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Frage: währungsumrechnung  
von Windfall (GB), 2017-05-15, 11:22  like dislike  Spam?  
I've been trying to work out if the  dict's entries for "Währungsumrechnung" are correct/clear enough or should be changed.
It seems to me that "Währungsumrechnung"and "currency translation" both mean working out the value of one currency in another, but not actually exchanging one currency for another.
What is less clear is what "currency conversion" means and I have struggled to find a clear definition of it. it seems to me that "currency conversion" can be used simply to mean "currency translation" (for instance on currency converter websites), but can also be used to refer to actually exchanging one currency for another, and depending on context, may be understood as only one of those meanings in any given sentence, potentially causing misleading or wrong translations if "currency conversion" is used for "Währungsumrechnung".
It is my understanding that "Währungsumrechnung" specifically means "currency translation" and not exchanging one currency for another, so if we agree that "currency conversion" can simply mean "translation" and not "exchange", I think we should tag the "Währungsumrechnung - currency conversion" entry with [currency translation]. However, if we think "currency conversion" can only mean "exchange", we should turn the "Währungsumrechnung - currency conversion" entry into a [WRONG for] entry.
What do other people think? I had difficulty finding sources, but a very detailed one I did find was convinced that "Währungsumrechnung" should only be "currency translation" and not "currency conversion":
First, it is necessary to define the word ‘translation’. When used by accountants it has a specialtechnical meaning, namely the process whereby financial data expressed in terms of onecurrency is restated in terms of another. The meaning of ‘translation’ will be illustrated with asimple example. A British company, which draws up its financial statements in pounds sterling,has among its assets a !"" bill #ban$ note%. &n order for this asset to be included in thecompany’s balance sheet #or statement of financial position%, it must be expressed in terms of  pounds' one cannot add together dollars and pounds and arri(e at a meaningful result. &f thecurrent exchange rate is )! * !.+, it would be reasonable to calculate the pound (alue of thel"" bill as )-.! #!"" / )!0!.+%, so that the asset ‘!""’ can be included in the balancesheet at the (alue of )-.!. 1sing the accountant’s terminology, the asset has been ‘translated’from dollars to pounds #2obes, !3"%. A clear distinction should be made between ‘translation’ and ‘con(ersion’. With con(ersion, theasset is actually changed from one currency to another, as when dollars are exchanged for poundsin a
bureau de change
. With ‘translation’ the asset remains unchanged4 the dollar bill itself remains the same4 only the basis of measurement is changed. 5nglish6spea$ing accountants ha(e borrowed the term ‘translation’ from the linguists to describe their procedure, but thisundoubtedly confuses many non6accountants who assume that the accountants are referring tolanguage translation. French accountants use the term ‘
’ which also causes confusionwhen, in the 5nglish (ersion of French reports, the French term is incorrectly rendered as‘con(ersion’. The 7erman term is ‘
’ #literally, currency recalculation%,which is unambiguous as it is used only for the accountant’s procedure. 8owe(er it, too, is oftenrendered incorrectly as ‘currency con(ersion’ in the 5nglish (ersion of 7erman reports. &t would

seem that the accountants’ nice distinction between ‘translation’ and ‘con(ersion’ is often notappreciated by laypersons #7ray !339%.
von Sasso', 2017-05-15, 15:15  like dislike  Spam?  193.187.3...
ausrechnen, wie viel etwas in einer anderen Einheit (2) ergibt

Euro in Schweizer Franken, Zoll in Zentimeter, Zentner in Kilogramm umrechnen
Sie hat Euro in Schweizer Franken umgerechnet
von Windfall (GB), 2017-05-15, 15:26  like dislike  Spam?  
Thanks, Sasso. The problem isn't so much the German as the English though, it's the English where definitions are somewhat unclear.
Technically, the word seems to be currency translation only  #870611
von Proteus-, 2017-05-15, 19:47  like dislike  Spam?  194.118.120....
von Windfall (GB), 2017-05-15, 19:51  like dislike  Spam?  
Thanks, Proteus. I'm a little worried "currency conversion" might sometimes be used to mean translation. I'll ask another simpler question about currency conversion on the forum and see if I can get some more answers.
Definitions  #870616
von Proteus-, 2017-05-15, 20:01  like dislike  Spam?  194.118.120....

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