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von Imzhalla, 2005-07-20, 11:43  like dislike  Spam?  211.27.188...
Boofy is an Australian slang word, which means something like stupid or thoughtless, but somehow in a kind of "heavy" way. The phrase "big, boofy bloke" doesn't necessarily imply stupidity, it's more like - a regular guy; a big strong/rugged man. It's usually used when talking about football players, or stating that a guy is in no way feminine:

"It should be noted that craig is a big, boofy bloke with plenty of brains, brawn and bread"
"She is the perfect example of how you don't need to be a big boofy bloke to have fun bashing someones head in with a chair leg."
"...big boofy blokes who work hard, play hard and earn a ton of money"
"...big boofy blokes who kill small animals for sport"
"...big boofy blokes who secretly dress up in frocks"

How should this be translated into German?
Never heard this word before but it sounds like it means beefy... maybe that will help people find suggestions?  kräftig sounds a bit bland.  #67013
von Sue, 2005-07-20, 11:52  like dislike  Spam?  213.61.111...
Thanks sue.  #67017
von Imzhalla, 2005-07-20, 12:26  like dislike  Spam?  211.27.188...
Actually, there's one related word - boofhead, which is like a "knucklehead", an oafish, stupid, apelike person (usually a male).

Maybe it IS related to "beefy", it might be from the French word for "beef" -> "boeuf" which is pronounced like "böhf", but the original meaning of "boofy" is something like "thoughtless, stupid" and it's probably only more recently becoming to be associated with size because of the phrase "big boofy".

Just so you know how to say it, "boofy" would be spellt "buffi" in German, not "buhfi" ;-)

Kräftig doesn't seem to cut it. It's kind of like a combination of "kräftig" or "bullig" and "männlich". Does anyone have any further ideas?
maybe "plump"  #67022
von bugfoot, 2005-07-20, 13:32  like dislike  Spam?  62.81.252....
Vielleicht > ungeschlacht  #67062
von Proteus, 2005-07-20, 16:50  like dislike  Spam?  194.166.202....
Hm, seems German men are all too clever and lean so no need for such a word ;)  #67064
von Sue, 2005-07-20, 16:52  like dislike  Spam?  213.61.111...
Ok, so beefy is pretty much exclusively a physical attribute?  So now I gather boofy means something more along the lines of meathead or oaf..... grosser Dummkopf!!??
... > klotzig ~ ein blöder / dummer Klotz  #67076
von Proteus, 2005-07-20, 17:15  like dislike  Spam?  194.166.202....
hmm...  #67124
von Imzhalla, 2005-07-21, 04:11  like dislike  Spam?  211.27.160....
Maybe you're right Sue! Haha. I was going to ask "What do Germans call big (stupid) footballers", but even the football is different - in German, Fußball is soccer, and really, a "big boofy bloke" is more like a rugby player... soccer players generally don't fit that description quite as well. "Big boofy blokes" drink beer, kill things and mow the lawn, they don't do feminine things like crying, or enjoying shopping... big, stupid, macho - but it's also used for contrast "It was a shock to see such a big boofy bloke blubbing (crying) quietly into his beer".

Danke auch an Bugfoot und Proteus!! Vielleicht sollen wir einfach mal ein neues Wort erfinden - "buffig" oder so. Es scheint als nichts passt nah genug - ich hab eben gedacht vielleicht "raubeinig", "grob" oder "derb" oder so... was denkt ihr alle?
Danke nochmal!

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