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von Windfall (GB), 2019-02-11, 12:46  Spam?  
How strong is the word "angehalten" in a sentence such as this one?
Der Lieferant ist angehalten, die Herkunft von. Konfliktmineralien zu kontrollieren,
Is it just "The supplier is urged..." (we'd really like you to do it, but ultimately it's up to you)
or "The supplier is required..." (you must do it to comply with our code of conduct)
or something else?
von alex-k (DE), 2019-02-11, 13:03  Spam?  
Both. In this case, I'd say the supplier is to control the origin of conflict minerals. "Anhalten" one meaning is to teach, to instruct. So "angehalten sein" is closer to to be instructed (to do sth or to exhibit a certain behavior). So your supplier is both urged and required but there's wiggle room.
von Windfall (GB), 2019-02-11, 13:04  Spam?  
Thanks, alex-k. In that case, I think "instructed" is good, as that sounds like a halfway house (you could interpret it as either).
von timfefe (AU/AT), 2019-02-11, 15:05  Spam?  
In the context of your paragraph, I wouldn't translate "kontrollieren" into "to control". In other words, I wouldn't write "the supplier is to control the origin of conflict minerals" as suggested at 13:03 above.

In many contexts, the verb "kontrollieren" does not have an exact equivalent in English. It often means to check or inspect or examine something, e.g. to ascertain that it exists, that it is authentic or that it conforms to certain regulations. When a policeman says "Darf ich Ihren Führerschein kontrollieren", it means "to check the driving licence", not "to control it". Similarly, in your paragraph, the sentence "der Lieferant ist angehalten, die Herkunft von Konfliktmineralien zu kontrollieren" means that the supplier is instructed to check / examine / inspect / authenticate the origin of those minerals, but not to control their origin. Just my opinion.
von Windfall (GB), 2019-02-11, 15:10  Spam?  
Thanks, timfefe. I agree that "kontrollieren" is "check" here.
angehalten in a legal context would be enjoined / required / obliged  #904400
von Proteus-, 2019-02-11, 16:09  Spam?  194.118.23...
Z.B.: BGB § 78 Festsetzung von Zwangsgeld
(1) Das Amtsgericht kann die Mitglieder des Vorstands zur Befolgung der Vorschriften des § 67 Abs. 1, des § 71 Abs. 1, des § 72, des § 74 Abs. 2, des § 75 Absatz 2 und des § 76 durch Festsetzung von Zwangsgeld anhalten.
(2) In gleicher Weise können die Liquidatoren zur Befolgung der Vorschriften des § 76 angehalten werden.
German Civil Code Section 78 Assessment of coercive fines
(1) The local court [Amtsgericht] may enjoin the members of the board to comply with the provisions of section 67 (1), section 71 (1), section 72, section 74 (2), section 75 (2) and section 76 by imposing coercive fines.
(2) In the same way, the liquidators may be enjoined to comply with the provisions of section 76.
von Windfall (GB), 2019-02-11, 16:10  Spam?  
Ah, so it was as strong as "required" after all! Thanks, Proteus
von alex-k (DE), 2019-02-11, 23:40  Spam?  
I am sorry I fell for a false friend and I stand by both. The ambiguity is supported by these links and by this forum's dictionary. > 2)

I had chosen a translation that is closer to being required. But I don't think it is as strong as that after all. This contractual clause implies the supplier needs to check something. But the details are nebulous unless spelled out elsewhere. Breach of this clause would probably keep the courts busy, as they would have to decide where the red line lies that separates must-do from can-do. This would also involve looking at the timeline. How long ago and how often has the supplier been made aware that their efforts are inadequate? A single misstep does not nullify the agreement. This is wiggle room. If you tell me "to be required to do something" means the exact same thing I'll shut up.
von Windfall (GB), Last modified: 2019-02-12, 08:48  Spam?  
Thanks, alex-k. I always appreciate your answers. There's no wiggle room in "required". But Proteus has always displayed a lot of legal knowledge on the dict and sometimes words gain a meaning in legalese or other specialist areas that they don't have in normal language. Not being a native German-speaking lawyer, I can't be certain what "anhalten" means in a legal context, but I do have a lot of experience of words not meaning quite what your average native speaker would expect them to in a financial context, so I'm swayed by the argument that this has a specific legal meaning that it doesn't have in normal language. It seems like the particular sentence I picked to illustrate this sense caused some concern because of its content, but "Der Lieferant ist angehalten" is quite a common phrase and can have different endings, e.g.: Der Lieferant ist angehalten, jede Bestellung durch den Käufer binnen fünf (5) Arbeitstagen nach Zugang unter Angabe eines bindenden Preises, Leistungszeitpunkt und unter Angabe unserer Bestellnummer schriftlich zu bestätigen."
No worries about "kontrollieren" - sometimes we actually do use "control" in that sense in English (admittedly normally as a noun), e.g. quality control, passport control. So that is a particularly tricky verb to translate (I even find that as a native English speaker, especially as it sometimes means monitor and sometimes supervise and these are not synonyms of "check").
von alex-k (DE), 2019-02-12, 09:21  Spam?  
Context is key. If it's a law, a court document/order, or a spelled out contract like your latest example I'd not argue against this. The vagueness of checking conflict minerals makes me doubt it's a spot on translation in this case. And now I've died on this hill;)
von Windfall (GB), 2019-02-12, 09:24  Spam?  
Thanks, alex-k :)

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