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Immigrant behavior

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Immigrant behavior in a host country.  
von Jim46 (US), Last modified: 2015-10-13, 12:35  like dislike  Spam?  
It looks like Germany will need to hire more garbage personnel.
And park your bike away from buildings.
von uffie (GH/KI), 2015-10-13, 12:43  like dislike  Spam?  
I know.... :-(
von timfefe (AU/AT), 2015-10-13, 12:47  like dislike  Spam?  
Können wir zu recht von den Asylbewerbern erwarten, alle (un)sitten des Heimatlands zu vergessen?
von Jim46 (US), 2015-10-13, 12:51  like dislike  Spam?  
Nearly 30% of our federal prison population are illegals.  Building prisons takes time.
I suggest you start now.
Yellow journalism.  #820372
von MichaelK (US), 2015-10-13, 12:54  like dislike  Spam?  
I don't see anyone dumping garbage from their balcony. Who knows how the garbage on the grass got there. And what am I supposed to think now--that all migrants dump garbage all the time from their balcony no matter where they live? What a crock.
von uffie (GH/KI), 2015-10-13, 12:57  like dislike  Spam?  
yes. Meinungsmache....
von uffie (GH/KI), 2015-10-13, 13:04  like dislike  Spam?  
4; tim.  I have been to Egypt and Tunisia and really noticed the rubbish floating around. Not in front of people's houses but elsewhere. They seem to clean on their doorstop but don't worry about communal areas. It'll take time.
von Jim46 (US), 2015-10-13, 13:07  like dislike  Spam?  
Perhaps the wind blew it there, and smashed the bicycles?
Of course, not all of them.
Sad to see. But even if migrants had misbehaved, there are humane ways of teaching them how to act responsibly.  #820387
von Proteus-, 2015-10-13, 13:12  like dislike  Spam?  62.116.61...
For all I have heard, Syrian refugees in Turkish camps have strenuously complained about filth piling up as a result of a breakdown in refuse collection.

We ought to remember that many migrants have left behind living conditions at least as civilized as those in middle-class German / European communities. Historically, Syria is one of the fountains of civilization tout court. For millennia, people there had lived in flourishing cities when nobody had as yet heard of Teutonic villagers emerging from foggy, soggy forests.
von timfefe (AU/AT), 2015-10-13, 13:14  like dislike  Spam?  
I think we are all saying basically the same thing.
If we decide to accept asylum seekers, we must be cognisant of the fact that most of them would bring most of their habits along from their home country. And that includes rubbish dumping, lower safety standards and many others. We also must be cognisant of the fact that a percentage of them would find it challenging to integrate into European society, get frustrated and might eventually turn to crime.
uffie  #820394
von MichaelK (US), 2015-10-13, 13:35  like dislike  Spam?  
On those communal areas: Almost every day, I take a 15-mile bicycle ride. Part of the route has me ride through a 2-mile stretch of forest. There's rarely any traffic, and there are no houses. It's become a favorite stretch of road for some of my fellow citizens to dump their garbage.

On yesterday's ride, here's what I saw: about ten automobile tires, one sofa, one recliner, a dead dog (still had a collar on it) in a clear plastic bag, one refrigerator (has been there for about a year), too many beer cans to count, two new plastic bags of household garbage, one computer monitor and various convenience store food wrappers and containers. With deer hunting season coming up, there'll be the annual collection of deer carcasses rotting away. The vultures do a fairly good disposal job, but they are slow workers.

About to hit the road again, wonder what's new out there today.
von timfefe (AU/AT), 2015-10-13, 14:00  like dislike  Spam?  
In Sydney, and perhaps other Australian cities, local councils have a weekly household junk collection and a weekly garden refuse collection. On a nominated day of the week, you could just place things that won't fit in the normal garbage containers (e.g. old furniture) in front of your house, and the council would collect them. Do you have something similar in the US?

I now live in Vienna, and something like that does not exist. One must bring the larger garbage items into what's called in Vienna "Mistplatz ".

I never thought of this Aussie household junk collection as unique.
von uffie (GH/KI), 2015-10-13, 14:08  like dislike  Spam?  
they have it here but not weekly. Recycled items and normal household waste are collected fortnightly. For other waste, such as furniture, electrical goods, garden waste you have to phone them up and they come within the month. This is in the country, in cities collections are more frequent.
von uffie (GH/KI), 2015-10-13, 14:10  like dislike  Spam?  
4; tim. They're saying that most of the Syrians want to return home once the war is over. But integration is absolute key.

4; Proteus. There are several civilisations that arose long before any in northern Europe but present day learning and conditions bear no semblance to ancient standards.
Building prisons is the American Way.  #820403
von [<>], 2015-10-13, 14:11  like dislike  Spam?  38.121.148....
Extending a helping hand to people in need before they resort to violence is the Christian way.
timfefe  #820405
von MichaelK (US), Last modified: 2015-10-13, 14:21  like dislike  Spam?  
Yes, we have garbage collection and recycling schemes of all kinds. For people living in areas where there is no tax-supported garbage collection (like yours truly), you can pay someone $30 a month or so to pick up your stuff. I could also bring my garbage to a county collection center, that's about $5 a pickup- truck load. No charge for dead refrigerators and washing machines. You know where this is going: most people who dump dead dogs, unwanted furniture and household garbage into the bushes don't want to pay a single cent to get rid of their shit and / or are too effing lazy to bring it to the county collection center.
It's not unique, timfefe. Similar service for "Sperrmüll" is provided in many cities and areas in Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz.  #820408
von parker11 (DE), Last modified: 2015-10-13, 14:19  like dislike  Spam?  
Korrektes Verhalten bei der Müllentsorgung …   #820409
von parker11 (DE), 2015-10-13, 14:21  like dislike  Spam?  
… scheint mir aber das kleinste aller bevorstehenden Probleme mit den Flüchtlingen zu sein. Das Allerkleinste.
von uffie (GH/KI), 2015-10-13, 14:24  like dislike  Spam?  
Have you ever encountered refuse scattered all over the place in normal Arab / Islamic cities, uffie? If so, where and when?  #820412
von Proteus-, 2015-10-13, 14:25  like dislike  Spam?  62.116.61...
If you referred to Arab slums — have you ever toured in depth the slums of Marseille or, for that matter, Berlin?
[<>]  #820414
von Jim46 (US), 2015-10-13, 14:26  like dislike  Spam?  
Good luck with that approach, where ever you are.  I'm sure you'll have 100% success.
von uffie (GH/KI), Last modified: 2015-10-13, 14:36  like dislike  Spam?  
4; Proteus. I have been to Marseille, went on a Nile cruise with trips into the country (not just the ancient sites), El Quseir, Hammammet and Djerba in Tunisia. Mostly tourist destinations but we have a habit of exploring the areas around us...

In Berlin I stayed near the Museumsinsel because that's where I wanted to go.

As I said,  I found plenty of rubbish around but not in people's own yards. And no, they were normal villages and towns, not slums. Every country has slums and they are always bad  (possible exceptions Scandinavia and Switzerland).
Interessanter Vorschlag von Jim mit den Gefängnissen;-)  #820419
von parker11 (DE), Last modified: 2015-10-13, 14:38  like dislike  Spam?  
Zur optimalen Nutzung müssen sie gar nicht zu groß angelegt sein, je kleiner, je besser. Dann einfach hoffnungslos überbelegen, katastrophale Verpflegungs- und Hygienesituation schaffen, Sicherheitspersonal zu Hause lassen, und - schwuppdiwupp - bringen sie sich früher oder später alle gegenseitig um. So ähnlich wie in Brasilien. Wäre das nicht wunderbar?
PS: Natürlich brächten wir auch noch schärfere Gesetze, die illegale Sperrmüllentsorgung ohne Wenn und Aber mit hohen Freiheitsstrafen ohne Bewährung ahndet.
von MichaelK (US), Last modified: 2015-10-13, 15:22  like dislike  Spam?  
Deleted. Reference post was changed whilst I was typing, rendering this one nonsensical.
Numbers  #820427
von Jim46 (US), 2015-10-13, 14:47  like dislike  Spam?  
Immigration in acceptable numbers works -- orderly, legally.  Then we can do as [<>] suggested.
But when a country is overwhelmed, as we are, and, I fear, Germany will be, it becomes unmanageable.
von [<>], 2015-10-13, 14:48  like dislike  Spam?  38.121.148....
4;parker11:  Not just Brazil.  The State of Texas tried this approach for decades, until some liberal federal judge ruled it "cruel and unusual" treatment of prisoners--a violation of the US constitution.
von uffie (GH/KI), 2015-10-13, 14:57  like dislike  Spam?  
reality catching up with irony...
von Sasso', 2015-10-13, 15:14  like dislike  Spam?  78.41.149....
Das Wildwestdenken ist auch nach mehr als 200 Jahren noch nicht aus dem Köpfen der Amerikaner verschwunden und trübt den Blick für die richtigen Proportionen. Während dort die öffentliche Infrastruktur am Boden ist und alle paar Wochen ein Polizist oder ein Geistesgestörter duzende unschuldige Menschen erschießt, pflegen sie Feindbilder und ereifern sich über Abfälle, die es bei jeder Veranstaltung gibt, wo Menschenmassen auf engstem Raum zusammentreffen.
Ich lese diesen Thread in meinem pariser Osten mit viel Vergnügen.   #820433
von rabend (DE/FR), Last modified: 2015-10-13, 15:32  like dislike  Spam?  
Die Sperrmüllentsorgung wird bei uns neuerdings weitgehend durch die zugezogenen Roma erledigt. Die Müllabfuhr muss nur noch mitnehmen, was wirklich unbrauchbar ist. In den indischen Großstädten findet man, so hat man mir berichtet, keinen Kronkorken und kein Fetzelchen Papier auf der Straße. Es sind das alles Werte, die schnell dem Recycling zugeführt werden. Bei meinem handgeknüpften Wohnzimmerteppich war ich allerdings schneller als unsere Roma. Künftig muss man vielleicht noch fixer sein.
Pariser (Eigenschaftswort) bitte mit großem P  #820434
von Proteus-, 2015-10-13, 15:40  like dislike  Spam?  62.116.61...

Die Regel scheint zu sein: Wenn in der Adjektivbildung nur -er angehängt wird, bleibt die Großschreibung, z.B. Berlin / Berliner (der Berliner Sommer usw.). Kommt mehr hinzu, flutscht es zur Kleinschreibung: Berlin / berlinerisch, Oldenburg / oldenburgisch.

Ist ein Krampf mit dieser verflixten deutschen Sprache!
Ich folge diesbezüglich Tucholsky.   #820437
von rabend (DE/FR), Last modified: 2015-10-13, 15:47  like dislike  Spam?  
Ich schreibe hier privat, und da kann mich der Duden.
Bitte bedenke, dass Fremdsprachler in diesem Forum auch Deutsch lernen sollen. Wollen wir ihnen schlechte Sitten beibringen?  #820440
von Proteus-, 2015-10-13, 15:51  like dislike  Spam?  62.116.61...
rabend 15:32: ein bisschen off-topic, aber trotzdem:  #820449
von parker11 (DE), 2015-10-13, 16:42  like dislike  Spam?  
Hahaha … ähnlich verhält es sich bei der Mülltrennung in Deutschland. Glasflaschen und Dosen müssen in DE nicht mehr getrennt entsorgt werden, die diesbezüglichen Anordnungen und Vorschriften, die Herr Trittin und die Grünen erwirkt haben, haben sich als völlig unnötig erwiesen. Dies wird zumindest in deutschen Großstädten von Hartz-4-Empfängern kostenlos erledigt, ganz ohne teure computergesteuerte Mülltrennungsanlagen. Das ist kein Sarkasmus, sondern blanke Realität. Ich sehe fast keinen öffentlichen Papierkorb oder keine Hausmüllcontainer mehr, die nicht von einem Mitbürger mit Schutzhandschuhen und großen Plastiktüten durchwühlt werden. Täglich. Stündlich. Eigentlich ein Geniestreich der rot-grünen Regierung unter Schröder/Fischer: Schröders Hartz 4 wird entwürdigend niedrig angesetzt (um die 400 Euro monatlich, glaube ich), jeder Hartz-4-Empfänger kann aber sein monatliches Einkommen durch Fischers/Trittins Flaschen- und Dosenpfand etwas aufbessern. Und alles für die Umwelt!! Geradezu diabolisch genial;-)

Ich wage vorauszusagen: spätestens wenn die Flüchtlinge diese Einnahmequelle für sich entdeckt haben (legal arbeiten dürfen sie ja nicht), wird es erbitterte Revierkämpfe um Papierkörbe, Flaschen und Dosen geben.
back to topic:  #820451
von parker11 (DE), 2015-10-13, 17:06  like dislike  Spam?  
Wild West  #820456
von Jim46 (US), 2015-10-13, 17:46  like dislike  Spam?  
It seems the Wild West era is a bit overblown in some people's minds, thanks to TV
and movies probably.  They have to make it exciting.  For instance, the "Gunfight at the
O.K. Corral" was actually a 30-second shootout, about which I think four movies have
been made. But the famous Wyatt Earp was there and the infamous Doc Holliday.  It's
too "juicy" not to be milked dry by Hollywood.  Just entertainment, that is short on fact.

Wikipedia(EN): Gunfight_at_the_O.K._Corral
Wenn sich Western bemühen, beispielsw. die schwarzen Flecken in der amerikan. Geschichte aufzuarbeiten,  #820518
von rabend (DE/FR), 2015-10-14, 12:56  like dislike  Spam?  
ist nichts dagegen einzuwenden

Wikipedia(EN): Sand_Creek_massacre
True  #820530
von Jim46 (US), 2015-10-14, 13:19  like dislike  Spam?  
The white man (of European descent) has treated the native Americans badly since the beginning.  
We still treat them badly, IMO.  I can't change that.  Where is the country that has no black stains?
White men have avidly wiped out white men as well  #820573
von Proteus-, 2015-10-15, 00:57  like dislike  Spam?  62.47.202....
Before the 'Anglo-Saxon' invasion, more or less Romanized Celts inhabited the British Isles. What has become of them after nearly 2000 years? They were pushed to the margins, the British Balkans. Their languages have hung on to life by a thread wearing thinner and thinner.

Same story with the Celts in France where some of them hold out folkloristically in Brittany;
with the Sorbs in Central Europe;
with the Old Prussians (originally a Baltic ethnic group) Wikipedia(EN): Old_Prussians ;
with the Celts again in what later became Slavic countries Wikipedia(EN): Celts ;
with the Etruscans and Celts and Greeks in Italy;
with the Celts in Spain.
The closer you look, the longer the list. The successors everywhere decimated, i.e. substantially killed off their predecessors.
von Jim46 (US), 2015-10-15, 01:19  like dislike  Spam?  
You make a very good case why citizens should be armed and proficient.
Was die folkloristischen Bretonen betrifft, sollte man aber besser nicht den großen Historikern Goscinny und Uderzo folgen.   #820608
von rabend (DE/FR), Last modified: 2015-10-15, 12:59  like dislike  Spam?  
Die Bretagne wurde "rekeltisiert". Bretonisch gehört beiläufig zu den inselkeltischen Sprachen. Keine keltische Sprache des europ. Kontinents hat überlebt.

Wikipedia(DE): Bretonische_Sprache

Wikipedia(DE): Bretagne

Klar, wenn alle Bürger nur ausreichend bewaffnet sind, herrscht eitel Frieden und Sonnenschein, Sieht man gerade im libyschen und syrisch-irakischen Raum. Gottesgläubige waffenkundige Bevölkerungen, die mehrheitlich abschreckende Strafen befürworten.
Army vs. the Indians  #820617
von Jim46 (US), 2015-10-15, 14:48  like dislike  Spam?  
The Sand Creek massacre was sad, but not without grounds.  The Indians were often savages,
who killed, dismembered, and tortured white men to death in the most horrible ways.  Women too,
on occasion.  After seeing the results of these actions, a fierce hatred develops, so much so, that
exterminating the savages becomes the mindset.  "The only good Indian is a dead Indian".

To me, the Wild West was about cowboys, prospectors, bank and train robbers, fast-draw gunslingers,
etc.  In such a huge land, law and order was slow in coming.
The only good NN is a dead NN can be found universally  #820619
von Proteus-, 2015-10-15, 15:54  like dislike  Spam?  193.83.228....
Tolstoy mentions it in a Caucasian context. The Cossacks there were convinced that the only good Chechen was a dead Chechen. Conversely, the neighbouring Chechens held the only good Cossack to be a dead Cossack.

BTW, while white men took care of the butchering, few women among them well and truly abhorred it.

In political, historical, civilizational cant the whole process is called assimilation. Sounds very sensible and highly considerate. Who would suspect that all over the world decimation has been an integral part of gentle assimilation for millennia?
von rabend (DE/FR), Last modified: 2015-10-15, 17:00  like dislike  Spam?  
Die Sache mit der Assimilation ist i. Ü. sehr kompliziert. Es gab im 18. und beginnenden 19. Jh. auch einen Zug mitteleuropäischer Juden nach Osten – unter dem Einfluss gottesgläubiger Patriarchen, die aufgrund der Möglichkeiten, die die Aufklärung bot, um ihre Kinder fürchteten. Diese Alten zogen letzten Endes die alte Welt, in der Juden immer mal wieder umgebracht wurden, der neuen vor, die den Taufzettel als Entrée-Billet zur europäischen Kultur (Heine) schmackhaft machte. Es gibt den Ausspruch eines berühmten Rabbiners, der, gefragt, ob er den Sieg Napoleons oder den des Zaren wünsche, antwortete: den des Zaren. Dessen Sieg bedeute zwar den Tod vieler Juden, doch der Sieg Napoleons das Ende des Judentums.

So schlug auch der "gutgemeinte" Versuch braver weißer Amerikaner fehl, die mitten im 19. Jh. den Indianern Farmland anboten, falls sie es wie eine weiße Familie bebauen wollten.

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