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English-German Translation of
Selbst übersetztes

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Selbst übersetztes Arbeitszeugnis  
von MasterAngel, 2017-10-31, 00:47  like dislike  Spam?  24.16.88....
I had the honor to translate my own Arbeitszeugnis from German into English.
Sadly my employer wanted it as "original" as possible. Otherwise I would have written more of a reference letter which I believe is more common in the U.S.

I would deeply apreciate if someone could double check it? I'm sure some of the translation probably is too complicated or not "professional"? I don't want to show that to employers who might end up thinking...where in the world did this guy work.

Thank you VERY MUCH!

Certificate of employment / Job reference

Mr. Engel born March 40th 1986 was employed at our green Hotel Landgut Stober from October 15th 2016 until April 14th 2017 as a:

“Front Office Manager”

The Stober Hotel is a 4-star superior hotel with 128 guestrooms. The main building has 20 junior suites and 82 double rooms. The mansion has 23 double rooms and 3 suites. In additional buildings on our terrain, we have 25 meeting rooms and a restaurant with a lakeside terrace.
The group of guests include conference and (wedding) event participants, as well as individual guests and politicians.

After just a short introductory phase, Mr. Engel worked completely independently. He always performed all tasks with absolute reliability and care.

His responsibilities included:
• Coordinator for the smooth functioning of the hotel, its departments and their staff
• Working out the duty and vacation roster.
• Training and education of employees
• Meetings and agreements in all hotel departments
• Daily reports and coordination with the hotel manager
• Merchandise purchase and orders
• Managing complaints
• A warm care of our guests
• Independent billing and accounting
• Responsible for the reception and lobby area
• Assistance and consultation of our guests
• Conducting inventories
• Personal control of the rooms after final cleaning,
• Check for neatness and cleanliness of the entire hotel area

We know Mr. Engel as a very dedicated and interested employee. He consistently applied his knowledge in his area of expertise successfully. He was always able to cope with the heavy workload, even during hectic situations.

Particularly noteworthy is his commitment at any time to take on extra work and help the team beyond his regular working hours.

Mr. Engel always identified himself with his duties and our company. He has a keen understanding and profound expertise. His work results were even with changing demands and difficult conditions always of good quality. In addition, Mr. Engel always distinguished himself by showing initiative and guest-oriented approach.

Because of his friendly and open nature, Mr. Engel is appreciated and loved by our international guest circle, supervisors and colleagues alike.

We wish Mr. Engel all the best and a lot of success in his job and for the future. We would work with him again at all times.
von Dwight (US), 2017-10-31, 03:47  like dislike  Spam?  
"born March 40th 1986"---special leap month? Year alone should be sufficient, but full date would be "March XX, 1986" (AE) or "XX March 1986" (BE).

Training of employees (didn't employees receive education at public schools?)

Preparing (or coordinating) the duty and vacation roster

Personal control of the rooms after final cleaning?? Does this mean final inspection of the rooms?

Even with changing demands and under difficult conditions, his work results always of good quality.
von MichaelK (US), 2017-10-31, 10:36  like dislike  Spam?  
Just a note on consistency: All bullets in the list under the heading "His responsibilities included" should begin with the same grammatical construction. Boring, but having a mixed bag of beginnings in a list can be seen as a lack of attention to detail.  

His responsibilities included:
• CoordinaTING the smooth functioning of the hotel, its departments and their staff
• Working out the duty and vacation roster.
• Training of employees
• ARRANGING meetings and....
• PREPARING daily reports...
and so on.
von uffiee, 2017-10-31, 12:33  like dislike  Spam?  80.144.120...
von MasterAngel, 2017-10-31, 20:25  like dislike  Spam?  24.16.88....
Thank you guys for your help!

4;dwight: yes since I live on a different planet, our calendar counting goes up to 45 smile.
Joking, it was for privacy reasons. And maybe I wanted to see if someone says something about it ;-).
Thanks for the clarification though. So no more st/nd/th and the end of numbers anymore. I wasn't sure about that.

The regular training does happen at a hotel specialized school yes (Berufsschule) But partially, the trainees are also getting trained at the hotel. The normal staff also gets trained, but more like refreshing, maintaining a service quality control and so on.

4;Michael: thanks for the hint. I personally agree (even though its boring) I just didn't emphasize on that, since the original doesn't either. But I think you are right. I'll try to fix that.


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