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English-German Translation of
Wohnträume = Living

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Wohnträume = Living dreams?  
von alexander490 (AT), 2014-06-10, 11:29  like dislike  Spam?  
von Windfall (GB), 2014-06-10, 11:37  like dislike  Spam?  
Sorry, I thought there is a general word  #757956
von alexander490 (AT), 2014-06-10, 13:25  like dislike  Spam?  
home improvement, building a house/home
The full sentence is: Wohnträume die in Erfüllung kommen (subtitle)
von Windfall (GB), 2014-06-10, 13:38  like dislike  Spam?  
Not in English. Linguee's "home design dreams" might work, as in "Home design dreams that come true", but that's not really a standard piece of marketing-speak in English.
:)  #757958
von alexander490 (AT), 2014-06-10, 13:47  like dislike  Spam?  
Linguee's "dream home" might also be a fitting substitute? (e.g.: A dream home that comes true)

otherwise I will use "Home design dreams that come true" like you said :)
A dream home can't come true :-)  #757969
von Lllama (GB/AT), Last modified: 2014-06-10, 14:47  like dislike  Spam?  
Another possibility - Your dream home made real. (But that's not the most formal way of putting it.)

Google: "dream * made real"
von Windfall (GB), 2014-06-10, 15:55  like dislike  Spam?  
I like "Your dream home made real", that strikes me as the sort of sentence marketers would use in English.
that sound very good! :) thanks!  #757994
von alexander490 (AT), 2014-06-10, 16:56  like dislike  Spam?  
Beg to differ: Wohnträume > dream house or flat / apartment  #758011
von Proteus-, 2014-06-10, 18:19  like dislike  Spam?  194.96.45....
Proteus, I'm not completely sure what you are disagreeing with.  #758026
von Lllama (GB/AT), 2014-06-10, 21:26  like dislike  Spam?  
The use of home instead of house or flat / apartment?

Home covers all types of accomodation (in one word, rather than having to use or) and is used in this type of marketing context as it comes across as more personal.

I think this company probably only do houses, so dream house would also work, but I can't see anything wrong with home.
On a lighter note, house \ home is still a bit of a class indicator  #758031
von Proteus-, 2014-06-10, 22:17  like dislike  Spam?  194.96.45....
U                                                Non-U
They've a very nice house.                 They have (got) a lovely home.
Wikipedia(EN): U_and_non-U_English
AE: property vs. the place you live in  #758036
von Lisa4dict loggedout, 2014-06-11, 00:19  like dislike  Spam?  99.11.162....
We own 3 houses but we have only one home.  
If we sell or rent out one of our houses we offer it as a home and the renters/buyers would call it their new home.
Builders build houses, but advertize their services as "home builders."
People in run down neighborhoods use those same terms.
von Windfall (GB), 2014-06-11, 09:04  like dislike  Spam?  
4;Proteus, the group of people who consistently use U (not non-U) words is relatively small in the UK (and not necessarily particularly rich, as being "U" means your great great grandparents were rich rather than that you are) and I don't see many signs of advertisers catering specifically to people who use U English (for instance I've never seen an ad for lavatory cleaner or loo cleaner rather than toilet cleaner and I've never known Ben and Jerry's or Haagen Dasz to claim they're selling "ice") - although admittedly you will more often hear "the new scent from ..." in an ad than "the new perfume from ...". Do you think the upper classes are the primary market for new builds? Do you think most non-U speakers are aspiring social climbers and would consistently recognise these words as U choices and not the working class words this vocabulary in many cases mirrors? My tendency is to believe not and I wouldn't pay any attention to using U vocabulary in an ad unless my primary target group were specifically the upper classes (and/or social climbers who aspire to be in the upper class, and not today's more popular aspiration of WAG, celebrity or reality TV star).
4;Lisa, that sounds like the way we break it down too, except I think we may call "house builders" "house builders" not "home builders".
von Iriemon, 2014-06-11, 10:34  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.117...
not having an upper class friends I am not really qualified not comment but the WIki list of U-words strikes me mainly as old-fashioned.

You hear older (middle class) people speaking of greens and pudding. Some of the words on the list also strike me as odd (serviette vs napkin).

I watch plenty of these home improvement programmes (not house BTW), and I get the impression "home" is used in marketing speak because it sounds more personal than "house" and has a better selling effect.
von Iriemon, 2014-06-11, 10:36  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.117...
what's with my glasses this morning...

not having any upper class friends I am not really qualified to...
Evidence: Why, Windfall et al., do we get so many Google hits for your dream house / flat? Cf. 18:19  #758101
von Proteus-, 2014-06-11, 12:09  like dislike  Spam?  194.118.50...
Further reading:

The jury is still out debating the question whether Alan S. C. Ross made a monumental fool of himself or took the mickey out of generations of upwardly mobile bores.
von Windfall (GB), Last modified: 2014-06-11, 12:25  like dislike  Spam?  
4;Proteus, you get 521,000 hits for "your dream house" v. 27 milliion for "your dream home" and yet your posts (possibly unintentionally) made it sound like you thought "your dream house" or "your dream flat" or "your dream apartment" were a better choice than "your dream home" because some research done many years ago into word choices by the upper classes at that time should have a key role in influencing word choices in today's marketing translations. My intention was to make it clear to any non-native speakers of English who read this that, in my view, U and non-U are not relevant to the word choices for the vast majority of translations including the vast majority of marketing translations (although, obviously if you were translating a novel about German aristocrats, you might want to factor this information in).

Btw, I dispute whether this distinction is =still= a bit of a class indicator, as it's not in the least clear whether this research still applies to modern day speech. Language changes, presumably even amongst the upper classes.

I do, however, agree that "Your dream house" is another option for "your dream home", albeit a significantly less popular one. Nevertheless, my personal preference would be for "your dream home" unless there was a reason not to use this.
Further reading II: Wikipedia(EN): Noblesse_Oblige_%28book%29  #758109
von Proteus-, 2014-06-11, 12:23  like dislike  Spam?  194.118.50...
Please bear in mind that Nancy Mitford was a past mistress of irony.   Wikipedia(EN): Nancy_Mitford
Real scores on Google site:uk  #758112
von Proteus-, 2014-06-11, 12:34  like dislike  Spam?  194.118.50...
Your dream home - 477 results

Your dream house - 400 results

In terms of advertising promise, the difference strikes me as much of a muchness.
von MichaelK (US), 2014-06-11, 16:58  like dislike  Spam?  
"Dream home" sounds odd when said aloud and in fact, I rarely hear it. With a U.S. speaker saying it, it could easily be mistaken for "dream on!" > "Ja, ja, häng ruhig deinen Wahnvorstellungen nach."
von Iriemon, 2014-06-11, 18:02  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.119...
Sorry, Oxford and others disagree - are you making this up on the hoof, Iriemon?  #758213
von Proteus-, 2014-06-11, 18:54  like dislike  Spam?  194.118.50...
Further LINK:  #758215
von Proteus-, 2014-06-11, 19:02  like dislike  Spam?  194.118.50...
(BE) CARAVAN n.   (AE) 1. Mobile home. 2. Trailer.  #758216
von Proteus-, 2014-06-11, 19:07  like dislike  Spam?  194.118.50...
von Iriemon, 2014-06-11, 21:38  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.119...
not really, Proteus. I was going on Michael's view. (I tend to pay more heed to knowledgeable native speakers than the printed word ..... I know, that makes me weird and a bit of a pariah here in dict)

And I was referring to dream house vs dream home (see also my comment 10:34). Perhaps I wasn't quite clear on that, mobile homes have nothing to do with it really.
Surely three links cannot establish any AE / BE difference - and you did refer to the printed word in them, didn't you  #758236
von Proteus-, 2014-06-11, 22:43  like dislike  Spam?  194.118.50...
von Iriemon, 2014-06-12, 16:19  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.125....
perhaps it's a regional difference then.

All I was saying that "dream home" is a preferred selling/marketing term in BE. However, unless the search engine has gone totally doolally not too many hits as far as general language use is concerned.;_ylt=A9mSs2t5tplTN1IA5PhLBQx.?p=...

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