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mit den Mietern abgerechnet  
von Windfall (GB), 2014-04-30, 15:00  like dislike  Spam?  
Der Stromverbrauch im separaten Zimmer wird gemessen und dann mit den Mietern jährlich abgerechnet.
The consumption of electricity in the separate room will be measured and then billed with the tenants annually.
"Billed with the tenants" doesn't make sense to me, only "billed to the tenants" or "billed by the tenants". This is Swiss German. Is the German correct and how should I understand it?
abrechnen mit  #753472
von Dracs (DE), 2014-04-30, 15:05  like dislike  Spam?  
Prinzipiell ist damit noch nicht gesagt, wer die Rechnung stellt und wer sie bezahlt, aber in diesem Fall ist klar, dass der Vermieter die Rechnung stellt, die der Mieter bezahlen muss. Billed to ist also richtig.
von Windfall (GB), 2014-04-30, 15:08  like dislike  Spam?  
4;Dracs, I think it's actually likely to be the tenants billing the landlady, as that's the one room the landlady isn't renting to them. Would that work as well?
electricity consumption in the extra room will be metered and subsequently charged to the teneant on an annual basis  #753476
von Red Rufus , 2014-04-30, 15:09  like dislike  Spam?  77.181.64....
oops!    tenant  #753477
von Red Rufus , 2014-04-30, 15:10  like dislike  Spam?  77.181.64....
Bei Nebenkostenabrechnungen geht's zudem meistens um das Verrechnen der tatsächlichen Verbrauchskosten  #753478
von Gobber (DE/IO), 2014-04-30, 15:10  like dislike  Spam? den Vorauszahlungspauschalen. Daher auch das 'abrechnen'...
von Windfall (GB), 2014-04-30, 15:15  like dislike  Spam?  
4;Red Rufus, are you sure it's that direction? There is a house with a separate room (separately accessible). The landlady is letting out all of the house except the room, which she is retaining for her own use. Are you sure the tenants are going to be charged annually for her electricity use there? Do you mean
electricity consumption in the extra room will be metered and subsequently charged BY the teneant on an annual basis. ?
4;Gobber, is that definitely the case for a) Switzerland and b) electricity? When I lived in Frankfurt, as far as I remember, we paid the landlord a fee for things like heating, water and rubbish, but paid our own electricity bills.
Ah. Then: by the tenant. Or you could write:   #753482
von Red Rufus , 2014-04-30, 15:24  like dislike  Spam?  77.181.64....
electricity consumption in the extra room will be metered; the relevant account is to be settled  on an annual basis
mit den Mietern abgerechnet   #753483
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), 2014-04-30, 15:26  like dislike  Spam?  
Maybe a word is missing?  
" ....  Stromverbrauch im separaten Zimmer wird gemessen und abgezogen und dann wird mit ..... "

Also in Germany it's possible to pay the electricity to the landlord ....
Another possibility.  #753488
von anonymous1, 2014-04-30, 15:42  like dislike  Spam?  72.82.10...
The renters pay the electric bill for the entire house, including electricity used in the room they're not actually renting. The landlord has a way to meter the electricity he used in the separate room (don't ask me how!)  and will reimburse the renters annually for the electricity they paid for, but didn't use. Screwy, I admit.
Sorry, it's been brought up before by sunfunlili. As she said: abgezogen.  #753489
von anonymous1, 2014-04-30, 15:44  like dislike  Spam?  72.82.10...
von uffie (GH/KI), 2014-04-30, 15:55  like dislike  Spam?  
In D all flats have their own electricity meter; rents usually do not include electricity (Warm-Miete may include water and heating). AFAIK electricity bills are normally settled by the tenant directly with the utility company. When the tenant moves he has to inform the electricity people beforehand to get a final figure before the next tenant moves in.

So it's quite plausible that there is a separate meter for particular rooms/areas of the building.
von anonymous1, 2014-04-30, 16:07  like dislike  Spam?  72.82.10...
4;uffie: in the U.S., a separate meter always means a separate account. The way the text read, I thought that perhaps there is only one ("whole house") account, but the landlord has a way to privately meter his electricity use in his separate room. It could keep him from having to deal with two accounts or Anschlüsse, so to speak. All just guesswork.
Even in Germany .....  #753517
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), 2014-04-30, 17:02  like dislike  Spam?  
.... big house, one landlord renting out most of the rooms to different people ..... one meter ....
maybe they have got a "special calculation"  ....  square metre x XYZ ....
Perhaps it's a mutual settlement of accounts ...  #753535
von Proteus-, 2014-04-30, 17:39  like dislike  Spam?  62.47.200...
von uffie (GH/KI), Last modified: 2014-04-30, 20:17  like dislike  Spam?  
in my experience, the landlord did not have one meter for all but one meter per flat (in one cupboard, admittedly). AFAIK it is neither legal nor practical to have one meter for a house with several flats.

Landlords can and do charge for "general' electricity (and other costs) - Betriebskosten i.e. lighting for the hall and general areas etc.
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), 2014-04-30, 21:43  like dislike  Spam?  
4;uffie - irgendwie hatte ich den Eindruck von either "commune" und nicht einzelne "flats" ....
von uffie (GH/KI), 2014-04-30, 22:09  like dislike  Spam?  
4; sunfun, ach so, das habe ich ganz anders verstanden.

Übrigens fällt mir gerade ein.. Perhaps you could say.. and is settled with the tenants annually....
von Windfall (GB), Last modified: 2014-04-30, 22:33  like dislike  Spam?  
4;uffie,  that might work,thanks. Unfortunately I had to send it off already.

It actually appears to be the rental of a whole Einfamilienhaus.
von uffie (GH/KI), 2014-05-01, 00:49  like dislike  Spam?  
ah well. Most rented accommodation tends to be in larger houses with several flats. In the case of an Einfamilienhaus it may have been different as it is, normally, a dwelling for a single family ;-)

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