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shore up friends / familiar song?  
von gatv (UN), Last modified: 2011-04-19, 08:31  like dislike  Spam?  
Good Wife 217 - Scene: Kalinda and Alicia in a bar.

ALICIA: ...Cary was in on it, wasn’t he? He knew what to ask you.
KALINDA: Cary’s a great guy.
ALICIA: Oh, listen to you. (SING-SONG) You and Cary, sitting in a tree…
KALINDA: Hey, I’m just shoring up friends.
ALICIA: For what?
KALINDA: For the end days.

ALICIA: ...Cary wusste Bescheid, nicht wahr? Er wusste, was er Sie fragen musste.
KALINDA: Cary ist ein toller Kerl.
ALICIA: Oh, hör sich das einer an. (singend) (???) "Sie und Cary sitzen auf einem Baum"?
(Was soll das? Ist das ein bekanntes Lied??? / Spruch / Kinderreim?)
KALINDA: Hey, ich (???) nur Freunde.
(to shore up = unterstützen / verstärken??? vielleicht "Freundschaften aufpolieren???)
ALICIA: Wofür?
KALINDA: Für die letzten Tage.

Thanks for help
thank goodness for the internet and wikipedia  #591450
von Lisa4dict loggedout, 2011-04-19, 08:55  like dislike  Spam?  99.11.160....
If I had had to go by the very faint bell of my memory I'd never have gotten there. :-)
Wikipedia(EN): K-I-S-S-I-N-G
The other one is:
"prop up" is probably more common there. But it doesn't flow as well in this dialogue.  So I can understand why the writer went with the other option.  
den Rücken stärken, unter die Arme greifen <?>, am steifen Arm hochhalten <too strong, I think>
von gatv (UN), 2011-04-19, 09:52  like dislike  Spam?  
4; lisa4dict
thanks for the wiki-link (Kalinda und Cary sitzen im Schnee -  K-Ü-S-S-E-N-D) hahaha ;-)
but the "shore up" - part I still don't understand, because Cary is helping Kalinda and not vice versa. So why would she say "Ich greife nur Freunden unter die Arme"?  :-(
how do you get from a tree to snow?  #591489
von Lisa4dict loggedout, 2011-04-19, 11:30  like dislike  Spam?  99.11.160....
Although, given that it's Chicago ... freezer or frying pan. :-)
I really have to start paying attention to what I watch in that series it seems.  O.K here's the skinny on it:
Cary wanted/had to get Blake, but couldn't get him directly because he was granted immunity in exchange for his cooperation with investigations.  So he and Kalinda set out a plan to have Kalinda questioned and in testifying insinuating that Blake had an affair with Bishop's wife (African-American woman - the only question Kalinda doesn't take the fifth on.)  Cary is having a hard time at the office because his boss dropped out of the race and Cary's set to lose his job, no matter who of the other two candidates wins.  So looking good in the questioning will help him, too.  
Blake was ousted board member Bond's investigator.  Since Cary got shafted in the merger I guess he's happy to get him just for that. <Personal opinion.>
lisa4dict: because of the rhyme ;-)  #591530
von gatv (UN), Last modified: 2011-04-19, 12:51  like dislike  Spam?  
... sitting on a tree ....(k-i-s-s-i-n-)g => (Tree / "Gee")
...sitzen im Schnee... (k-ü-s-s-e-n-)d => (Schnee / "De")
(see also your wiki-link)

ja, you're right, thanks, I already forgot Blakes affaire, just remembered Kalindas affaire (one-nighter) with Peter :-(*) (in 218/219)
thks gatv  #591718
von Lisa4dict loggedout, 2011-04-20, 06:50  like dislike  Spam?  99.11.160....
I hadn't read the entire wikipedia page or I wouldn't have wondered.  I was just so happy to be able to find the correct link for that faint memory of mine.

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