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von mick, 2005-11-16, 19:28  like dislike  Spam?  80.138.230...
Worin liegt der Unterschied zwischen process und processing?

Worin der von process equipment und processing equipment bzw. process technology und processing technology?

Danke vorab.
Da Dir meine Erklaerung letztes Mal offenbar auch nicht  #87577
von dragonfly, 2005-11-16, 19:34  like dislike  Spam?  216.144.203...
geholfen hat, werde ich mich diesmal wohl besser dezent zurueckhalten. ;-)
Unterschied  #87578
von mick, 2005-11-16, 19:39  like dislike  Spam?  80.138.230...
Korrekt, aber "take it easy"!
Don't worry, I do.  #87580
von dragonfly, 2005-11-16, 19:55  like dislike  Spam?  216.144.203...
processing vs. process  #87612
von Garibaldi (US), 2005-11-16, 23:08  like dislike  Spam?  
The  word "process" often refers to a particular kind of operation or system. E.G.: "We use a lost wax process for our molds." It can indicate which method you are using. The "process equipment"  thus could be differentiated from the "inspection equipment" or the "repair equipment" or something like that. People often use the word process in an almost theoretical way, from a management perspective.

"Processing" has far more tangible usage. It can refer the chopping up of meat (meat processing) , the dipping of sheet metal into rust-proofing baths, the magnetizing of nuts and bolts, or even the wholesale changes in a basic computer code to make it work better. It can be physical process, or a process mirroring a physical process. It is usually direct action on a material, component or strings of information.

I am sure there are other nuances there too. So I would use a mechanical process processing a thick juicy beefsteak into hamburger. :))) And you perhaps would use an evaporation process for processing sea water into salt.
Apparently ...  #87613
von Danny (GB), 2005-11-16, 23:21  like dislike  Spam?  86.140.37....
'Processing' is a gerund: verbal noun ending in '-ing' that has the function of a noun and at the same time shows certain verbal features.

Would you have trouble with, "Here we manufacture (verb) it", and hence, "Here we do the manufacturing". (A verb "used as" a noun -- in other words, a gerund.)

"He is running (verb), which tires him out."
"His running (gerund) tires him out."

English has a long history of "nouning" verbs (and, for that matter, "verbing" nouns).
specially to Garibaldi  #87614
von mick, 2005-11-16, 23:28  like dislike  Spam?  80.138.230...
Thanks for your description.

But: If you have an industrial pump, is it a part of your process equipment or your processing equipment?
And: Is an industrial pump a form of process technology or processing technology?

Sorry, but there must be a different.

If a pump manufacturer has to offer his pumps in the yellow pages would he offer and publish it under "process technology or processing technology" or would he do it under "process equipment or processing equipment".

Michael (D)
processing and process  #87649
von Garibaldi, 2005-11-17, 04:27  like dislike  Spam?  68.41.59....
I would say processing, especially if it is acting on a material or part of a system that acts on a material, or component, even if it is just water. A water pump could be a kind of processing equipment, for instance, if it were used for, say, water purification. I don't think most engineers in the US would call a pump "a process pump," but they might say the pump was part of a system or process, something having more to do with the design of the system than with its physical or chemical workings. Again, process seems to be a level or two higher in abstraction, in most cases, perhaps relating to a system's design, than processing. In the US, we have food processing, sewage processing, and so , we might have a new "process" for doing these from time to time, but that would probably come from some newly designed, newly engineered solution. In that case, we would say we have a new "process" far more often than we would say we have new "processing." Soon as someone uses the words "process" equipment, it raises the question, "Exactly what process are we talking about here?" If someone uses the word "processing equipment," I get the impression that something is being reworked into something else, even if I don't know the details or all the mechanisms.
Also, processing suggests a transformation more than a process does, I would say. Also, it is kind of repetitive to say "process pump" since it would obviously be part of a process or system.
Mick: I know you're not interested, but others might be  #87727
von Danny (GB), 2005-11-17, 12:54  like dislike  Spam?  86.140.37....
A process is the method by which something happens - same as a procedure.

Processing is what happens to something when you put it through that procedure.

The process of making the ice cream involved fourteen actions and seven hours.

Unfortunately, all that processing spoiled the fresh fruit used in it.
all true  #87753
von Garibaldi, 2005-11-17, 14:28  like dislike  Spam?  68.41.59....
4;danny: totally agree.

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