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von Proteus-, 2019-07-25, 23:09  like dislike  Spam?  62.47.205...   Keep scrolling down. Great fun!
A few inches of rain can swamp a New York street?  #911132
von Proteus-, 2019-07-25, 23:22  like dislike  Spam?  62.47.205...
Consider Brooklyn on Monday night:
Cars at a standstill, thwarted by floodwater on the Long Island Expressway. Others forced to navigate an intersection in Williamsburg like amphibious vehicles on a Duck tour. Is that Carroll Street? Or is it a river?
Days after dangerously high temperatures revealed the frailty of New York’s power grid, intense thunderstorms overwhelmed parts of the drainage system.
Does New York City have an infrastructure problem?
How much rain fell?
Kennedy Airport in Queens got three and a half inches of rain, according to the National Weather Service. The area hadn’t received that much rain on a single July day since 1996.
New York Today / NYT / Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The downpour dumped three inches of rain on Staten Island, and nearly that much in northwest Brooklyn.
Yet, if it were a contest, the city would have lost to the suburbs: To the north, West Nyack in Rockland County got 3.8 inches; to the east, Syosset in Nassau County was soaked by 3.9 inches.
von Ceterum censeo, 2019-07-26, 09:43  like dislike  Spam?  79.251.254...
"For he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust." Matt 5:45

First rule of post-democracy: Never fix a problem. Make sure the voters stay angry. First of all, Trump will blame the dems for everything. Then he will point his finger at the nuyoricans and start putting them away in "summer camps".
Maybe NYC should spend more money  #911139
von migmag (DE), 2019-07-26, 14:04  like dislike  Spam?  
for underground construction projects instead of more and more (and higher and higher) construction projects above ground.
von callixte (US), 2019-07-26, 14:17  like dislike  Spam?  
Our annual capital budget approaches 90 billion dollars.  Nevertheless, imo the critiques offered above are not "all wet."
without a perfect sewage system even the shiniest skyscraper may look muddy.  #911142
von migmag (DE), 2019-07-26, 14:34  like dislike  Spam?  
Sooner or later.
von MichaelK (US), 2019-07-26, 15:06  like dislike  Spam?  
It's the U.S., what can you say? Private splendor, public squalor.
They're working on this...  #911151
von Dwight (US), 2019-07-27, 01:13  like dislike  Spam?  
“The obvious thing is, why don’t you build bigger sewers,” Vincent Sapienza, the commissioner of New York’s Department of Environmental Protection, said in an interview. “One is, they cost a fabulous amount of money to do, and two, on many residential streets, there’s no room for bigger sewers.”

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