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Goofy Question  
von WingDing (US), Last modified: 2012-01-10, 21:12  like dislike  Spam?  
Is there a way to cheer in German? In AE one can cheer on a team with something like, "Go Giants!" or "Gooooo Chargers!" Is there a German equivalent for that kind of cheering?
von Christophorus, 2012-01-10, 21:21  like dislike  Spam?  62.178.98....
Of course there is, for instance "Hopp, Hopp, Hopp"
Christophorus  #636241
von Lisa4dict loggedout, 2012-01-10, 22:19  like dislike  Spam?  99.11.160....
Never heard that one.  What sport would that be used with?
4;WingDing:  When I encountered soccer fans on the subway they usually just yelled the name of their team.  Sometimes followed by "tra-la-la-la"  (Or more annoyingly, someone blowing an air-horn.) They also sometimes yell a player's name followed by "vor".
Goofy answer  #636242
von schwerblech (US), 2012-01-10, 22:23  like dislike  Spam?  
only "Vorwärts!" comes to mind  #636252
von bugfoot (DE/GB), 2012-01-11, 00:27  like dislike  Spam?  
Auf geht's, Deutschland, schießt ein Tor!  #636261
von alex-k (DE), 2012-01-11, 02:23  like dislike  Spam?  
Schießen when not complying with the rules of the game can be replaced by machen or (although this sounds silly) werfen, e.g. in handball. Basketball is out for a lack of goals. I know in basketball and ice hockey teams in Europe pick names similar in style (and often in language) to NBA or NHL teams, e.g. Tigers, Scorpoions, or Eisbären, which fits with the "Go, [whoever]!" pattern in English: "Auf geht's, Tigers (auf geht's)!" Most teams in the beatiful game have names dating back a while and are local clubs that formed before the North American influence on team names that has us cheering for "Hamburg Freezers" now. Especially in the Bundesliga, teams may have nicknames (Bayer Leverkusen > Werkself, Schalke 04 > Königsblaue, Nürnberg > Der Club, SC Freiburg > Der Sportclub, Was ist grün und stinkt nach Fisch? Never mind;) but they don't invite set pattern cheers that much like "Go, Plungers!" or "Go, Donuts!" can. The stadium version of "Seven Nation Army" is a big hit still for its lyrics-less sing-along qualities, the Spanish import "olé, olé, olé" always works (for much the same reason), and many teams have their own songs. As for "hopp, hopp, hopp" (and correct me if I am wrong) I think this is heard for instance in cross country ski competitions to get an individual racer to hurry it up a little. Other than that, I am sure there are millions of other ways to cheer up your team that I have not thought about just now.
Thanks for indulging me. Good answers.  #636266
von WingDing (US), 2012-01-11, 06:45  like dislike  Spam?  
You all deserve 1st place.
mostly football related:  #636268
von parker11 (DE), 2012-01-11, 07:21  like dislike  Spam?  
Bayern vor, noch ein Tor! ("Bayern" which stands for Bayern München to be replaced by other city or team names, only works with two-syllable names like Dort-mund, Her-tha, Stutt-gart etc.)
Jetzt gehts lo-hos! (Jetzt gehts los!) (works with any team)
Populäre Fangesänge: Google: Fangesänge
Chat:  #636278
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), 2012-01-11, 09:29  like dislike  Spam?  

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