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Sonderung (eines Grundstücks) - subdivision of a plot ??  
von uffie (GH/KI), Last modified: 2013-03-14, 11:35  like dislike  Spam?  
Hello dear natives (and near-natives ;)

someone suggested "subdivision of a parcel" as a suitable English translation. I've never heard of "parcel" being used in conjunction with land so I'd be grateful for your opinions.

Wikipedia(DE): Sonderung

Basically, the land registry office divides pieces of land on the basis of the data they have without actually sending out a team to survey the land. This is quite specific to Germany and also a legal term, so perhaps an explanation in brackets might be in order rather than a straight translation (unless there is such legislation in the UK and US).
Parcel is used for land -  #698676
von Lllama (GB/AT), 2013-03-14, 11:45  like dislike  Spam?  
a piece of land, especially one considered as part of an estate: she decided to divide her property into three parcels and invite sealed bids
and (parcel something out) divide into portions and then distribute:the farmers argue that parcelling out commercial farmland in small plots will reduce productivity

But only if the context is clear, otherwise parcel of land should be used. Piece/plot of (building/agricultural/etc) land is also used.

Have you tried sending a message to AmericanTrudi, asking her to comment in this thread? I don't think she looks in the forum.
I think that an explanation will probably be the solution, because I don't think there'll be an exact equivalent.
Joanne  #698678
von uffie (GH/KI), Last modified: 2013-03-14, 11:56  like dislike  Spam?  
Many thanks for the info. Yes, I've contacted American Trudy and hopefully she'll comment.

Even if parcel is used in this context, I also think that the English side needs disambiguation.
parcel - paar mehr Beispiele .....   und Verb   parcel out  .....       Wikipedia(EN): Subdivision_(land)     #698681
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), 2013-03-14, 12:12  like dislike  Spam?  
noun - "  a piece of land, especially one considered as part of an estate:
she decided to divide her property into three parcels and invite sealed bids
Holdouts are dealt with by real estate developers assembling parcels of land in a variety of ways.
At Wild Turkey, which opened in June, Rulewich had to piece together several distinct parcels of land into one seamless golf course.
The legal estate of two separate parcels of land at Baydon Farm amounting to some 184 acres and some 108 acres vested in Major Stibbard prior to his death.
A lot of it was due to shrewd real estate acquisitions, anticipating property trends and securing key parcels of land for low prices.
Civil 3D includes a variety of tools to subdivide tracts of land into parcels with predefined areas.
Stark says the turn of events is disappointing, and notes the land was the largest parcel in the area that doesn't require rezoning, a process that could take a couple of years.
Farming a small parcel of land Tom made a big name for himself as a water diviner with his services in big demand throughout the county.
For many years he farmed a small parcel of land in Kilcolman and came to the local Kilcolman creamery with his donkey and cart.
Farming a small parcel of land on the side of Kockanore Hill Jerry earned a great reputation for his fine garden.
Curtilages and tenters were parcels of open land, probably used for some kind of industrial or artisan activity.
Such territories were sufficiently significant by the eighth century that most references to estates, tenant houses, and land parcels in our documents are explicitly attached to a village.
There are other parcels of land beneficially held by the estate, which the trustee acknowledges are not integral to the businesses.
When a parcel of real estate is being evaluated for possible purchase, use the assessment as an informational resource.
Through hard work and perseverance he acquired a good parcel of land and farmed it for some sixty years.
A land-use feasibility study commissioned by the Central Sydney Area Health Service identified three parcels of land that could be sold.
The Countryside Agency claimed a partial victory because of the two parcels of land declared open countryside.
Farmers will also be able to print maps of their land parcels which they can use solely for Area Aid purposes.
Suppose you owned a large parcel of land, which includes a large wooded area, home to an endanger species of owl.
In recognition of his spearmen he gave them each a parcel of land in the area.
Evans said the other 17-acre parcel has generated some offers, but no contracts. "

Verb -  "  (parcel something out) divide into portions and then distribute:
the farmers argue that parcelling out commercial farmland in small plots will reduce productivity
When the money was redistributed among each organization, it was parceled out and divided into 20 equal shares.
It provides 85 percent of the state budget and is the basis of the state's optimistically named Permanent Fund, whose dividends are parceled out annually: Last fall, every man, woman and child in Alaska received a check for US $1,963.86.
Perhaps the idea is that if you parcel something out into shares, everyone gets a different piece; and therefore it makes sense to talk about A and B sharing properties X and Y, where you mean that A gets X and B gets Y.
An aging King Lear is parcelling his land out among his daughters.
In 1937, cottages expropriated to make way for the airport were floated across to Algonquin Island, and after WWII, the remainder of Algonquin was parcelled out to vets and their families to deal with a housing shortage.
It's a job-share the whole way, between consciousness and automaticity, with attention being parcelled out in a few large and many tiny chunks.
But how can the 21% figure be parceled out individually to each factor?
Beaches are parceled out along a convoluted coastline equal to France's in length, and islands range from backwaters where the boat calls twice a week to resorts as cosmopolitan as any in the Mediterranean.
Examples abound of cosy sinecures being parcelled out to those who have served in constitutional posts.
Joyce's material was parcelled out to friends and associates during the war to keep it safe from the Gestapo.
My company doesn't have a risk-management model, per se - and then blame is typically parceled out to the lowest common denominator.
The big bomber comprised more than 100,000 parts, and construction was parceled out to several companies.
The indicator was then parceled out to the progeny neurons as the injected cell underwent the cell divisions as the animal developed.
Rice paddies in varying states of cultivation are parceled out in crazy-quilt patterns.
Because the orders are likely to have been parcelled out among various brokers, it is difficult to assess the scope of China's problem.
Obviously there are already many signs of this but do you think the future of the internet (and technology in general) will be parceled out to the highest bidder, like radio?
Wealth is still to be parceled out by the state in ways unrelated to production - according to social justice.
And since the land is being parceled out piecemeal, each project will be a lurid, fenced-in recreation of First World living conditions in Third World surroundings. "
oder einfach nur       subdivision  ???  #698683
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), 2013-03-14, 12:14  like dislike  Spam?
"   North American & Australian /NZ an area of land divided into plots for sale.
At present you enter the walk near the corner of Kent Street and Edgar Street, but subdivisions for housing are being opened up in this area, so the access point may soon be higher on the hill.
Rotary has purchased land for the subdivision and Rotary Clubs from far and are now providing funds and teams of volunteers to build modest one-room homes to accommodate destitute families.
The delegated authority process does not apply to more complex developments such as large residential flat buildings, subdivisions, rezoning of land, and is designed to cut down on lengthy delays.
Factors contributing to the pollution threat is the lack of control over the subdivision of land and massive new developments in the area.
Halswell School has also had an enrolment scheme put in place by the Ministry of Education to help it cope with the growing number of new subdivisions in the area.
The Christchurch City Council has refused an application to develop a housing subdivision on Montgomery Spur on the Port Hills.
But golf courses, housing subdivisions and other human developments are increasingly pushing them off this habitat, and predation and disease are also taking a toll.
The biologist said developers of housing subdivisions and industrial parks often approach him for amphibian-tunnel advice but then downgrade the designs in order to save money.
Business grew along with the company's reputation and soon evolved exclusively to land clearing for housing subdivisions and commercial and industrial development.
Thus, people used housing subdivisions strictly for residential purposes, shopping centers only for commercial uses, and office parks only for work.
The postwar building boom was under way, the bulldozers were roaring, and Wayburn knew that developers were coveting those areas for subdivisions. "

" an area of housing.
A new community wastewater treatment system for a small town or subdivision would be an example of an activity requiring a nondegradation significance determination.
Papers relate also to the subdivision of the Cranbrook Estate in 1917.
Many consumers do not read the plan of sub-division carefully or look at the rules which govern the body corporate.
Sector three is the subdivision just south of us, which also includes Rex Mill Terrace.
A new sub-division is passed just prior to the station at McHenry.
Zoning for a housing subdivision on the border of Waterton Lakes National Park was given the go-ahead by the area's rural municipality.
Large middle-class subdivisions are being built away from the city center.
The Hildale City Council sent Wisan a letter saying it would not fight any court effort to get the subdivision approved.
According to this news report, a real estate developer filed suit against a former sex offender for ruining sales at a subdivision.
The report confirms that the 1972 Act, which deals with the subdivision of land into units, is now out of date.
All we know is that there is a subdivision in Harare, Zimbabwe, which is where he went to med school.
One distinction between homesites is subdivision lots versus single parcels of land.
Developer Ron Cook has built several upscale housing developments in Washtenaw County and has two subdivisions in Chelsea.
George turned and smiled politely as he made a sharp right turn out of the subdivision, ramming Isabella into her husband.
Catherine which is now part of Morphett Vale was named after the wife of postmaster Alexander Anderson, who laid out the subdivision.
Have an interest in comprehensive community planning, zoning and subdivision of land, and the protection of the environment.
But a private road in a subdivision, where there may later be subsequent division of ownership.
They do not need to do an independent traffic, environmental study etc. The land sits on 52 acres surronded by 3 subdivisions of around 1400 homes. "
plot, parcel, land - alle diese Begriffe werden im Zusammenhang mit "subdivision" verwendet, zumindest hierzulande  #698691
von romy (CZ/GB), 2013-03-14, 13:14  like dislike  Spam?  
Zerlegung - Sonderung: Da gibt es einen Unterschied  #698700
von Wenz (DE), 2013-03-14, 14:02  like dislike  Spam?  
Zum anderen gibt es die Möglichkeit der Zerlegung ohne örtliche Vermessung, die so genannte Sonderung.

Ein Zusatz müßte dazu in Richtung: without cadastral surveying ???
Wenz is on the right path.  #698709
von MichaelK (US), Last modified: 2013-03-14, 15:58  like dislike  Spam?  
In most U.S. states, there's a so-called minor subdivision which generally does not require a physical survey. The subdividing section lines are drawn in reference to already existing lines, just as they are with Sonderung.

There probably are differences, so "minor subdivision" may not be an exact equivalent. The U.S. land owner draws the subdividing lines and submits the drawing for approval, whereas (I think) in Germany, the Katasteramt draws the subdividing lines. "Minor" is also defined in most U.S. states by size of a parcel or the parcels. I'm not sure if size figures in the German Sonderung. At any rate, a "without physical survey" notation or sth. similar would get the idea across well because that's the commonality between most U.S. "minor subdivisions" and a Sonderung.

Google: "minor subdivision" "no survey"
von uffie (GH/KI), 2013-03-14, 15:22  like dislike  Spam?  
Many thanks everyone! My word for the day ;-)

I've re-opened the entry (I hope the format is correct) and added disambigs on both sides

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