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 das Krokus [schweiz.] und event. sogar [österr.] »
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Does this entry make

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Does this entry make any sense?  
von aphoenix (US), 2018-11-08, 21:57  Spam?  
Archaic usage / LINK  #899775
von Proteus-, 2018-11-08, 23:14  Spam?  194.118.53...
2 trench on/upon archaic / no object Border closely on; encroach on.
‘this would surely trench very far on the dignity and liberty of citizens’
    ‘And balanced against this country's self-defense needs, we cannot say that the district court erred in concluding that the electronic surveillance here did not trench upon Ivanov's Fourth Amendment rights.’
   ‘Isn't the gold standard for civil liberties questions the ‘strict scrutiny’ test, whereby legislative enactments trenching on constitutional rights need to achieve a compelling state interest by the least intrusive means possible?’
   ‘Well, the president getting involved, he has a right to, but it crosses, it trenches upon the powers of separation.’
   ‘He pointed out that ‘many other states have achieved the same essential goals [of preserving the judiciary's integrity and independence] without trenching upon clearly established constitutional rights.’’
   ‘Laws that trench upon established rights and liberties and do very little in preventing extreme acts of political violence will be on the statute books.’
von aphoenix (US), 2018-11-09, 01:38  Spam?  
Thanks.  So does "in Rechte eingreifen" correctly express that?
von tessy99, 2018-11-09, 21:33  Spam?  37.201.117....
 #899812, little more down:
in jemandes Rechte eingreifen    to trench upon sb’s rights

In order to understand "to trench on/upon" wich is new to me, I have taken out the german meanings in my simple understanding from this text above:
"in Frage stellen, befassen, über etwas hinausgehen, durchkreuzen, sich verlieren in etwas, orientieren an"
and translated it in english with:
"call into question, to deal with, to go beyond, to run through?, lost in something, refer to"
when I ponder over these words, I conclude "to get through something in order to find..(an answer, whatever)",
wich I could call: doing research, investigate

the main conclusion I get about the more common translation(s) is "digging a long hole"

In my opinion I don't think that "in Rechte eingreifen" equals "to trench on/(upon)".

But assuming that after digging through a border (trespassing) there will be somebody hurt, who is living behind this border, it might be understood as "in jemandes Recht eingreifen", because sombody's rights might be hurt.

So in the end I don't really know.

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