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Brauche hilfe bei gramatik und sryle von diesem Text den ich übersetzt habe bitte!!  
von coolio123 (UN), 2014-05-28, 23:19  like dislike  Spam?  
ich bin gerade dabei meine Webseite auf Englisch zu übersetzen und wollte Fragen ob ihr mal drüberschauen könnt wegen der Gramatik von meinem übersetzen Text bin da ein bisschen schwach. ;/
Falls ihr keinen Bock habt alles auf Fehler zu durchsuchen könnt ihr wenigstens den gefallen tun und einen Textblock nur durchzusehen und mir bescheidgeben wie z.B. Transfer hab ich durchgeschaut keine Fehler :D
Ihr würdert mir sehr helfen. Falls ihr gar nicht helfen wollt/ zuviel text ist könnt ihr mir vlt sagen ob es eine Onlineplattform gibt wo man online Texte stellen kann und dort die für Geld übersetzen lassen kann?

My own Concierge
We are a company that specialized in, make your residence in Austria comfortable as possible.
It is important for us to think for you. Our drivers are enrolled and tested in an Assistant course at all points, which make you from the first meeting to the check out of your vacation a stress-free stay.
We co-operate with prominent hotels and political organs together for years. That is the reason why, punctuality, knowledge of downtown and outside traffic, serious appearance and acting are on our top priority.
Moc - Vienna is a Limousine service and Concierge Service at the same time. Each of our drivers is familiar in all subjects.
Whether a transfer from A to B, a round trip in Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Budapest or Bratislava of course it will be in your language.We arrange the best seats inn the top restaurants and famousclubs:We make it possible. You do not need a secretary, assistant or a  driver.
Our chauffeur is there for it.You do not need a secretary, assistant or an driver. Our driver performs these tasks for you.

Fast, safe, comfort andin luxury to the goal.
With our comfortable, well equipped vehicles and very well trained driver, you will come in the best possible way and safe to your goal. Our drivers will calculate before your arrival the fastest way, in order to save you from

Stand by
Enjoy your residence, stress-free well thought and comfortable.
You want to have a driver for yourself, who operate twenty-four-seven and takes care of everything?
Than you are correct with us. We are dedicated to our guests,to select a driver who meets their criteria for holidays or business. Whether shopping or culture, food or dance, medical visits or Spa and wellness, ask us. We advise you gladly.

Excursion // tour // round trip
Explore sights of Vienna and Austria properly.
There are many ways to look at the most beautiful sights of Vienna and Austria, but also in neighbouring countries.The right decision is up to you. However, we guarantee you, with our years of experience to leave you the most beautiful and lasting impression of your trip.Austria and Vienna have a lot to offer and we would like to present it to you

Wine and Winery
Apart from Sights Austria has, among others, also very good wines and the associated culture.
Visit with us the most beautiful wine regions, taste the best wines and enjoy the National delicious food in our famous wine taverns.We offer in our program tours and complete packages: Grinzing; Wachau; Styria; it is also possible with a newly reconstructed nostalgia ship to drive along the Wachau Valley and taste the local wines. For more information, we are available for you.

With the right assistants and consultants, you will have a great shopping experience.
Vienna has many hidden shops, but of course, immense shopping centres or internationally known outlets that you need to see. Let us advise you. Of course our chauffeur will accompany you, while shopping to relieve you from the burden.

Dinner and dance
Dinner and Dance: famous Café, bars, restaurants, clubs and our traditional wine taverns.
There are fantastic restaurants with national, but also international cuisine and numerous clubs in Vienna which you can’t get in so easily. We clear the way and arrange the best place.

Medical care
Best and fast health supply, hygienic and safe.
Medical monitoring and interpreters are in high demand today in Austria. Austria is one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world. In medicine, we are among the best. The responsibility in this sector is very high. Therefore, we work with qualified personnel at the highest level and offer our guests a quick and safe advice on all transactions. To provide you with the best available service and the right assistants, we offer you to send us more details (requests, questions, advice...) by email.

Only in a few countries, opera, theatre and museums are so well attended as in Vienna.
It is often not easy to decide what to do or where you want to go. To take as much as possiblefrom the Austrian culture in the short time you have in a vacation, we offer our services. Take some time before you arrive in Austria and send us some information about your preferences, so we have put together the right package for you until your arrival.

Security for our exclusive customer
Security is in addition to the health one of the most important basic needs for the welfare of the people. In addition to our Limousine and Concierge Service we also provide competent and well-trained security personnel. As security in today's world is becoming more important, enjoy with your Family our protective security servicefor an unburdened time.

Baggage and pet transport
Safe transport for your baggage and pet
Disclaim an uncomfortable journey, because of the weight of your baggage and let us carry it for you. We take your luggage to the desired destination while you lean back and relax.
We even take care of your dearest pet and bring it to the specified target. For that matter we are very concerned about safety and wellbeing of your favourite.

Valuables transportation
Enjoy our service of valuables transportation, because we carry everything that is dear to our customers with secureness. Punctual and well protected we bring your valuables from A to B. We take your trust very seriously and so you can rely 100% on us because ofour high professionalism and reliability.
Viel zu lang, um kostenlose Hilfe erwarten zu können.  #756679
von romy (CZ/GB), 2014-05-29, 03:42  like dislike  Spam?  
Bei so etwas solltest du einen Übersetzer direkt anschreiben und um einen Kostenvoranschlag für Korrekturlesen bitten. Es kostet sicher nur eine bescheidene Mindestpauschale und du hast dann einen geeigneten Ansprechpartner für die Zukunft.
anonymous, 2014-05-29, 21:11  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.124...
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