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Schlagfluren und Laubholzverjüngung  
von romy (CZ/GB), 2011-12-28, 21:26  like dislike  Spam?  
Can I have some help with these, too, please?
"In den westlichen Randbereichen des Untersuchungsgebiets bestimmen Fichtenwälder mit z. T. großflächigen Schlagfluren und reichhaltiger Laubholzverjüngung das Bild."
The western parts on the fringes of the examined area are characterised by spruce woods with partly large-scale cleared corridors and rich rejuvenation of broadleaved woodplants. (?)
von chicken (DE), 2011-12-28, 21:43  like dislike  Spam?  
vast corridors in the woodland for timber harvesting and thickly planted deciduous trees for rejuvenation
felling area, fresh hardwood plantations / planting  #634221
anonymous, 2011-12-28, 21:50  like dislike  Spam?  77.181.35....
"rejuvenation" bezieht sich auf einzelne Bäume, Verjüngung etwa durch Zurückschneiden
von chicken (DE), 2011-12-28, 21:52  like dislike  Spam?  

Man benötigt wirklich Korridore im Wald, wenn man gefälltes Holz abtransportieren möchte.
Thanks  #634225
von romy (CZ/GB), 2011-12-28, 22:02  like dislike  Spam?  
How do you like: "vast corridors designated for timber harvesting and dense young plantations of deciduous trees" ?
"reforestation" ist sehr gut: hardwood reforestation  #634226
anonymous, 2011-12-28, 22:02  like dislike  Spam?  77.181.35....
"hardwood" deshalb (statt "broadleaves" oder "deciduous trees"), weil es ja um Holz geht.
"großflächige Schlagfluren" sind keine Abfuhrwege (die wären ja nicht großflächig), sondern Einschläge zur Holzgewinnung, denke ich.
von wandle (GB), 2011-12-28, 22:23  like dislike  Spam?  
'On the western fringes of the area being examined, the picture is one of spruce woods with cleared corridors, some very extensive, and areas of dense hardwood reforestation'.
 but Flur as a landscape feature means an area (e.g. meadow, field), not a corridor   #634229
anonymous, 2011-12-28, 22:37  like dislike  Spam?  77.181.35....
a corridor in forrestry terms would be a "Schneise"  #634230
anonymous, 2011-12-28, 22:42  like dislike  Spam?  77.181.35....
von wandle (GB), Last modified: 2011-12-28, 23:12  like dislike  Spam?  
But why Schlag fluren?
Linguee gives 'cleared corridors' :
von chicken (DE), Last modified: 2011-12-28, 23:41  like dislike  Spam?  
hardwood?  limewood or birchwood is soft, willow is soft, but all of these are from deciduous trees

mit d e n Fluren   -   with corridors (dat.)
Linguee is wrong here  #634234
anonymous, 2011-12-28, 23:52  like dislike  Spam?  77.181.35....
I looked up that art. 28 mentioned there and it refers to certain AREAS for the protection of biotopes. A corridor certainly does not represent a biotope and it does not provide a specific habitat. Schlagflur is either a cleared area or maybe an area destined to be harvesfed in the near future. I suppose the former is right. A cleared area remains more or less the same for a rather long time thus providing a stable environment. A corridor with heavy timber lorry traffic can't sustain a population of plants or animals anyway, so there would not be any need for protection by that law
see Google    define: hardwood  #634236
anonymous, 2011-12-28, 23:56  like dislike  Spam?  77.181.35....
hardwood seems to have several meanings, so I'd go for broad-leaved plantations  #634244
von Proteus, 2011-12-29, 00:35  like dislike  Spam?  178.191.132....
regeneration of broad-leaved woodland  #634245
von Proteus, 2011-12-29, 00:41  like dislike  Spam?  178.191.132....
broad-leaved is sth. like Magnolia hereabouts  #634247
von Lisa4dict loggedout, 2011-12-29, 00:58  like dislike  Spam?  196.202.26....
rather unlikely IMHO.
the ghits mostly refer to regeneration by natural means, e.g. self-sowing, suppressing competing plants, keeping animals off, etc.  #634248
anonymous, 2011-12-29, 01:06  like dislike  Spam?  77.181.35....
Antwort:  #634256
von alex-k (DE), Last modified: 2011-12-29, 05:14  like dislike  Spam?  
Schlagflur - it's not primarily a reference to an area, its shape or size, it is a reference to the fact that there used to be forest on it and it has recently been felled ("recently" can be a very relative statement by the way and in terms of size I suppose it needs to be bigger than my backyard). The scientific discipline of phytosociology in this case of forestry looks at the stages of development when nature adjusts to the missing trees. Schlagflur is stage 1, for which I could not find an English equivalent, perhaps "felled area meadow/vegetation" comes close. What tends to happen first when the trees are gone, which plants do well and how do they all influence each other? I suppose animals may also have an influence but I will ignore that right now. Depending on the location of this felled area, the final stage for our former Schlagflur could be a regrown forest. (Schlag = felled area)
grammar: die Flur, pl. die Fluren - field, meadow, etc.   der Flur, pl. die Flure - corridor, hall  #634272
anonymous, 2011-12-29, 08:20  like dislike  Spam?  77.181.20....

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