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English-German Translation of
i wrote a rapyrics

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i wrote a rapyrics , i want to ask if this is intelligible.  
von hello123456 (UN), 2012-07-15, 00:35  like dislike  Spam?  
Forgotten life this is what i lead !
Hate preclude me from doing good deeds.
ghetto kids're living suicidal , cos since birth they've lived as criminals.
What can they do else ?  if there weren't fathers , who could rear this children.  
i've to hustle  so i can feed my daughter.
Time after time you'll realise how your world gets colder.
Nobody's saving you from the dark , while you're strugglin at the corner.  
They had all dreams , today they push drugs to the youth.
All of you think we are guilty that the infants so grew.  
Your eyes are closed  but you think you can see the truth.
In reality you're in love with the illusion .
Struggling against the kind of this oppression.
No real friends in this life , all of'em was only actin.
Just real talk , In the hard times you're testin.
We live in a world , where we see the light at the demise.
The luckiest  moment is  , when an important foe dies.
They give a fuck about us , because they think we're venom for the future.
They make our heart to stone like medusa.

Dont look at the spelling mistakes , only if you can understand this.
von durango95 (DE), 2012-07-15, 07:47  like dislike  Spam?  
I liked the version before better.
i thought you dont understand this thus i changed it  #664475
von hello123456 (UN), 2012-07-15, 12:56  like dislike  Spam?  
von durango95 (DE), 2012-07-15, 13:36  like dislike  Spam?  
that was someone else, I understood it perfectly ;)

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