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von Jim46 (US), Last modified: 2014-11-13, 13:21  like dislike  Spam?  
There was a recent discussion about our new health care system, which is not yet
assured of becoming defacto.  The supreme court is now reviewing its constitutionality.

In this video clip, they discuss the non-transparency necessary to fool the
stupid American voter.  Hopefully there are enough "non-stupids" to kill this thing, and
King O can try to fix some actual health care problems instead of creating more.

Youtube: G790p0LcgbI
von iriemonloggedout, 2014-11-13, 16:02  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.120....
A friend of mine worked in Communications during the Falkland War (Royal Navy). He saw it then and is convinced that, to this day, the general population doesn't know a tenth of what is going on. I believe that, too. Strictly on a need-to-know basis, irrespective of country. Various leaks in recent years have shown, how little the general population really knows. So much for the transparency of governments.

As I said in that previous discussion, I believe many Americans lack and don't see the need for solidarity which is the basis for a welfare state (continental Europe).

Whether this is the type of society one wants to live in is for everybody to decide for themselves. Here in Europe, the countries with the highest living standard throughout have the most pronounced welfare systems.

an interesting, if older, article
Thanks for the BBC rundown, ufriend  #777115
von Proteus-, 2014-11-13, 22:33  like dislike  Spam?  194.118.55...
Distrust  #777121
von Jim46 (US), 2014-11-13, 23:16  like dislike  Spam?  
We have a saying, that if you want to pay the most for something and get the least in return,
let the the government run it.  Perhaps European gov'ts are more capable and trustworthy.  Here
we sit, bankrupt to the tune of $trillions, our Social Security stuffed with Treasury IOUs, because
the money has been illegally spent elsewhere, and many other such failures, laced with criminality.
We should trust our gov't yet again with something so large and important as national healthcare?
von iriemonloggedout, 2014-11-13, 23:24  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.120....
you're welcome Proteus
von iriemonloggedout, 2014-11-13, 23:29  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.120....
the question is: would the opposition have done any better? If the answer isn't a convincing "yes" then the entire system needs a complete overhaul.

If there is enough grass root support, big projects can be implemented, see the German "Energiewende". Not ideal by a long stretch, overpriced, but it's being done.
Stupid  #777142
von atemp (US), 2014-11-14, 02:35  like dislike  Spam?  
Actually, that smarmy putz Gruber saying "stupid" was probably referring to how stupid the voters (and all Republicans) must be to not recognize his total genius in 1) crafting Obamacare; and 2) sneakily passing it off to the senile Pelosi and Reed.

Wie sagt smarmy putz auf Deutsch?

"...would the opposition have done any better?" Well, the Democrats just had their collective Arsch handed to them, so we'll get to find out soon enough.

The Clintons despise Obama and always have, so witness the setup for Hillary 2016 in the comical fleeing of Democ-Rats from Obama's ship of state, and the sudden real possibility of judicially quashing and repealing O-care.  Recall too that 20 years ago Mrs. Blowjob had her own healthcare initiative that she alienated half of Washington trying to get into legislation. The next two years in American politics should be quite a spectacle!
von iriemonloggedout, 2014-11-14, 10:18  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.120....
smarmy is schmierig but I've never heard of "putz".

Let's hope that the upcoming spectacle will mean a turn for the better..
von iriemonloggedout, 2014-11-14, 10:26  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.120....
probably the last nail in his coffin...
Executive orders  #777199
von Jim46 (US), 2014-11-14, 15:05  like dislike  Spam?  
They were originally given to the Pres., so he could take care of things in and around
the White House without an act of congress.  Now King O and his predecessors have
grown them to a point where the Pres. can attempt to rule the country as a dictator.  
Congress can stop him, but they too often don't.  

The immigration problem should have bee effective handled long ago.  Now it's out of
control.  The last figure I saw, 29% of our federal prison population are illegals.  These
are people who have robbed, raped, and murdered us.  Helluva way to run a country.  
Don't let it happen in Europe.
Man nennt solche Ansichten im alten Europa der Sozialstaaten populistisch oder schlicht rechtsradikal.  #777572
von rabend (DE/FR), 2014-11-17, 21:03  like dislike  Spam?  
Aber, bitteschön, ihr seid ja keine Europäer.
iriemon  #777573
von rabend (DE/FR), Last modified: 2014-11-17, 21:09  like dislike  Spam?  
Putz ist Jiddisch und bedeutet urspünglich Penis, wie Schmock (des Mannes Putz oder Schmuck). Es entstammt also der Sprache dieser heimtückischen Leute, die laut Jim die amerikanischen Medien beherrschen.
rabend  #777582
von Jim46 (US), 2014-11-17, 22:02  like dislike  Spam?  
No, I'm not European, and I'm not against lawful immigration.

The media does not report the ugly side of our massive immigration problem, so how
do you know the entire situation, especially from another continent?
Comic photo  #777584
von Jim46 (US), 2014-11-17, 22:29  like dislike  Spam?  
Good for a laugh.  But the photos below are not so funny.  You can see the U.S. flag
dishonored, demands for free health care and free housing.  They want more than I have.

Google: illegals demanding photos

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