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English-German Translation of
Invoicing date

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Invoicing date  
von curiosity-killed-the-cat (DE), Last modified: 2018-10-09, 19:20  Spam?  
Dear all,
I need your help to improve on a sentence.
Background: Usually the company sends invoices every month at a fixed date. I want to state that the company can wait until a treshold is passed (that can be one or several months later) and send the invoice  at a later date. This date would coinicide with one of the regular invoice dates.
I have no formal training in accounting and want to improve on this statement:
"If the sum to be invoiced falls short of 1.000 € COMPANY can decide to postpone sending an invoice to CUSTOMER until the next regular invoicing date at which the sum is exceeded."
Thank you for your assistance.
Suggestion  #898394
von Zuchi1, 2018-10-09, 20:36  Spam?  62.216.202....
If the sum to be invoiced is below € 1,000, then COMPANY may decide to postpone the sending of an invoice to CUSTOMER until either the next regular invoicing date, or until the accumulative sum to be invoiced is above € 1,000.   The deferment in invoicing does not constitute a waiver, and the agreed sum for work done remains due.

Comment: even if the amount is small, I do not recommend deferring it for several months, as some companies have nasty terms that say the service provider forfeits the payment if it does not invoice promptly.
von alex-k (DE), 2018-10-10, 01:02  Spam?  
COMPANY only issues invoices at the end of its billing cycle if the total outstanding billing amount exceeds € 999.99. Smaller outstanding balances will be carried forward.
oder:  #898413
von RedRufus (DE), Last modified: 2018-10-10, 11:32  Spam?  
At our discretion, we may issue invoices not until a billing threshold of € 1,000 is (reached or) exceeded
Slight correction to RedRufus's suggestion:  #898420
von Lllama (GB/AT), 2018-10-10, 14:44  Spam?  
...we may not issue invoices until...
LIIama: But isn't "may not" a milder form of "must not" ( = prohibition)? - which is not meant here  #898421
von RedRufus (DE), 2018-10-10, 14:53  Spam?  
my idea was "not until" = erst, nicht vor, nicht eher als
Wrong "correction"  #898423
von Zuchi1, 2018-10-10, 15:39  Spam?  62.216.202...
Llama's "correction" at 14:44 is wrong.  Makes it worse.
RedRufus:  #898424
von Lllama (GB/AT), Last modified: 2018-10-10, 16:44  Spam? 1 Expressing possibility. ‘that may be true’

May not can be used in a similar way to must not, saying that something is not allowed. It can also be used as the opposite of may in the possibility sense above - that may not be true.

In some sentence structures not until stays together, but it often gets separated:
I won't go until you get here.

4;Zuchi1 - your comment is quite interesting; would you really say we may do something not until?

Here's a similar example:
We may go to the park after lunch - I'm sure that's not controversial ;-)
We may not go to the park until after lunch - that's how I would say it
We may go to the park not until after lunch - would you say it like that?

And in my example above, would you say I will go not until you get here?
[I will go, but not until you get here would also be possible, but with different emphasis.]
"we may" means here: in case we want to do nothing prevents us from doing so  #898425
von RedRufus (DE), Last modified: 2018-10-10, 16:56  Spam?  
thus  to express that is at our discretion it is not possible to use  "we may not" here
In my opinion it means it's possible that we might do something,   #898429
von Lllama (GB/AT), Last modified: 2018-10-10, 20:26  Spam?  
so it is possible to say we may not :-)
Llama's "correction" at 14:44 is wrong for these reasons:  #898432
von Zuchi1, 2018-10-10, 22:14  Spam?  62.216.202....
Llama's "correction" at 14:44 is wrong for these reasons:
1.  It injected ambiguity, injecting the possible interpretation and argument that the service provider is not permitted to issue an invoice unless the € 1,000 threshold has been reached.
2.  In interpreting contractual rights and obligations, this being the context, may not = not permissible.
3.  Shifting the „not“ in the way Llama did is inconsistent with the start of the sentence „At our discretion, ...“

Sure, RedRufus‘s sentence can be improved.   Llama‘s meddling however made it worst.
von MichaelK (US), 2018-10-11, 11:16  Spam?  
For English learners: "...made it worst" is wrong for "...made it worse."
von Zuchi1, 2018-10-11, 11:43  Spam?  62.216.202....
Correction: My 22:14 post should indeed be "made it worse."
I agree, in retrospect, that my alteration could be ambiguous,  #898457
von Lllama (GB/AT), 2018-10-11, 16:21  Spam?  
but don't agree with some of your

I didn't think the context was contractual rights and obligations and understood the original question to be for a general statement. If it is for a contract, then RedRufus's sentence is not suitable anyway.

The first part of the sentence, at our discretion, supplies the context that shows that may not is possibility and not permission.
At our discretion, we are (not) allowed to... is inconsistent.

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