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von cornell (UN), 2011-10-27, 08:18  Spam?  
Ich habe keine rechte Vorstellung, wie man "Geschichtspoltik" oder etwa "geschichtspolitisches Interesse" ins Englische übersetzen soll:

Geschichtspolitik = "politics of history"?
geschichtspolitisches Interesse = "historical-political" oder "historical and political" interest?

Dank für die Hilfe
Antwort:  #625370
von alex-k (DE), Last modified: 2011-10-27, 08:40  Spam?  
Wikipedia(EN): Politics_of_memory

state politics of history/memory = biased view of history to fit in with political agenda. Natives, what do you think?
nothing particularly German about it.   #625386
von Lisa4dict loggedout, 2011-10-27, 09:36  Spam?  99.11.160....
"History is written by the victors."
Quite a few "barbarian" peoples were found to have had refined cultures and highly developed political systems.  I keep being amazed how well the Republican party manages to put a spin on the Reagan presidency.  I got quite a kick out of some political programs showing clips of what he actually said on TV and then have the candidates try to explain it away.  (Not that the Republicans were the only ones to white-wash their former presidents.  They just seem to be rather better at it than the Democrats.)
I remember an archeological series on the Huns, which debunked the some of ways they were painted in the history books.  Some Native American nations had problems negotiating with the new arrivals, because they had female chiefs and the military representatives wanted to talk to a guy.
Geschichtspolitik  #625396
von alex-k (DE), 2011-10-27, 09:55  Spam?  
4;Lisa: Undoubtedly, it is happening around the world. E.g. I imagine in North Korea. The question remains: what would be the proper English term for this sort of state-indoctrinated view of history. And please do not tell me it is state-indoctrinated view of history.
von WingDing (US), Last modified: 2011-10-27, 10:00  Spam?  
I wonder what advantage there is to having a strong national identity. To a certain extent, I think the tension and ambivalence Germans feel about their national identity is a feature and not a bug. I think it was Habermas who argued that Germans should envision their national identity in terms of adhering to the ideals of liberal democracy instead of attempting to establish that Germany's past is no longer relevant to Germans today.
Thank you for your thoughts!  #625403
von alex-k (DE), 2011-10-27, 10:21  Spam?  
And what would you call Geschichtspolitik in English?
Lisa  #625408
von WingDing (US), Last modified: 2011-10-27, 10:42  Spam?  
I suspect Americans are not confronted with the complexities of the issues involved with historical memory in the same way Germans are. So I think we sometimes don't quite understand how historical depictions play out in German culture. To be sure, Americans are constantly reevaluating history, but I don't think the construction of monuments and the attempts to memorialize events is as contentious as it is in Germany. Here is a part of a review of the recent MLK Jr monument.


It turns out that these towering mounds at the entrance are supposed to represent something from the “Dream” speech: a “mountain of despair” and, in the rock slice from which Dr. King emerges, the “stone of hope.” The slab is inscribed: “Out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.”

But do these mounds of granite, which are given an almost artificial appearance with their sketchy, cartoonish contours — do they evoke anything at all like a “mountain of despair”? And the unattractive slice supposedly pushed into the center of the memorial: is that really a “stone of hope”? Certainly not, judging from the expression on Dr. King’s face.

The reviewer is critical, but I think a monument of this size and scope in Germany would be a much more contentious affair. I suspect that's why the issues of the politics of memory are bit alien to Americans. There are lively debates on these things in Germany. I only figured this out after a listening to a lecturer discuss the issues of memory for 45 minutes before I finally realized that I didn't understand what he meant by "historical memory". I'm still not sure I understand.
Alexk  #625411
von WingDing (US), Last modified: 2011-10-28, 02:42  Spam?  
I think you had it right with politics of memory or maybe its historical memory. I've heard lecturers use the term historical memory or historical narrative, but since I'm not a historian I don't how it is used in academia. You might find something if you look into Hayden White's theories.

Wikipedia(EN): Hayden_White
WingDing: Thanks :)  #625416
von alex-k (DE), 2011-10-27, 10:57  Spam?  
von wandle (GB), 2011-10-27, 11:14  Spam?  
Wie man "Geschichtspoltik" oder etwa "geschichtspolitisches Interesse" ins Englische übersetzen soll?
Geschichtspoltik can be rendered 'politics of history', as said above.
Geschichtspolitisches Interesse will depend on context, but my rule would be to avoid such unnatural expressions as 'historical-political'.
WingDing  #625483
von Lisa4dict loggedout, 2011-10-27, 19:49  Spam?  99.11.160....
"... Americans are not confronted with the complexities of the issues involved with historical memory in the same way Germans are."
You don't want to try that argument with some of my Native American relatives.  Just because we don't, doesn't mean we shouldn't.
LINX: Wikipedia(DE): Geschichtspolitik > Wikipedia(EN): Politics_of_memory  #625490
von Proteus, 2011-10-27, 20:27  Spam?  91.115.112....
Lisa4dict  #625492
von WingDing (US), Last modified: 2011-10-27, 20:44  Spam?  
I think Americans need to grapple with issues of historical memory more. In fact, I wish Americans were more like the Germans and had serious public debates about the way we remember the past. At its start the Vietnam memorial was contentious and entered the public consciousness. I think that debate about it has actually given the memorial more significance to people. It actually means something to them. I'm all for assessing and reassessing the past as well as thinking carefully about the way we memorialize it.

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