking it up from the surgery directly during their relatively short working hours, with the chemist method, you take it to your chemist during their much longer working hours and pick it up directly from your chemist during their much longer working hours, instead of picking it up from the doctor and then taking it to the chemist.

It makes no difference to the doctor whether you come to the surgery directly or not. We call it a "repeat prescription" whether or not the chemist delivers the request to and picks the prescription up from the surgery for you.

My understanding was that this is a Wiederholungsrezept. If Germany has a second name for when the chemist adds an extra service as described above, then that needs disambiguation, as we don't differentiate  between the two in the UK. It is possible that both of these are "Dauerrezepte", I am not clear on the difference between the two, but I would be surprised if there is a different word in German for the chemist offering a pick up and delivery service.

Just to be clear, in the UK, a repeat prescription is:
- a prescription for a medication which the doctor has put on your list of repeat prescriptions (one that you are allowed more prescriptions of without seeing the doctor each time - they usually want to see you once a year to check the list is still right for you); and at the same time
- a prescription you get for which you don't see the doctor that time, but which your doctor has signed.

You cannot (to my knowledge) get a repeat prescription for a problem you have never seen a doctor in person about.
Repeat prescriptions are usually used for prescriptions for areas where little change is expected in your needs for a minimum of several months, e.g. asthma inhalers, the pill, eczema cream, diabetes medication, statins, anti-depressants.

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