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Gibt es ein deutsche Entsprechung des US-amerikanischen Begriffs "adversary proceedings"? (usually initiated by a chapter 7 trustee, i.e.    
von Texan, 2014-09-23, 16:31  like dislike  Spam?  213.61.158...
chapter 7 of title 11 of the United States Code (Bankruptcy Code).
Mein Gedanke wäre "Gegendarstellungsverfahren"

Vielen Dank!
Difficult.  #769728
von MichaelK (US), 2014-09-23, 17:27  like dislike  Spam?  
The prominent characteristic of Chapter 7 is the immediate liquidation of all assets. This means that reorganization (beaufsichtigte Insolvenz) is not an objective. I would (cautiously) use an explanatory translation and probably add the U.S. term at the end, like Insolvenzeröffnung mit sofortiger Veräußerung der Unternehmenswerte (adversary bankruptcy proceedings).
streitiges Verfahren  #769730
von Proteus-, 2014-09-23, 17:28  like dislike  Spam?  193.81.119...
The LINK is Fachwörterbuch Wirtschaft, Handel und Finanzen Englisch  edited by Ludwig Merz - Google Books  #769731
von Proteus-, 2014-09-23, 17:30  like dislike  Spam?  193.81.119...
PS: 2011 edition  #769732
von Proteus-, 2014-09-23, 17:31  like dislike  Spam?  193.81.119...
Streitverfahren  #769742
von callixte (US), 2014-09-23, 17:45  like dislike  Spam?  
The term is a catch-all for any lawsuit brought by a trustee in bankruptcy to recover assets of the estate. (US) Probably no German equivalent exists.
von MichaelK (US), Last modified: 2014-09-23, 17:59  like dislike  Spam?  
4;Proteus: Well yes, your assets are being taken from you, so streitiges Verfahren can certainly apply. But in my view, that term is much too broad for use in this context.
4;callixte: Agree, no German equivalent.
von callixte (US), 2014-09-23, 18:04  like dislike  Spam?  
4;Michael.  I beg to differ.  The term adversary proceeding encompasses a very wide array of legal actions: fraud, breach of contract, declaratory judgment--just about anything.  As long as the sentence makes clear that an Insolvenzverwalter is the plaintiff, any German word for lawsuit will work just fine.
von MichaelK (US), Last modified: 2014-09-23, 18:15  like dislike  Spam?  
4;callixte: Yes, there has to be clarification. My way was to put the "bankruptcy" into my suggested parenthetical "adversary bankruptcy proceedings."
Michael - as usual you are absolutely spot-on. It's about chapter 7 proceedings.  #771015
von ShinerTexas (IT/DE), 2014-09-24, 20:54  like dislike  Spam?  
We have opted for a German rendering plus the English in brackets.
Thank you so much!
And thank you Proteus and callixte!! Very much appreciated  #771016
von ShinerTexas (IT/DE), 2014-09-24, 20:56  like dislike  Spam?  
von callixte (US), 2014-09-25, 23:13  like dislike  Spam?  

4;Michael:  I hadn't the time to address this the other day; please forgive the delay.  I understand the question to be about "adversary proceedings" and not about chapter 7.   If I am wrong, kindly ignore all that follows.

"Adversary proceeding" has already been given a fairly standard translation--Streitverfahren.  See the link above, or look in  Your own suggestion,  "Insolvenzeröffnung mit sofortiger Veräußerung der Unternehmenswerte," describes the goal of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but does not, imo, describe an adversary proceeding.  Moreover, sorry to say, I find your parenthetical (adversary bankruptcy proceeding) to be an awkward amalgam.

The phrase "adversary proceeding" is peculiar to US Bankruptcy law, and describes any lawsuit brought by summons and complaint in a bankruptcy court--whether in chapter 7, 9, 11 or 13.   It sometimes has to do with obtaining assets from the debtor,  but very often (almost invariably) does not.   Adversary proceedings are often brought against banks, insurance companies, vendors, or anyone who owes money to the debtor.  An adversary proceeding is a full-fledged a civil case (as distinguished from a "contested matter," i.e.,  "Antrag").  It is a Prozess, if you will, albeit one appended to a bankruptcy case and therefore filed in bankruptcy court.  There is simply nothing "immediate" about adversary proceedings, not even one in a chapter 7.   They all present the pleading, discovery, trial and appellate stages that characterize most civil litigation in this country.

Further, almost anything could be at issue in an adversary proceeding.  Yes, the insolvency of the debtor might lie at the heart of an adversary proceeding.  But for the most part, the insolvency of the debtor is an issue taken up in the main bankruptcy case, not an adversary proceeding.   So "Insolvenzeröffnung" is, in my view, far too narrow, and rather misleading.  

p.s.  I would much rather have sent you this in a private message.  Unfortunately, that service is not available to me.

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