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English-German Translation of
Design the way you

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Design the way you think! (Cypress Semiconductors developer's board)  
von Dracs (DE), 2016-12-01, 16:30  like dislike  Spam?  
To me as a German native speaker this appears a bit ambiguous:
The intended meaning: Entwickle (etwas) so, wie DU denkst! (= nicht so, wie andere Leute denken.)
Second unintended meaning as I understand it: Entwickle die Art und Weise, wie du denkst!
Do you English natives feel alike, or is it just me?
[SPAM] #859920
von anhbest289 (UN), 2016-12-01, 16:34  like dislike  
von MichaelK (US), Last modified: 2016-12-01, 17:01  like dislike  Spam?  
I only understood it in the meaning of "let the way you design something be similar to or like the way you think." Sort of like the "scribbling on the back of an envelope" done by mad genius inventors. I can't see your second (unintended) meaning no matter how long I stare at that tagline.
My first thought was that it meant that I could change how I think,  #859925
von Lllama (GB/AT), 2016-12-01, 16:59  like dislike  Spam?  
and I didn't notice the ambiguity until I read your next sentence.
:-))  #859926
von Lllama (GB/AT), 2016-12-01, 17:00  like dislike  Spam?  
Well, those two answers together are really helpful ;-))
LOL, spectacular fail to serve the needs of Dracs.  #859927
von MichaelK (US), Last modified: 2016-12-01, 17:13  like dislike  Spam?  
I think "design" only works well with an object, at least in AE. One doesn't really "design" a way of thinking, an approach or a concept. That's not saying you can't write that and that no one will understand what you mean. Hmmm, that wasn't very helpful either, sorry.
In this case it's software design.   #859929
von Dracs (DE), 2016-12-01, 17:28  like dislike  Spam?  
I'm actually working on this development system, and this sentence comes into my field of view many times a day. Just like Michael, also a tech guy, I never had second thoughts. Until today.
I was pondering on an issue thinking that a different approach in thinking might ... <tink!> Design the way you think!
Thanks to both of you.
von MichaelK (US), Last modified: 2016-12-01, 20:12  like dislike  Spam?  
With software design, I could see the phrase suggesting a tabula rasa process initially throwing all constraints overboard, then slowly re-introducing them as you begin to get scared by your own courage. :-)
von aphoenix (US), 2016-12-01, 20:39  like dislike  Spam?  
From  "Instead of trawling through device documentation and memorizing register maps, users simply lay out the design, just as they would on paper or a whiteboard, and let the tool translate it into the PSoC configuration. With PSoC Creator, customers create designs according to application requirements, not the limitations of the target device. Re-targeting to new devices is as simple as rebuilding an application, so porting designs—including migrating working designs seamlessly from 8- to 32-bit devices—is easy."  So, the primary meaning is that one lays out the design and then the software takes care of optimization, configuring for particular devices, etc.  However, their marketting department was almost certainly aware of the ambiguity and recognized that the ambiguity would capture people's attention, which is, of course, what marketting is about.
Corporate doubletalk  #859996
von atemp (US), Last modified: 2016-12-02, 15:16  like dislike  Spam?  
Design the way you think. is in fact meaningless, a tagline tossed out there by a glib, pointy-haired suit who hasn't a creative bone in his/her body. It's up with there with Apple's old subliterate tagline "Think Different". It's likely both phrases were formulated by committees of marketing dickheads.

That said, "design the way you think" is meaningful only if recast as "let your designs reflect your modes of thought", which is still stupid because that's not how engineers do their jobs. The other possible meaning, namely designing modes of thought, is utterly ludicrous: modes of thought are acquired by training and experience, not by wishful thinking.

And pray do not mention engineering and marketing in the same breath. Marketers and engineers share deep, unabiding mutual contempt. Dilbert is written by a (former) techie, not a marketer.
Agree :)  #860002
von Dracs (DE), 2016-12-02, 15:28  like dislike  Spam?  
Dilbert is my favourite comic.
von MichaelK (US), 2016-12-02, 16:19  like dislike  Spam?  
Very good observations by atemp.
von aphoenix (US), 2016-12-02, 17:10  like dislike  Spam?  
Sorry, I disagree.  The software in question is intended to allow one to focus on the big picture rather than the details.  I have not personally used this particular software, but software such as this, which automates a portion of the design process, can provide a tremendous increase in productivity.  An engineer who really enjoys selecting which register to use to store a particular value at a particular time may prefer to think in terms of registers, etc. However, with the current availability of inexpensive processors and memory, it very seldom makes sense to optimize the code to that degree, not to mention that the software can probably achieve close to the same level of optimality.  It's the same issue as with a craftsman who operates a lathe to machine a commonly used part.  Except in limited circumstances, it makes more sense to automate the process.  In both cases, automation reduces the need for a skill that the individual may have spent years perfecting and may enjoy using.  However, the fact that useful machines, software, etc. is affordable to so many today is a result of the automation process.
von aphoenix (US), 2016-12-02, 19:20  like dislike  Spam?  
... and though it may appear that I have no sense of humor, I love Dilbert too.
Gag me.  #860040
von atemp (US), 2016-12-03, 04:07  like dislike  Spam?  
"...allow one to focus on the big picture..." Oh, puleeze. Long before I left electronics hardware engineering behind I was hearing endless promos and wild promises for kewl super software tools that supposedly let one whip up whole complex systems with a few drag &drops and mouse clicks. That may be so... given enough memory and MIPS, and enough money to afford said tools. That one is locked into single-source chip vendors goes unmentioned, as does the fiendish complexity of the underlying macros databases and compilers that provide the end user with such "big picture" simplicity.

aphoenix's last posting above is bordering on SPAM anyway, and is way, way OT for this thread and indeed this forum.
Excuuuuuuuse me....    #860041
von aphoenix (US), 2016-12-03, 04:50  like dislike  Spam?  
My post is a reply to yours.  I agree that since yours was off topic, mine was too. It was most definitely not SPAM.  You may or may not like what is happening in the world but it's not going to change for you.

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